👑 Who is worth buying❓️The Galaxy A53 5G and the Honor X9a 5G devices❓️🤡

18.08.2023 by otto magazin

These two devices compete with each other so well, They compete in the price department, camera and performance.

Let’s compare the Galaxy A53 5G and the Honor X9a 5G devices:

Both of these devices come with a special price, Both cost 1399 SAR, approximately 373 USD, But choosing one over the other is a bit hard.

Lots of people prefer such devices because of their balanced price, and that’s why we’re comparing them. This comparison is done by me.

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The basis of this comparison review is number and personal preferences. You can change the points to which I give devices depending on your personal preference.

I will discuss my own verdict about both of these devices towards the end of the review, so, Let’s start with the design.

The Galaxy device comes with the usual design from Samsung that is used with the previous generations.

The frame and the back are made from
plastic, and it weighs 189g. The thickness of the device is 8.1mm. There’s a punch hole in the screen to house the front facing camera,
and the bottom chin is a bit thicker than the rest of the frame.

The Honor device also comes with a frame that is made from plastic, and so is the back, which is shiny as well.

However, it looks like the back is made from glass. The device is lighter than that of Samsung, as it weighs 175g, and its thickness is 7.9mm.

The device also comes with a punch hole to house the front facing camera, and the bezels are way thinner as well.

Who wins the point? 😃 To be honest, it is a personal preference.

Each device gets a point.

As for you, which device gets the point when it comes to design?🤔

The Galaxy comes with a 6.5″ screen, while the Honor comes with a 6.67″ screen. Both of them have the same resolution, that is 2400×1080.

However, the ppi density on the Samsung device is slightly higher, as it comes with 405ppi density. Both have 20:9 aspect ration and support 800 nits of brightness. Both also support 120Hz refresh rate.

However, the Galaxy comes with 86% screen to body ratio, while the Honor comes with 93%. Both screen come with a protection layer on top of the screen.

The Galaxy comes with higher ppi density, while the Honor brings higher screen to body ratio.

Each device gets a point, as each device support a higher feature, while the other features are identical.

The CPU are different, as the Samsung comes with the Exynos CPU, while the Honor comes with a Qualcomm CPU.

The same thing applies to the GPU, as the Samsung comes with the Mali GPU, while the Honor comes with the Adreno GPU. When it comes to geekbecnh 5 with the single core, the Galaxy offers higher score.

While with the multicore, the Honor scores higher points.👑

There is a 100 point difference with the single core and 200 point difference in the multicore.

As a result, each device gets a point, Both devices run Android 12 with their own UI, Both support Google services. Both of them come with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

However, the Galaxy supports external SD card up to 1TB. While the Honor device doesn’t support it. And that’s why the point goes to the Galaxy.

Both device support the same unlocking methods, such as
pattern, passcode, and even the unadvised face recognition.

As a result, each device gets a point.👑🤡

When it comes to cameras, the Galaxy comes with 4 rear cameras.

The Honor comes with 3 rear cameras, and the front facing camera on the Galaxy is 32MP, which is double of that of the Honor.

The Galaxy records 4K videos with 30fps.

However, the Honor supports 1080p@30fps, but it also supports 8x zoom. The results of the cameras on both devices are good and acceptable.

This is how both cameras perform in different light settings. However, the Galaxy cameras are more advanced with videos and photos. And selfie results bring different results on both devices.

The point goes to the Galaxy.👑🥰

When it comes to the batteries, the Honor device wins the point.👑😝

The reason is because the Honor comes with a 5100mAh battery, while the Galaxy comes with 5000mAh batetry.

The Honor supports 40W fast charging, unlike the Galaxy, which only supports 25W. The point deservedly goes to the Honor.👑

Both devices don’t support wireless charging. Both devices get a point when it comes with connectivity and additional features. Both support 5G, NFC and bluetooth 5.1

However, the Galaxy supports IP67 water and dust resistant. And that’s why it gets the point.

When it comes to the price, both get a point as well.👑👑

The results of the point between both devices are very close.😎

The Galaxy got 9 points👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑, while the Honor got 8 points.👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

My verdict: Both devices are great as they support nearly the same features. It is up to you to choose which device to buy depending on the price and charging speed.

A device with these features that costs 373 USD is great. Both devices bring about great competition to this category.

Honor devices have been competing greatly with other competitors. This has been my comparison between both devices.

Let me know if you got the same results as mine, and always remember, evaluate your needs before purchasing.🤡

See you later.💋💋

Written by,

Otto Yassine.

Content Editor, & Ceo of OTTO Magazin.

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