🕷The Chinese missile that will fall on the planet 😱❓❗ Apple hardware processors ❓❗ Unfortunately, Samsung has stopped Samsung S8 updates ❓❗

07.05.2021 at 05:30 pm

🕷 The Chinese missile that will fall on the planet ?! Apple hardware processors !? Unfortunately, Samsung has stopped Samsung S8 updates ?!

Hello guys to our new article on the latest tech news by the short, goodbye Samsung S8! 😭 Because of the rapid development of devices tax, and old devices, even if they are very advanced, may expire quickly due to this daily development. The Galaxy S8, which was released during the year 2017, came with the Snapdragon 835 processor, and Android 7, and it continued to update until Android 9, today, Samsung raised it from the update list completely! So, if you are blamed for the Galaxy S8, it is time to search for a new device, if you are interested in this update, but if you are not interested in this update, then it’s ok.

There is a trial between Apple and Epic Game! Because of a problem that is not new between the two companies, the famous and well-known Epic Game Fortnite company, they did not like the idea that Apple takes 30% profits, only on sales made from the Apple Store, and to clarify, Apple takes your profits only when it exceeds a million annually, but if it were Less, they will take 15%, I love legal issues And of course Epic Game applies to them 30% because their profits are in the millions, and Epic says that it fights in the name of all companies, applications and developers that are exposed to injustice of 30%! But this is not true, because last Tuesday there was a session between the two parties, and Apple’s lawyer asked the president of Epic, would he accept a private deal only for Epic, and his response was definitely yes! 😅😅😅😅


🕷PlayStation 5 achieves high sales❗ The return of the CES with their visitors ❗ And Next iPhone SE with a screen hole …😉

05.05.2021 at 07:30 am

🕷Apple and its iphones in new colors, and what is the status of Sony phones that are still there? The PS5 certainly broke the numbers in its sales, and finally the Tesla accident!🤦‍♂️but why should we talk to Tesla? Because there are dead people! Who was the reason? Let’s Begin:

Hello my friends, firstly I am sorry about the delay, because these days I am moving from my old home to the new one, I hope that it is a good omen for me! 🤣🤣🤣 Welcome to this new article on the latest developments in technology and science.

CES is back, and opens its doors to everyone next year, and it is considered one of the largest and most famous exhibitions, which presents us with new technology, will return next year on January 5th. And certainly from many large companies that the exhibition will allow the attendance of people, such as Amazon, Google, Intel, Samsung and others … But the question is, are the attendees ready? The last edition of the exhibition attracted around 170,000 visitors, so will the number of attendees increase in this next session?

And yes, Apple has released iPhones with new colors, for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini, and they are available since April 30, I will review them soon on our blog, and they are really different colors, the purple color is very beautiful, and if we compare the purple iPhone 11 purple With iPhone 12 purple, no, there is a big difference in color, and their version of this color came because the iPhone 12 was a great success, and so was the Mini, despite some old rumors that the Mini will disappear! 😴😴 But there is an iPhone 13 mini coming during the month of September.

Deep Vik technology was subjected to Dutch politicians by an unknown fraudster, who made fake videos with the official of the Foreign Affairs Committee, and this deceiver impersonated a famous Russian dissident, and the same fraudster subjugated politicians from Ukraine and Latvia, although there were no damages from these fake conversations, except Countries are now studying how to avoid such fraud in the future. I understand that it is an excellent technique, but how were these meetings coordinated ?! 😅😅 On technical concerns develop and must be attended because not only good people use them.


🕷Open your iPhone while wearing the muzzle❗ more improvements in iOS14.5 update❗ And More News…🤓

29.04.2021 at 04:30 pm

Of course you know about the iOS 14.5 update. Every now and then Apple sends updates that bring fixes and enhancements. updates enhance the performance of iPhones and iPads. But this new update is totally different. It brings lots of great features. It is very important to download it for the security purposes.

And also to enjoy the list of benefits it brings, which I’ll review in this review. Let’s start.

First, let me start the suffering iPhone users face every tim they want to unlock the devices while wearing a mask. Face ID is great, but it doesn’t recognize your face when you’re wearing a mask.

We had to wait until the passcode shows up to unlock the device. And after typing in the code, the device unlocks. But this problem has been fixed now.

The new update supports unlocking the device using the Apple Watch. But it has to be supported and unlocked. And then you can use your iPhone normally.


🕷A big drop in the numbers of Club House users❗when will iOS 14.5 arrive❓🥴 and more News…🤫

25.04.2021 at 12:30 pm

🕷 Apple’s car, and Samsung updates their trackers. And when will iOS 14.5 arrive?🥴

Welcome guys with a new short Science and Technology review by OTTO Magazine.🕸

Apple held an event and announced a number of new products. They announced a new iPhone color and finally released AirTags. These are Apple’s trackers. They also announced a new iMac with the M1 chip.

i will review soon AirTags, These iMacs come with new design and technologies. And new iPads with an M1 chip and Mini LEDs screen.

I made a summary review about these products. Link to it can be found here guys, And as usual, whenever these new products arrive I’ll thoroughly review them.

One of the shocking news about the AirTags is that each Apple account supports only 16 trackers. But these trackers come with great features, though.

Hopefully, I’ll fully review these devices once available.

Instagram is still fighting bullying, and this time in DMs. This started after the bullying incidents where black footballers in the UK were bullied. It’s hard for Instagram because they use tools that are totally different from the tools they use to fight bullying in the comments.


🕷New iPad Pro trackers and a new color for iPhone 12❗ Summary of the 2021 Apple conference 🤪

22.04.2021 at 00:30 am

🕷 Apple announced a number of new devices. And it is clear that their event was mostly about their M1 CPU. And they announced a new iPhone 12 with a new color.

🕷 Since when Apple does that?

Apple’s event ended and they announced a number of new devices. And in this new news article, I’ll tell you a summary of the event.

First of, they announced two versions of the new iMac. One comes with the M1 CPU with 7 GPU cores., And another version comes with 8 GPU cores.Both versions come with the M1 CPU.

The new design is beautiful and looks like the new iPad Pro and iPad Air. And it comes with beautiful colors.

The cameras, mics and keyboard have all been developed. Also, the mouse and touchpad have also been developed. The new device comes with lots of enhancements.


🕷 Apple and Samsung conference details❗ And the leakage of some advantages of Android 12❗ And more… 🕸

16.04.2021 at 02:30 pm

🕷 Unlocking a fingerprint costs $900K. There will be an Apple and Samsung events this month.

What to expect in these events? Let’s start with a new shortened news article. Yes Let’s start:🥴

There will be two events this months. The first one is going to Apple’s event in 20th of April. Apple is expected to release a new Pro and mini iPads in this event. They’re also expected to announce new accessories. We’ll be writing covering this event.

The second event is going to be for Samsung in 28th of April. It’s expected to be for a new series of Galaxy laptops. We won’t be focusing on it since Galaxy laptops are not officially available in our region. news are coming.

We’ll tell you how to participate and give you some advices. It’d be better to have a phone with a screen that can be split or you can play with a friend of you with us.

Instagram tests a new feature to allow users to hide/show the like count on their content. This would make a better and honest interaction between them and other content creators.


🕷Playstation on the way to your phone❗ and more fast News…🕸🕸🕸

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🕷 This time, it is different. Good evening, and welcome. This is going to be a short News article, new News article will be short today guys, And now I’ll discuss the news.

Clubhouse users’ data has been leaked and is now available to be sold on a website. The users will be prone to social engineering and hacks. Be careful.

Clubhouse users’ data has been leaked and is now available to be sold on a website. The users will be prone to social engineering and hacks. Be careful.

He did good things, too, but because of the hate he receives, Facebook spends this amount of money to protect him.

Sony’s new approach to compete with Nintendo and phone games is to bring their own games to mobile devices. This means that smartphones will now support PS games, and thus, Sony protects themselves from changes.


🕷Clubhouse pays content makers❗ Apple and a new method for calculating the battery❗ and More… 🕸

11.04.2021 at 02:30 pm

🕷 Internet prices and the details on how to get it. And Apple car is indeed coming. Apple’s CEO will leave the company.

Clubhouse and their way of survival, and WhatApp finally brings an amazing feature. We knew about it, and it is finally coming.

In this News, I’ll start with a feature that we’ve all been waiting for from WhatsApp. We were doubtful whether they’ll bring it or not.

This feature will help move their conversations from iOS to Android and vice versa. You can move the conversations without being connected to a cloud service.

This way, users won’t have to use third party apps to move their conversations from iOS to Android and vice versa. It is a great feature. I’ll arrive soon.

Clubhouse’s survival has started. There are two things to discuss. The first is that they started to pay for content creators on their platform. Content creators will get 100% of the profit.

You can access rooms where famous content creators are and give them a tip. This is to financially support them. This means that the time content creators spend on the platform will be profitable..


🕷 LG officially deposited the phone market❗ Next pixel processor from Google! The first iPhone 13 model❗

06.04.2021 at 02:30 pm

🕷 A tech company that will release a fridge. And the company that has officially withdrawn from the market. And Honor’s comeback and the new iMac devices with a tempting design and screen. This week has been full of tech news.

Like LG’s official withdrawal from the market. The company officially announced that they will no longer compete in the smartphone market. Instead, they’l focus on electric vehicles and providing parts for it.

They’ll also focus on other business that are more profitable for them. I remember the first curved display from them.They also made a phone with a back from leather and the Wing device.

LG always had a huge impact in the smartphone market. They also were Google’s partner with the Pixel devices. They released great devices before.

They used to make products for Google before. They made internal parts for other companies. There are lots of talks about the data that leaked of the 533 million Facebook accounts.


🕷Users have been stolen❗ You are definitely one of them❗🤫🤦‍♂️

05.04.2021 at 07:30 am

🕷 Some of the leaked information contain names, phone numbers, emails, gender, job, city, country and social status. These data leaked in a list that contains 533 million users.

For sure, most of you, including me, are in the list. But what’s the story here? And how can we protect ourselves?

Let me explain the story. For sure you’ve heard of the data leak on Facebook. I am going to explain this for you.

There are steps and measures you can take to stay safe. This include Facebook and all other platforms. Just like Facebook data leaked, data also leaked from Google, YouTube and many other social media platforms.

These platforms also include Snapchat, Instagram and more. You should read this review until the end to know how to be careful.


🕷 Apple glasses announcement date❓ Google takes 20 times more data from you than Apple❗🕸

04/04/2021 at 01:00 pm

🕷 Xiaomi presents a new logo that might shock most of you. Apple could also release a new mixed reality glasses in their event, so what is its purpose?

And if Apple enters this field, will it be exciting or not?

he amount of data Google collects from users isn’t rational. But they have the right to do it as they are a company based on data collection, and we use their services for free. That doesn’t sound right!

Let’s start this New news article, Technology is amazing! I told you before and it is happening now. LinkedIn has started working on voice rooms on their platform.

All apps now will support a feature similar to Clubhouse. Only cafe shops and restaurants haven’t done a version of this feature. Clubhouse is the most bullied app in the history of apps. I accessed the app yesterday, and I found a room where there only 14 users.


🕷 BMW has started to activate subscriptions for some of its cars’ features❗ And the colors of iPhone 13 in the distinctive Galaxy color ❗ and More… 🕸

31/03/2021 at 08:00 pm

🕷 Do we need car subscriptions? Because BMW has started it.🤔

And Huawei is coming back with their new OS and new devices. Hopefully, this’ll mark their comeback. and I’ll also discuss a device that was found in lake and still working. Are companies honest with us by not giving us the full details of their devices? And this a new era of subscriptions.

Let me start discussing these topics: BMW has started their subscriptions services with their cars.

This is not logical at all!

Someone tweeted about how his car requires subscription for adaptive lights, where the lights will focus on signs so that it won’t bother other drives. This feature will be enabled once you pay for it.

This is a different approach from BMW, where they offer paid services. In another tweet, the person showed that the service will require 160 Sterling Pound to be activated, . I can’t comprehend this Man!

BMW cars costs at least 26.660 USD. And then they require 133 USD subscription to enable a feature that the car already ships with. It is not logical at all, even with rental cars.


🕷 Beware Club House Android! How to use google drive true! IPhone 13 is a clear change… 🕸🕸🕸

28/03/2021 at 07:00 pm

🕷 Guys, welcome to this new news article, 6G is closer that expected. Elon Musk wants to reach Mars and built a settlement there. I’ll discuss Apple’s upcoming iPhone and the developments it’ll come with. And OnePlus has released their device, which might be a failure in some regions.

🕷 Caution: Clubhouse app on Android isn’t the official version. It’s not about receiving an invitation or not. Unfortunately, some developers took the opportunity that the app isn’t available yet and made a copy of it.

According to Clubhouse, the app will need at least a month before it’s ready. They haven’t finished it yet. Be careful; the reason behind this app is to collect data from your devices. It’ll collect lots of data from your device. Be careful.

One munite, I’ll answer some of your inquiries from the previous article guys:

Does starlink work every where like in mountains and oceans?

Yes, it is supposed to work efficiently in these areas. When you visit Starlink website, they’ll ask you to pre-order. The website will collect 99 USD from you for your order. You can reclaim it back if your choose to.

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🕷 The loyalty of the public to Apple or Samsung❓ New features from WhatsApp and Instagram are on the way❗

23/03/2021 at 07:00 pm

🕷 What’s the space internet? Is it fast or not? And Apple gains customer satisfaction, and Samsung doesn’t, why?

Let me now discuss Starlink, where I was asked frequently to test it. The experiment is coming soon. But there are few things that need explanation. Those who benefit the most from it are those who don’t have a good connection or a connection altogether.

This is shown from their comments on their accounts. The comments show that these users who had no or slow connection are the users who benefit the most from it. The internet speed of Starlink is between 50 to 150Mbsp.

The internet speed in Tech Pills is 512Gbps. This service won’t be of any use to us here. The latency is 20 to 40ms. It is a lot of us. But having an unlimited Starlink internet is great for many users, since is it available around the world.

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🕷Officially, Will not be there Galaxy Note this year 😯.. and Huawei imposes fees on Samsung and Apple .. ❗❗

21/03/2021 at 08:00 pm

How was a teenager from the US able to steel Apple’s Twitter account?

And why did Samsung stop the Note series?

Welcome guys in OTTO Magazine, the new Science and Technology article. This news article will contain shocking details. Don’t miss it.

I’ll start with a new feature that Instagram will implement. This feature will stop adults from messages teenagers on the platform. According to Instagram, the app can be used by those above 12 years old.

There’s something that needs explaining. If teenagers don’t follow adults, these adults won’t be able to send a direct message to them. This feature comes after lots of problems Instagram faced with some users who try to phish and message with teenagers.

With this feature, adults won’t be able to send direct messages to teenagers. Teenagers will receive notifications if an adult, who they don’t follow, has messaged them. Which is something great, and I wish all platforms to support this feature, since it solves two problems: Teenagers will be more protected on social media platforms.

The second is that there will be regulations for direct messaging on social media platforms.The problem is that users don’t show their real age when they register on social media platforms. Parents are the ones who are responsible for making social media accounts to their kids. If they do this, then they’ll show the real age of their kids, thus automatically protecting them while using these platforms.

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News: 🕷The employee who betrayed Apple❗ 50 Amazing Bee Cameras❗ Japan is losing the electric car market …❗

16/03/2021 at 02:00 pm

🕷 Could it be possible that Japan won’t be the pioneer in car technologies?

An Apple ex-employee leaks data and concept devices from Apple. And I’ll discuss Huawei and Xiaomi situation.

Which one has better representation in the USA?

Let me start this news with something strange. Apple is suing one of their ex-employees. To be honest, Apple has the right to do so.

Do you know why?

This employee worked for 11 years with Apple. In the US, after 10 years of working at the same company, you’ll be called a Veteran. This person started working with Apple in 2008, and he was responsible for lots of projects.

He was responsible for designing lots of products from Apple. But in 2019, he started leaking some information about upcoming devices and products from Apple.

One of which is called Apple X project, where he leaked it to the media. The goal behind it is to establish a good relationship with a media platform to help him with his upcoming project when he leaves Apple. The name of this employee is Simon Lancaster.

The data about the court case has been published publicly. He is being sued by Apple.

Before he resigned from Apple in November 2019, he attended lots of meetings in Apple. He also download lots of files that were supposed to be confidential. These files are only supposed to be viewed by certain people. He attended these meetings and downloaded the files on his personal computer before he resigned.It is a very unfortunate thing to do to the company you work with. It is normal that there would be leaks from companies around the world. But an employee leaking data to gain personal relationship with a certain media outlet is a huge mistake.

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