After a while: Professional-sized compact camera Dji Osmo Pocket 3!!😲 Do you think such a camera would be suitable for you to shoot videos from?😕

Guys, This is the DJI Osmo Pocket 3 camera. This camera can shoot both horizontal and vertical videos. You can enable vertical videos by switching the screen to be vertical. The camera comes with a screen that supports touch input, it comes with a high-end sensor that can capture 4K horizontal videos and 3K vertical videos.

As soon as the camera was released, I tried to get the Creator Combo version, based on my personal experience with them. The body of the camera is made from plastic, and it weighs 179g. This camera can be a great replacement for smartphones, if you prefer not to use a smartphone to shoot videos.

This ready-to-use camera will be very helpful to take vertical of horizontal videos. And since Youtube supports horizontal videos, I’ll use it horizontally. This is how the camera performs with vertical videos. The camera supports a feature called Active Track to always keep you in the center of the frame. The camera supports a 512GB of external storage, but make sure to use an original card to get the best results. The resolution of the screen is 556×314. It also supports 700nits of brightness. The camera can rotate, which is very useful. The screen is OLED and supports touch input.

The camera’s aperture is F/2.0. The sensor is great, and it supports different modes. It supports Panorama, and can shoot 4K@120fps videos. It also can shoot 1080p@240fps videos. It supports low-light photography and slo-motion videos with different fps, resulting in great slo-mo videos. It supports 2x digital zoom. It supports D-LOG 10bit and HLG 10bit videos.

This results in very high dynamic range footage. The colors will be amazing, even with the automatic mode. D-LOG and HLG videos need to be colored in post-production. It supports Focus modes such as Face Auto-detect. It also supports Dynamic Framing. It also support a mode called Basic Newly Upgraded stability. The camera comes with 3 mics with Noise Cancelation support.

The Creator Combo version comes with all these additional parts. They include a mic, bag, and a base. There’s also the tripod and the cable. DJI mics always perform well. The mic charges using the USB-C port and it can be paired to the camera. It supports modular charging, which means once you install the mic, it’ll work wirelessly while charging the camera.

We updated the camera’s software, but we haven’t yet updated the base. Let’s shoot a video sample using the camera and mic: vertical video is being shot using the camera. The audio is also being recorded using the mics in the camera. The camera comes with a 1300mAh battery that supports fasting charging from 0% to 80% using the right adapter. It fully charges in 32 minutes. According to DJI’s website, you need a 65W charger to get these speeds. P.S, the adapter isn’t included in the box. It supports WiFi 5 and bluetooth 5.2.

bluetooth will help you connect the camera to your device to update the software and control the settings and so on. The Creator Combo also includes a 950mAh battery. It also includes a base and a Wide Angle lens (108 degrees) There’s also the bag and the mini tripod. There is also the cable and a lanyard. This is a great package for content creators.

You can use this camera in different settings with great stabalization. This is a sample of how the camera’s stabalization work. This is a great option for outdoor photographers. It also comes with a mic, which is great for interviews. You can install different accessories on the mic to make it look like a normal mic. This is a very useful camera.

You can send the content from the camera to other devices. However, you can’t share directly from the camera or even edit the videos on it. This camera can provide better stabalization than smartphones as it has its own gimbal. This camera is a great option for vloggers and content creators. Or those who need a camera with them. It is great for both vertical and horizontal videos.

I used the previous version of this camera to shoot videos while on the go. I covered events in bruxcel using the older version of this camera. It supports lots of helpful accessories. This is a very good option for videographers.

One of the shortcomings of this camera is the limited storage support. It also struggles a little bit with heat if you’re using it outside in the sun. Also, you can’t edit videos on the camera. And it doesn’t support sharing videos right from the camera.

😈 Other than that, it is a great camera. Do you think such a camera would be suitable for you to shoot videos from?

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