Apple Watch Series 9 & Apple Watch Ultra 2! A new way to control the new Apple Watches! 😵

These are the two new watches from Apple: Ultra 2 and Series 9, Apple Watches are known for their high capabilities. Do these new watches bring significant changes? Let’s find out together. 😎

These new watches come with a new CPU and new features. Let’s showcase the new changes in these new watches. Let’s start with the design of the Ultra version, it comes with a 49mm size. It is the same size as last years, and it weighs 61g. The frame is made from titanium. The back is made from ceramic. The watch comes with an eSIM, it supports WiFi connection and 4G networks, it comes with a Retina LTPO OLED display, and it supports Always-On Display and it comes with 1.92″ size.

The resolution is 502×410 and it comes with 338ppi density. It supports 3000 nits of brightness. Why is the brightness important?

In sunny places like africa, if you look at the screen during the daytime while being outdoor, you’ll be able to see it. While the high brightness is important to show the screen, it uses lots of energy. However, the battery performs well. The screen is protected with a sapphire layer. However, to protect my investment, I always use a cover.

The screen supports Always-On Display feature to help you check the time all the time, just like a normal watch. The watch comes with the S9 CPU. The CPU comes with dual cores, and the GPU is the PowerVR. The watch comes with 64GB of storage and runs WatchOS 10. The watch supports bluetooth 5.3, WiFi 4, GPS and NFC. The watch supports a feature called Double Tab.

This feature allows you to answer phone calls, start a timer, and other features using your fingers. It also supports gestures. These gestures are supported on other platforms, but Apple added it to the watch with extra gestures. This will help you answer phone calls and do other tasks using your fingers. These gestures work great in day to day tasks. It allows you to answer phone calls when your hands are busy. The watch supports IP6X. It supports water resistance up to 100m, and comes with a temperature sensor, Oxygen sensor ECG sensor and heart rate sensor. It also tracks your sleep patterns. According to Apple, the battery lasts for 36 hours, which is logical.

But with heavy use, the battery lasts for a full day. This is really important. According to experts, it is advices to charge the battery right after you wake up. You can charge it for 30 minutes in the morning while you are getting prepared for the day. This is the best time to recharge the battery. Because the watch is great for sleep tracking, which is a great feature. This feature will inform you if you have heart problems, God forbids. This charging method will help you take full advantages of the sensors this watch comes with. The watch costs 950 USD.

Is it worth it to upgrade from the Ultra 1? 🙄

No. 😈 Unless you need the new gestures or the more accurate readings of the extreme sports. Or you need the higher brightness. If you need these new features, then you can upgrade.

Ler’s now discuss the mroe common Apple Watch Series 9:🤡

This watch comes with the same previous design. It is a beautiful and elegant design, however, I hope Apple will produce a circular Apple Watch. The frame of the watch is made from aluminium, and the front is made from glass. The band is made from carbon neutral materials. Actually, the whole watch is carbon neutral.

If the box has this green logo, it means the watch is carbon neutral, which is great. The whole manufacturing process of this watch is carbon neutral, which is something must be applauded for. The watch is light and comfortable and support 50m water resistance. It comes with either 41 or 45mm sizes. The size of the watch is a personal preference. It coems with a number of colors and either aluminium or stainless steel. It also comes with either WiFi of eSIM versions. If you require an eSIM version, you should check with your carrier to know if they support eSIM or not. It is also a personal preference to choose between WiFi or eSIM. The resolution of the screen is 396×484. It is a Retina Display and supports Always-On Display. The brightness is 2000 nits, which is higher than previous versions.

The brightness has been doubled, which is great in sunny days, it comes with 326pp density. The watch runs WatchOS 10 and supports Double Tap. The watch comes with the S9 CPU, which is great for energy consumption. It supports WiFi 4, bluetooth 5.3, NFC and GPS. It comes with 64GB storage, Spo2 sensor, ECG, heart rate sensor It detects irregularity rhythmia. It also supports cardio and fitness notifications.

There’s a new feature called Crash Detection, which is available with all watches from this year. Fall Detection and SOS are better and more accurate. These features are supported on both watches. The battery lasts for 18 hours. It also lasts for 36 hours in low power mode. I use this mode even with the Ultra version, when I forget to charge the watch for a couple of days.

Fast charing is supported, but you have to use the cable that comes with it and a supported charger.

The price starts from 492 USD, which is the same price as the previous version. Is it worth it to upgrade from the 8th series?

No🤡 However, if you require the new version, then go for it. Nonetheless, I advise to upgrade every 2 or 3 generations. Both watches support Apple Pay. Other watches will support NFC payments next year. If your device is an iPhone, then I advise you to buy a watch from Apple. If your device is Android, then go for Android watches.

Basically, to set up Apple Watch, you need an iPhone. It doesn’t work with an iPad. If you require one for your child, you can set it up using parental control. This watch is not only for timekeeping, but it is an investment for health as well. These watches encourage you to exercise. This watch is connected to Apple Health, and Apple’s Health kit is amazing. All the readings can be found in one place. We’ve heard lots of stories about people who got help because of these Apple Watches. This also applies to other smartwatches with similar features. Having one of these will help you protect your health using the right settings. You can also take pictures from your iPhone using the watch. You can also mute calls by covering the screen.

See you later.

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