This is the New HONOR X9b 5G! Evaluate your needs before making a decision!

This is a thin smartphone with a frame made from metal, it also comes with back made from vegan leather, and it is 5 stars certified in SGS test. You can do this to the device (slams it on the table), and supposedly, nothing will happen to it. However, being this resistant to breakage doesn’t mean that you should slap it.

I am just showcasing that it break resistant, and that your investment in it will be worthy, This is the new HONOR X9b 5G.

Let’s start with the design of this device:

This device from HONOR is thin with a metal frame, and it only weighs 185g. The thickness of the device is 7.98mm. The screen has curved edges, and there’s a hole in the top middle of the screen to house the front facing camera. The back is made from vegan leather, for environment reasons. The circular design of the rear camera module is really beautiful.

The details of the module are beautiful, The device comes with 3 different colors: Sunrise Orange, Midnight Black, and Emerald Green. The device is IP53 water and dust resistant. The screen of the device is AMOLED 6.78″ with curved edges. The resolution is 2652×1200. It is considered 1.5K. What this means is that the resolution and quality are great.

The screen comes with 429ppi density. It supports 1200nits of brightness. The screen to body ratio is 92.8%. The screen supports Eye Comfort with 1920Hz. It also supports Always-On Display. And supports 120Hz refresh rate. The screen produces 1 billion colors. HONOR names the screen Ultra-Bounce Anti-Drop Display.

According to HONOR, this is the first device to support this technology. The screen is 360-degree protected. This includes the curved edges. The screen is 5-stars certified from SGS. The screen was tested for 1.5 drop tests from all angles. This device scored the best results compared to all other competitors from the same category.

And as you will can see , I’ve been drop testing the device all video long. Other companies may have gotten 4 stars or 320-degree protection, but HONOR managed to get 5 stars and 360-degrees protection.

What are the specs of this device?

It supports 5G, and comes with Qualcomm SD 6 Gen 1 with 8 cores and 4nm architecture build. The GPU is the Adreno A710. In Geekbench 6, the CPU scored 939 points for the single core and 2781 points for multicores. Here’s where the CPU performance is ranked among other competitors. In Call of Duty game, the device offered smooth performance with 60fps with the highest settings. There’s a feature supported in the device called Game Manager, which turns the device to be a gaming device.

There are two different modes: Balanced, which balances the performance and battery life, and Game Mode, which offers the highest performance. This makes it great for gamers. The device runs Android 13 with HONOR’s MagicOS 7.2. It comes with 256GB of storage and 12GB of RAM with the option to virtually upgrade it with up to 8GB.

The device supports an in-display fingerprint sensor. It also supports pattern, passcode and face recognition, but it doesn’t have dedicated 3D sensors, making it unsafe to use. The device comes with 3 rear cameras: 108MP main camera, 5MP Ultra Wide, and 2MP Macro. It supports 3x optical zoom and 8x digital zoom. The front facing camera is 16MP. The cameras offer very good performance. The front facing camera supports recording videos with 1080p@30fps.

The rear cameras support either 4k@30fps or 1080p@60fps. Here are samples of the cameras. Note that the more light there is, the better the photos will be. The colors are saturated and warm. In video recording, the device offers acceptable performance.

However, stabalization could’ve been better. The device comes with a 5800mAh battery despite its thinness, and it charges with 35W using the included charger. The battery has scored a high mark on DXOMark. The device supports dual sim cards, 5G, WiFi 5, bluetooth 5.1 and NFC to enable payment methods. The box includes the device, charger, charging cable, 3.5mm headphones and a USB-C to 3.5mm dongle.

The battery is huge, and it supports fast charging, it is drop resistant. The design of the rear camera module is beautiful.

It doesn’t support eSIM. Hopefully, they’ll fix it soon. I also wished it supported 4K@60fps. It also doesn’t support WiFi 6 and wireless charging, so, It is up to you to decide whether this device is suitable for you.

The device costs 141 euros, it is considered from the entry mid-range category with it comes to the price, but it packs great specs and features. Evaluate your needs before making a decision.

See you later.😇😍

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PS releases a new controller❗️🎮 Do you think that this controller will enhance your gaming❓️

29.10.2023 by OTTO magazin

PS releases a new controller. I tried it in Brussels.

I went to Brussels to try this controller. And honestly, my experience with it was really good. With this new controller, you’ll get lots of controls using the PS. It is great for regular users and users with special needs. This controller is great for both, and I’ll discuss the details in this review.

There’s a huge difference between the regular controller and this one, even with the unboxing experience. The parts are laid out in the box in a beautiful way. NO matter how you carry the box, it’ll stay balanced.

Let’s discuss the details, This is the new controller from PS. As soon as you open the box, you’ll be greeted with the whole set. This is the controller itself, and these are all the additional parts and the cables. All the parts inside the box are well-balanced placed. This is the USB-C to USB-C cable to allow you to connect the controller to the PS.

My guess is that the length of the cable is 1.5m. This is the controller and some of the parts attached to it. You can remove the buttons and replace them. Even the X button in the middle is removable and customisable. All the buttons are replaceable.

To remove the button, you have to push inside and up. This method won’t allow the buttons to be removed by accident. Here are 4 additional small buttons. There are another 4 big buttons, as well. There are 2 extra big buttons. Here’s a button that can replace two buttons with one.

They are easy to install. There are two additional wheel controllers. Here are also small stickers that you can place on the controllers to let you know which is which. This controller is an additional controller to the PS. It is great for people with special needs and other users. It is great for people with deceases who can’t use the normal controller to play. I had a meeting with some users with special needs using these new controllers. Enabling these users to play is something very important. It is great for users who can’t use the normal controllers to play along side the normal controller. This new controller open the way for a sea of customisation. The wheel buttons attached to the controller has a lock mechanism to allow it to be elongated.

The design of the controller allows it be fully customised. You can orient the controller however you prefer. Thus allowing all users to use it however they prefer. This is the Profile button, but why does it have it?

You can make different profiles where each button can be customised as you prefer. You can edit the configuration of the profiles from the PS, and the profile will be saved on the controller itself. You can save different profiles and change between them using this button.

The controller has a charging ports and 4 different peripheral ports. These ports are great for users with special needs. All the customisation can be saved to the profiles. It might take up to 2 weeks to get used to using it. You can also change the sensitivity of the buttons. Each controller can work independently. Or it can be attached to another controller. Or it can be attached to a normal controller. You can program it however you prefer. Having bottom threads can allow the users to fixate the controller however they prefer. I’ll fully review this controller in a separate review.

You can pre-order it, and it’ll be officially available in Asia and the Middle East. It is expected to cost 86$ or higher. This controller is great for most users, and I think it is a great addition for gamers. With this controller, you can do things that you can’t do with the normal controller. You can customise all the buttons, including the X button from the software.

The software that allows for such customisation is built in the software of the PS. You can customise each and every button. You can even customise the ports. The customisation level is amazing with this controller. You can even customise the sensitivity of the buttons. Even the joypad can be customised. This all add another dimension to gaming. I think there will be games only developed to be played with this new controller.

PS has been developing this Access Controller since 2018. Do you think that this controller will enhance your gaming? 🤭

And should these controllers be more popular among gamers? 🤔

These controllers can add another dimension to gaming that makes gaming more entertaining. I spoke with a person who was a gamer before, but because of an accident, he wasn’t able to game again. The only way he was able to play is to move his arm around and press the buttons using the other hand. He was able to play very basic games using the the normal controller. But using this controller, he’ll be able to play games like Gods of War and other demanding games. This is a great humanitarian step from PS to allow people with special needs to be able to play again. I haven’t seen anything like this before in the gaming department, where a company pays so much attention to create a new device for people in need. This is something to praised. And I am sure that, with time, this controller will get even better.

Let me know what games should we play using this new device. Hopefully, these buttons can be 3D printed to allow for even more customisation. However, all the buttons included in the box are enough for most users..

See you later.😇😍

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Which one is more powerful than the other? Is it the Galaxy S23 Ultra or the iPhone 15 Pro Max?

13.10.2023 by OTTO Magazin

Which one is more powerful than the other? Is it the Galaxy S23 Ultra or the iPhone 15 Pro Max?

These are the two flagship devices from Samsung and Apple. Both of these devices have high maturity when it comes to the design. However, what are the inside parts of these devices that make one better than the other?

Hi guys, Before we start, let me remind you that this comparison is based on numbers. However, it remains up to your personal preferences. Let’s start with the display. I need you to focus with me on numbers. The Galaxy comes with a 6.8″ Dynamic AMOLED 2X with QHD+ resolution.

The resolution of the screen is 3088×1440. The refresh rate of the screen is 120Hz. This means that the refresh rate is dynamic as it drops to the lowest rate depending on the content. The iPhone comes with a 6.7″ screen, which is slightly smaller than the one on the Galaxy. The resolution i 2796×1240. It also supports adaptive refresh rate. Users can’t control the refresh rate settings, unlike the Galaxy. TheWhile The Based on the numbers, the Galaxy wins the point.

Let’s now compare the CPUs. The Galaxy comes with the Qualcomm SD 8 Gen 2 with 8 cores and is built using the 4nm architecture. The GPU is the Adreno 740. The iPhone comes with the A17 Pro with 6 cores and is built using the 3nm architecture.

How do both of these CPUs compare?

In In Geekbench 6, the Galaxy scored 1963 points for the single core and 5119 points for multicores. While the iPhone scored 2912 points for the single core and 7223 points for the Multicore.

With numbers, the iPhone provides better numbers. The Galaxy 24 Ultra is supposed to compete with these numbers. The iPhone wins the point.

Let’s discuss the cameras. The Galaxy comes with quad rear cameras. The main camera is 200MP, and Ultra Wide is 12MP with 120 degree of view. Third is a 10MP zoom lens with 10x optical zoom. The fourth is a 10MP periscope camera. The front facing camera is 12MP. However, I’ll test these cameras later on. The iPhone comes with 3 rear cameras: the main is 48MP, and the second is 12MP zoom camera. Both cameras support OIS. The third is a 12MP Ultra Wide. The front facing camera is 12MP.

Let’s test these cameras by taking a tour in The PALACE. The test will showcase how both devices perform, in terms of audio and video. Both of videos were shot using the Samsung S23 Ultra and the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This is how both devices perform in terms of the mic and Noise Cancelation. And this is how both devices perform with light withdrawal. This is the best both companies afford in the market. This is how both devices compare in terms of light withdrawal in different scenarios. And while we are at it, here’s The PALACE. We use this chair for simulations and games. Pay attention to the stabalization on both devices while I am moving around. This is how both cameras perform.

The cameras support recording 4K@60fps with stabalization. However, the Galaxy supports recording 8K. The Galaxy supports 8K@30fps videos. While the iPhone can support 4K@60fps. Both support similar frame rates. Here’s some of samples taken using the main cameras on both devices. Samsung has been successful in developing great zoom capabilities on their devices lately. Here’s a sample using the Ultra Wide camera. Here’s a sample of Macro photos. You can pause the video to inspect which one has higher quality. Both devices support RAW photos. A RAW photo taken on the Galaxy comes with a 100MB size. While a RAW photo shot on the iPhone comes with 58.8MB size.

Technically speaking, which one is better? Both devices offer amazing camera performances for regular and pro users. You can adjust the camera settings to get a better photo. But in this case, the iPhone wins the point.

Let’s discuss the battery. Historically speaking, the Galaxy comes with a highly developed battery. It supports fast charging speeds with up to 45W. The official Apple website says the charging speed is 20W.

Let’s find out more about the batteries and their sizes. The Galaxy comes with a 5000mAh battery with 45W charging speeds. The Galaxy comes with better numbers. It charges from 0% to 100% in one hour. The iPhone comes with a 4422mAh battery, which is unofficial, with 20W charging speed. The battery fully charges in 2 hours and 10 minutes.

The point goes to the Galaxy.

However, the battery longevity and life depends on the user’s usage. Here in Morocco and Asia, Snapchat is very popular, which consumes lots of battery. Those who don’t use Snapchat don’t complain about the battery. On Android, apps consume lots of energy. But apps in the background don’t consume battery on both devices. Let’s now discuss additional features.

The iPhone supports Cinematic Video. The screen supports 2000nits of brightness. It comes with the Face ID unlocking system. The Galaxy comes with a bigger battery and the S Pen, which can be used a remote control. It supports 8K videos and other features. This depends on the users’ preferences. Both devices support WiFi 6E and bluetooth 5.3. Both support 5G networks. In terms of additional features, both are similar.

Let’s discuss prices. How much do you have to spend to get one of these? The 256GB version of the iPhone costs 5699 SAR. Or 7699 SAR for the 1TB version. Storage depends on your needs. The 256GB of the Galaxy costs 4199 SAR. The 1TB version costs 5939 SAR. Numerically speaking, the point goes to the Galaxy.

However, logically speaking, both of them get a point.

The Galaxy wins the comparison, but this doesn’t mean that the iPhone isn’t good.

When someone who uses a Galaxy device asks me whether to switch to iPhone, I tell them to stay with the Galaxy. But if you want to switch between systems, then it is up to you. But getting used to a certain system makes it hard to switch to another one.

The same thing applies to the iPhone. If you’re not satisfied with the services it offers, then make the switch. Otherwise, stay with the iPhone. There are lots of users who switch between both operating system. There are more powerful devices than the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Numerically speaking, the Galaxy wins.

How about you? There’s a device available in the market that is very important for me to compare it with other devices. It is the new Magic from HONOR. It is one of the best Android devices this year when it comes to features and supported technologies. Will this device beat the iPhone, too?

Let me know if I should make this comparison.

See you soon.😎✌️

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