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This is the thinnest foldable device in the world. This device packs lots of technologies. Let me introduce you to the HONOR Magic V2.

HONOR have been releasing high-end smartphones lately. The HONOR Magic V2 is one of them. This device is the thinnest foldable in the world, which means it’ll be great for business oriented people as it packs lots of tech in it.

Let’s discuss this device starting with the design. The device has a foldable internal screen and an external slap screen. The design of the device is elegant, and it looks very similar to a regular device when folded. The device is protected with a second gen Nano Crystal later. According to HONOR, this glass layer is 10x more scratch resistant. The device weighs 231g, and the thickness is 9.9mm when folded. The build material and the hinges are way more developed than the previous version. It is now made from titanium. The device is SGS certified. The device comes with 3 finishes, black, pruple and black leather. The external screen is 6.43″ OLED with 2376×1060 resolution.

The aspect ratio is 20:9. The external screen supports up to 2500nits of brightness. The internal screen is 7.92″ OLED with 2344×2156 resolution. The internal screen is square-ish, and when open, the thinness of the device is shocking. Amazing job from HONOR. The device supports Pen input using the new HONOR Stylus. The Pen comes with a great design, and has some weight to it, making it feels like a real pen, it has a button and a pocket hook. Both screens support 120Hz refresh rate and produce 1.97 billion colors. The device comes with the SD 8 Gen 2 CPU and the GPU is the Adreno 740. They are made using the 4nm architecture.

In Geekbench 6, the CPU scored 1501 points for the single core and 4328 points for multicores.

PUBG game started with the high performance and 120fps. On this device, PUBG supports 120Hz refresh rate. The CPU inside it is from 2023. We are promised with a device that has the new CPU device in August, and it’ll be the Fold 6 from Samsung. This is the latest foldable device but it comes with last year’s CPU. Yet, the performance of the CPU is great.

Let’s now discuss the cameras. The main camera is 50MP, and so is the Ultra Wide. The zoom camera is 20MP. Both front facing cameras are 16MP. Having more cameras means that you can use the device however you prefer. How do the cameras perform?

The main camera provides excellent performance and light withdrawal. The colors were cold in most conditions. The Ultra Wide camera provides warm colors, and the performance was very good in most conditions. Portrait photos and isolation were very good and the colors are warm in most conditions. The front facing camera produces contrasty photos with cold colors. Tp get the best results, make sure that you are facing a light source when using the cameras. Portraits using the front facing camera were good as well. The device supports 10x digital zoom with acceptable performance. The device supports shooting 4K@60fps videos with minimal shakiness.

Let’s now discuss the specs. The device runs Android 13 with MagicOS 7.2. It supports lots of shortcuts and features. The device officially supports Google services out of the box. The device unlocks using the fingerprint sensor embedded in the side power button. It also unlocks using the front facing camera, but it is not secure enough as it doesn’t have dedicated 3D sensors. It comes with a 16+7GB RAM. The storage is either 256GB or 512GB. The device supports dual sims and eSIM. It supports bluetooth 5.3 and WiFi 7, which I haven’t tested yet. The device also supports payment methods using NFC.

When I visited HONOR in China, I’ve seen how much effort they do in developing their batteries. The device comes with split batteries, one in each side. The battery is 5000mAh. The batteries are made from silicon and carbon. The device supports fast charging with 66W using the USB-C port.

The box includes the device, charging cable, chager, booklets And there’s a carbon fiber cover, depending on the version you get. This version comes with the carbon fiber cover that has a base.

It is the thinnest foldable phone in the world, making it look like a normal slap smartphone. The screen has a crease in the middle, but it is unnoticeable. It supports fast charging, and both screens support 120Hz refresh rate. The RAM is 16GB, and it can be increased up to another 7GB taken from the storage.

I wished it supported an external SD card. It supports WiFi 7, but it is not popular until now, but shows how much HONOR cares about advanced technologies. The pen won’t be officially available in Afrika and the middle east. I got this one form China.

Keep following to know more details. Hopefully, the Pen will supported with the next version. This has been my review of the Magic V2 device form HONOR. This device supports features that aren’t regularly available with foldable devices. It is shocking how thin this device is. HONOR’s Magic series are great. This Magic V2 is a huge step forward for foldable devices. I am very excited for what’s next. This is the end of this review guys.

Let me know what you think of HONOR devices down my friends.

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