😱| Stealth 16 Mercedes-AMG Motorsport A13V Laptop 😲😲 😲

If you are looking for a luxurious gaming device, then you’ve arrived to the right review. Each part of this device has beautiful details, it also packs a lot of different ports. The build material is excellent. Let me introduce you to the MSI Stealth device.

This device is the result of Mercedes and MSI cooperation. This is the MSI Stealth 16 Mercedes-AMG Motor Sport, it is a luxurious gaming laptop. The design of the device is loaded with details. The engineers of this device made sure to make an excellent gaming device, yet offers great usability for daily using. We’ve done a lot of tests on this device. We used it to broadcast 8K stream for car game. Needless to say, the car we used was Mercedes.

The Moto of the Mercedes-AMG is « One Man, One Engine. » There are lots of details in this device. The design of this device is distinctive. Especially that it comes with lots of ports, runs using a 13th Gen i9 Intel CPU, and Nvidia’s 4070 GPU. This device can run games with the highest settings. And the results of the tests we’ve conducted on it were excellent.

Let me discuss the details of this device, 😍 But let’s start with the unboxing, because it is also unique. The box contains a special mouse, Special Edition card, a bag with the same branding, a fast-charging adapter, a mouse-pad with the same branding, and a 128GB flash drive. Even the selenite grey color of this device is a result of the cooperation between Mercedes and MSI. AMG is Mercedes’s strongest sport engine.

Usually these AMG-powered Mercedes cars offer very high performance and capabilities. With this device, it feels like Mercedes added their own touch while designing it. This device packs a number of ports. On the right side, there’s a 3.5mm headphone jack and a Thunderbolt 4 USB-C port with PD Charging support. There’s also another 3.2 USB 2nd Gen port and a DC-in port. On the left side, there is another USB-C Gen 2 port with DP Charging support, too. There’s also a Micro SD Card Reader. And an HDMI 2.1 port with 8K@60Hz and 4K@120Hz support. And next to it there’s a LAN port. With these ports, you won’t need to use adapters. This is one indication of how powerful the device is.

We used this rig with the device and connected it using the HDMI port. And using the right cable, the stream was 8K@60Hz. And we connected it to this 80″ screen. The screen can show amazing details. The rig we used supports PCs and we connected it to the laptop. As you can see, the details shown on the screen are amazing, and if anything this means the device that can output it is powerful. With the CPU and GPU in this device, you’ll feel like you’re gaming on a dedicated PC device, not a laptop. You can see how powerful the GPU is.

The frames this device produced ranges from 40 to 60fps, and the GPU throttling is very high. These numbers that are shown in front me are being produced by a laptop. This device makes you feel like you’re not gaming on a PC device. I feel like I am gaming using a dedicated gaming console. And this is apparent from my experience and the numbers that are shown.

As I said before, when designing this device, both companies made sure to make great in both; gaming and daily using. The device comes with a 16″ OLED screen with 16:10 aspect ratio, it has a UHD+ resolution. It is VESA Certified DisplayHDR True Black 600. The bezels around the screen isn’t the thinnest in the market, but the specs it packs makes it balanced. However, it only supports 60Hz. I wished it supported higher Hertz rate, since with gaming devices, we get screens with higher refresh rate. But for sure, there are other specs that make up for the lack of high refresh rate.

For example, if you connect it to an external display, you’ll get 8K@60Hz or 4K@120Hz. Atop the screen, there’s a stealth webcam with a physical shut off button and a red indicator, for higher privacy. The device supports Windows Hello for unlocking, and it runs Windows 11 Pro.

Let’s discuss the cooling system of this device, 😎 The device comes with dual fans and a huge surface area as ventilation for better heat dissipation . MSI calls it Cooler Boost 5. The cooling system is actually efficient. The cooling system design also has hints from the Mercedes-AMG GT2 cooling system. The pipes inside the device are efficient in carrying the heat from the CPU and GPU to the fans and vents.

When connecting the device to an 8K screen with 60fps with the highest settings, the laptop was a bit hot. However, the performance didn’t drop. Despite the fact that the device was apparently hot. This is the area where it was hot the most. But the heat is understandable since we were exporting 8K resolution using an external screen. The device comes with a AMG logo, and has a steelserious keyboard. The keyboard includes a numpad, but it is compact. The key travel is good. The space key has a unique design on it, similar to the design of the camera. The device also comes with a fingerprint sensor. Before we discuss other specs, the Dynaudio six-speaker system is exclusive for this device. These speakers produce great audio. They support Hi-Res audio. The sound system consists of 2 speakers and 4 subwoofers.

The CPU is the Intel Core i9 13th Gen with 14 cores and 5.4Ghz frequency for each core. And as mentioned before, it comes with the Cooler Boost 5 system. Along with dual fans and cooling pipes. In Geekbench 6, the CPU scored 2793 points for the single core and 15374 points for multicores. .. In 3DMark Time spy 3 Test, the GPU scored 10800 points. The device comes with an app called MSI Center, with 5 different modes. These modes include Eco, Silent, Comfort, Sport and Smart modes. Using this software, you can download additional features for oversight, control and performance. The software acts as a store to download additional features. We’ve downloaded all the features, as shown here.

The device supports WiFi 6e, but your router must support it. WiFi 6e protocol is officially supported in the middle East and asia, it also supports bluetooth 5.3 and Thunderbolt 4 port with Display port support to help connect it to an external screen. You can connect a number of screens to this device. The device comes with 64GB of GDDR5 5200 RAM installed in 2 slots inside the device. The device also comes with 2TB of SSD M.2 4th Gen installed in two slots. The front facing camera is FHD 30fps with IR support. The device charges with 240W using the charger that comes in the box. Or you can use the PD port to charge it with up to 100W speed. The device weighs 1.880kg. The device is lightweight and the design and color are great.

It has a powerful CPU and GPU. The design is great, and the number of supported ports makes this device ideal for gaming. .

The device might get a little hot while gaming, and the screen only supports 60Hz. Since it is a gaming device, it should’ve come with higher refresh rate screen. But it comes with an HDMI 2.1 port, which is also great for gaming with external monitors. This is a special edition gaming device from MSI. The cooperation between of these companies is great. 😉✌️

Usually laptop companies cooperate with others to make unique devices, and in this cooperation, MSI and Mercedes made a luxury gaming laptop. The build material is very good. Listen to this sound of peeling this sticker. This is the end of this article guys. Let me know what do you think of this cooperation en the TECH TALK.

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