|HyperX CLOUD III |SONY Float Run | Emm, we like this things guys! 😈 Pros & Cons…

I’ve been waiting for this HyperX headphones, and it has finally arrived. I’ve also got this open-ear headphones from Sony. And in this review, I’ll review a number of products. Let me start with the HyperX headphones:

These headphones from Hyper get significant enhancements with each new generation. The Hyper X Cloud series is one of the most famous headphones from Hyper X. The III series gets the DTS headphones X technology. The drivers of the headphones are 53mm. It comes with a 1m integrated cable, it also comes with an additional 1.5m cable to help you connect it to different devices such Xbox, PS and laptops. The headphones comes with a detachable mic with Noise Cancelation support.

The frame of the headphones is made from aluminium with red color, it also comes with a soft head pillow made from a leather-like material, it has the same design DNA as previous generations. The ear cups are also made from a leather-like material. The headphones are compatible with all gaming consoles, laptops and any device with a 3.5mm jack. The headphones costs 150 USD.

The build quality is good, and it supports additional audio technologies with a great price.

when using it for extended time, your ears will start to sweat, because of the materials the ears cups are made from.

Let me now jump to Sony’s Float Run headphones. These are open-ear headphones, it is great for sports and different place, such as at work. This means that you won’t be isolated from your surroundings, it is great for running, as it supports IPX4 standard, it is very lightweight: 33g.

The performance of these headphones are very good, and the calling performance was acceptable, it has 3 buttons; 2 for volume and one for power. The battery lasts for 10 hours, and charging it for 10 minutes provides 60 minutes of listening.

It costs 150 USD, its performance is very good.

Sony continues to invest in this field, But I wished that the price was a less and that it supported better connectivity options, it supports bluetooth 5.0, and it doesn’t support Sony app, which means it directly connects to your devices.

And since it is an open-ear headphones, there’s audio leakage when the audio is high, it comes with a pouch for protection. This has been my review of these 5 devices.

Let me know what other products should I review next.

See you later.

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