💬 Realme Buds t100 headphones‼️ Oppo Enco Air 2 Pro‼️ Are they worth buying?🤫🤡

21.08.2023 by OTTO Magazin

Let me now discuss Realme’s Realme Buds t100 headphones. This is an affordable in-ear headphones. And it comes with a number of colors: white, black and blue. The headphones come with a battery indicator. It only weighs 35g. And it comes with a high performance battery. The ear buds support up to 6 hours, and with the case, it’ll be 28 hours. Charging it for 10 minutes will offer 2 hours of listening time. Using the Realme Link app on Android devices, you can adjust the audio and bass of the headphones. The headphones supports a number of modes, such as the smart mode, gaming mode, movies mode, music, and more. The ear buds support touch input as well. Double touch to pause content and answer calls. 3 touches to skip the next audio content. The price of this headphones is nearly 26 USD.


It has a great price. 👑


It doesn’t have an official iOS app. There’s a bit of lag in latency, especially when AI is enabled, especially while gaming. 😪

Here’s another affordable headphones, but it is from another category;🤫

It is the Oppo Enco Air 2 Pro. This is an in-ear headphones and it comes with a USB-C charging port. It supports IP54 standard. It supports bluetooth 5.2, and its battery lasts for 7 hours along with 28 hours using the case. Charging it for 10 minutes provides 2 hours of listening time.

Tapping the ear pieces for 3 times enables the personal assistant of your phone. The headphones comes with an app called HeyMelody available on iOS and Android. The app lets you customize the equalizer and update the software.

The price of the headphones is 56 euros, and along with the features it supports, it makes it a great option. The box include the headphones, charging cable, silicone tips and booklets.

Pros: 😍😍😍

It has a great price, is lightweight and offers excellent audio experience. 👑

Cons: 🤨🫣

There’s latency up to 93ms while gaming. Despite its strange design, this charger supports up to 65W and comes with different ports.

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