XBOX Series X!😜

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Choose iXbox? XBOX Series X
Choose iXbox? XBOX Series X
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💬 This is the new Xbox series X, There will be another smaller digital version of it.

But why does it look like this?

Let me explain few details for you and tell you which version is best for you.

Hello guys:🙋‍♂️

Microsoft have announced two new Xbox consoles, and pre-orders are officially available in US and Europ and Asia, but Which version is better for you?

The design has been talked about a lot.

First thing I’ll discuss is the design and shape of the new console, I’d prefer my new console to come with the same old rectangular design as it is very practical and easy to use.

There’s no need to design a new place for the new console, But this is different with the new Microsoft Xbox series X in particular.

It is the bigger console with a DVD support, Those who designed the device are not expert designers.

It appears as though those who designed the console are engineers.
Engineers, when designing something, they consider a lot of aspects such as heat ventilation, You’ll notice this with this new version a lot.

This is not the final product. Whenever I receive it along with the PS5, I’ll review them for you, Keep reading with OTTO Magazin for more details.

The ports are placed in the middle of the back of the console, There’s a reason behind it.

The reason behind it is that the engineers designed the two GPU cards to be placed on the left and on the right, And on top of it is the motherboard, which makes a lot of sense.

The GPUs support up to 12TF, which is more powerful than the RTX 2080 Super, These teraflops will provide a massive graphics capabilities and speeds.

These two GPUs inside are very powerful, They also support 8K, But I’ll explain the 8K later.

This console support 4K and 8K gaming, and it depends on your Smart TV capabilities, But I’ll explain this later, The CPU inside is the same as the smaller version, but the storage is RAM.

This version comes with 16GB while the other comes with 10GB, This version comes with a 1TB onboard storage while the smaller version comes with 512GB.

Both support external storages, But the GPU is the main difference, This version comes with 2 GPU with up to 12 teraflops and a Blu Ray reader.

Theoretically, older DVDs will work with this console, Not all users need 8K capability. The previous version didn’t support 8K.

Even the 4K capability isn’t the same as the on in the series S.This series S didn’t come with powerful GPU cards such as the ones available in this console.

The series S supports 2K and could be upscaled to 4K, If you’re considering buying this device, then you should keep in in mind the following points:

If you have a smart TV with 8K support, then you’ll be okay, If you have a smart TV with 4K support, then you’ll be okay.

If you can find 8K or 4K games to play, then it is worth to pay the extra 800 or 1000 SAR to buy this device. Most games support 2K or 4K at max.

There are no current 8K games now. But I expect they’ll come later, The series X console is future proof as it also supports 8K gaming.

But those who have series S consoles can still play 4K games. No one knows when the 8K games will be available.

The best console for most people will be the series S, which is the digital version, But since the series S is digital only, you won’t be able to play your previous games as they’re mostly DVDs.

The onboard storage on the series S is only 512GB, It is up to you to decide whether you’ll ditch all your previous DVD to use the Digital version.

You only need a good internet connection and a good smart TV with great capabilities. If you decide to buy this device, then you will be fine.

Or you could go for the more powerful version with DVD support and future proofing. You could also enjoy 8K games once they’re available.

I think my kids will enjoy the digital version, But for me, I’ll go with the series X as I have an 8K smart TV, But some might ask about PS5.

I’ll also make a video about PS5 and explain the differences between the two versions.

The same debate goes on and on between technicians and gamers, This is going to continue.

Which device is better for you, PS5 or Xbox? It depends on the titles you prefer.

If you’re a console gamer, then there are titles and games that you prefer.

For example, Mario and Zelda are only available on the Switch, which makes a good choice for those who prefer it.

The titles on both platforms are enough for users to decide what to buy or prefer.

Hopefully, this video will help you decide which device is best for you.

Let me know what you think. By the way, I’ll test games using the 8K smart TV.

I’ll explain whether the 120Hz frequency and AI’s latency will make a difference or not.

Keep visit us guys for more details. See you soon 👋

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