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VW Golf GTI 2020 400 HP by OTTO Magazin

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💬 Hello Guys!😜

Bring your Cup Coffe and Welcome to a new blog of Special Car review, Today’s star is a 400 hp VW Golf GTI, One of the most powerful cars, Before we start the action!

Bring your cup coffee guys and Let’s start the action and i hear the amazing turbocharger..

Let’s start! Let’s go!😍

Now we start test-driving the 400hp Golf GTI, As we always dowe’ll start with a round of acceleration.

So that you can see the car’s power! All kinds of spin! My God!

A small hatchback car but it’s very powerful, I don’t know why people underestimate these cars! They prefer Muscle Cars with V8s and big engines!

But these cars are very fast especially when they’re modified, This car has a unique mix!

This is the first time I see such modifications made to a Golf GTI, Where from does this car get its horsepower?

First of all this car has a Golf R engine and turbo, The trick is to use this engine and this turbo on a Golf GTI.

Not any garage can do this! It’s very complicated!

This is the beating heart that provided the car with its horsepower, The car has an MRC ECU, which provides 4 different maps 4 different combustion programs, But this car has only one program!

The boost of a stock GTI is 1.1 bar but the boost of this car is 1.8 bar.

It has a modified fuel pump and a fuel compressor for better combustion,

The spark plugs are from Audi RS7, The spark plugs are modified and so are the wire.

So the car has a unique mix to provide a great performance, A short break to tell you where is you cuf coffee? we have more to say about this super car guys:

Let’s talk about the car’s gearbox!

It was reprogrammed to match the car’s power because the car’s power was increased.

The whole formula is new for the gearbox so it was reprogrammed to match this power, This car has Torque vectoring technology, which means you don’t have to install limited slip differential.

because this system in GTI transfers torque to the right and left wheels.

Don’t miss with this gearbox! it is programmed in a scientific way, When I turn to the left and the wheel starts to spin harder.

The computer disengages this wheel and transfers power to the right wheel, so that the car can turn easily.

This improves performance! Even if you turn off Traction Control.

Unfortunately, it does not go off completely \nin this model of GTI cars!

This is a 2020 Model it was modified when its mileage was 10,000 km, This is a daily use car.

the AC is working, all of its options and features are fully working, You don’t hear any noise inside!

The paddle shifters were modified they’re red now, They look like Samurai swords with this Start-Stop button »

The car is also equipped with a methanol system, To provide better cooling for the combustion chamber and improve performance, Especially in hot weather.

We explained all about this system in a number of previous blogs guys, GTI goes from 0 to 100km in about 6s, the 230hp GTI with 400hp, this car accelerates from 100 to 200km in about 7 seconds.

I want to tell you about the car’s exhaust system but before that…

Let’s have some fun!

My God! The 400hp are burning the asphalt! A rocket!

A small rocket! A 400hp 4-cylinder engine! with FWD Great sound!

Amazing sound!😍

What mix of modifications is made to the exhaust of this car?

It has a Milltek dowpipe and a Remus catback, So they’ve made a mix of modifications Let’s step on it!

Amazing fireworks!🙆‍♂️

What feature is in the Golf R but is missing in Golf GTI?

Oil coolers, Golf R has standard gearbox oil cooler and engine oil cooler, But Golf GTI does not have them.

This car has engine oil cooler to cool down the engine, because at high temperatures oil viscosity decreases When viscosity decreases, it does not perform well which may harm the engine.

The engines of VW GTI and R cars are complicated, TSI technology used in GTI and R engines saves fuel, and at the same time it provides the best combustion possible for this small powerful engine.

This technology is complicated but it provides the best fuel consumption for this small engine.

So the stock car has a unique mix.

This technology provides the lowest fuel consumption with the highest power output, A very unique mix!

When you drive slowly, the car is practical and its exhaust sound is not too loud.

As you can see the car looks like a brand-new car, A very fast one!

The only problem is that the turbocharger opens at low rpm and Traction Control holds the car especially at low speeds.

But when it is stable the car turns into a rocket!

Just read with me the speedometer! 🤫 Super!👏

Who gave us this car to make this special Blog test? about one of the most powerful GTI’s in WORLD.

This magical mix of modifications is made by berlin garage specialized in VW’s, Audi’s, and all German and European cars, They are professional tuners of these cars.

And hopefully we will test-drive your car and show it in a Special Car blog on OTTO Magazin some day guys.

Take care!👋

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