The first look at the Galaxy S24 series from Samsung and the opinion of technicians about it! 😨💥 And the opinion of technicians about it! 😨

Samsung has changed everything. The basis of the new S24 series is AI. We’ll discuss the latest of AI improvements with these new S24 series. I am currently attending the event in USA. Samsung announced the new S24+, S24 Ultra and the S24.

Which one do you like the most? The Ultra. – Why? It is because of the CPU, camera, screen. Most of the internal specs have been upgraded. Such as the CPU, cameras and the screen. However, these are not the most important features about this device. Samsung announced something called Galaxy AI. This feature will help users with lots of things. You can search photos, and it’ll detect it and tell you everything about the photo, it can also translate languages such as English, Spanish, French or even Korean, it can adjust photos and edit them, it can also create personal AI backgrounds for your phones. These backgrounds can also interact with the weather conditions. AI can also edit videos and add lost frames to them, it can manage the battery and provide 3.5h more battery life. The hardware of these devices have been improved, but they are not the most important feature of them.

The S24 have been your gate to enter the AI world. Make sure that you are subscribed to see my full review and experiments with these devices. However, the design of the Ultra has changed. Even though the changes are minimal, but the new flat screen makes a huge difference. The frame of the device is now rounded. It is also made from titanium, it also comes with 4 colors, which I’ll discuss later.

What do you think of the new device? AI is really great. Why are you afraid? I have no idea. The screen brightness of the Ultra reaches up to 2600 nits. It also supports 120Hz refresh rate.

Which device will you be getting? The Ultra, especially this color! I love this grey titanium color. He indeed loves it. The Ultra comes with the best cameras, such as the 200MP main camera. One of the Telephoto cameras has been upgraded to 50MP. Here’s a list of the details of the cameras.

Which device do you like the most? For some reason, I like the Plus version. But I like the grey color the most. The devices come with new CPUs, for the example, the Ultra comes with the SD 8 Gen3 CPU built using the 3nm architecture. The RAM is 12GB, and it can be increased up to 20GB using the software. The Ultra comes with 5000mAh battery, the Plus has a 4900mAh battery, and the S24 has a 4000mAh battery. However, with the new CPU and AI features, the batteries are expected to last longer.

Which device do you like the most? – The Ultra.

Why the Ultra? It has a better battery and CPU. Apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook support the new cameras for better outcome. They support better stabalization and night videos.

What do you think of the new series? Which device exactly? The Ultra. – Great AI and CPU.

Let me know discuss the most important part of this review? It is the Galaxy AI from Samsung. Some of the features of this device work offline, while other require an internet connection. You can select something from a photo, and AI will look for it and provide results. You can look for places and landscapes in photos and it’ll provide information about it.

In your opinion, what’s the best device? -For me, it is the Ultra. I like it because it has a flat screen and comes with top notch specs. That’s why I choose the Ultra.

Is this the time for AI? -Yes, it is. If it is employed correctly, then it’ll be great, and as far as we’ve seen, I think it is employed very well. You can make a phone call to a restaurant, and speak a different language, and the device will translate your conversation. You can change the language from the supported list. Arabic will be supported, as well.

What device do you like the most?

I like the Ultra the most. The feature I like the most is the Instant Slo-Mo. You can record a 24fps video and turn it into 240fps slo-mo video. This feature will be free for 5 years, and it’ll then require a subscription. It’ll be similar to other AI services.

What if you buy a new device next year? It’ll also work normally. AI can now transcribe meetings. It’ll also define who is talk and separate the text. AI will then summarize the transcription, it’ll create a bullet points list of the most important points in the meeting. There are AI apps that can do this feature. But with these Galaxy devices, this service is integrated and works without internet. It also supports high security and privacy levels. You won’t have to pay for other similar services anymore.

What device do you like the most, and why? The Ultra, because I am a fan of the screen. I like the bezels and how flat the screen is. In a previous review, I said if the screen is flat, then the device will be great. These AI features work with all supported devices.

What device do you like the most? S24 Plus. Because now it supports nearly the same features as the Ultra, but with less price. it only lacks the S Pen support. -But you can for the Ultra. if that’s what you want! The prices haven’t changed much from last year. It comes with 4 colors, and the Ultra has the same colors, but in Titanium. The colors are black, grey, violet, and yellow. However, the Ultra has a slightly different shades of the same color.

What device do you like the most? – For sure the Ultra. The reason is because of the S Pen support. I thought you were imitating Thanos. For me, the flat screen makes a lot of difference. Sure, even it feels better in the hand now. Thank you. The Ultra’s storage reaches up to 1TB, and it has an S Pen. AI is supported on all 3 devices. Samsung also announced new accessories such as the protection covers. One of the covers I like has also been upgraded with a base now.

Which device do you like the most? -The Ultra. I really enjoy the fact that the screen of the device is not curved anymore.

Is having on-device AI something great? -of course. The most important feature of this series is the integrated AI features. Also, giving the users the opportunity to enter the AI world without having to risk their privacy with 3rd party apps.

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