These devices are the best Samsung and Huawei devices, The first one is the newly released Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 🔥 , And the second is the latest Huawei P40 Pro+!😍 Who is better for you? 😈

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These devices are the best Samsung and Huawei devices, The first one is the newly released Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, And the second is the latest Huawei P40 Pro+.

Both of these devices compete with each others, and the results are shocking.

Hello guys 😈, your cup Coffee as always ☕ and welcome to this comparisons are very thorough and let me confirm that the basis of my compassions are numbers.🙊

Keep a score of the points you think each device deserves to know what’s best for you, Let’s start the comparison between these two stars: the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and the P40 Pro+.

Let me start with the design and build quality:

The Ultra comes with the same DNA design found in the S20 series. The front and back are made from glass with a curved screen, There’s a punch hole in the top middle to house the front facing camera.

The back of device contains a rectangular design to house the rear cameras. The P40 Pro+ comes with the same P series design. This design is very popular these days.

The difference is that the back isn’t made from glass, rather it is made from nano ceramic. Each device has a great build quality. Both companies have reached a high standard in build quality.

Who wins the point?🙊

It is a personal preference, but you can give any of these devices the point, But for me, and to be fair, each device gets a point.

Let’s discuss the screen:

The Note 20 Ultra comes with the 7.9 Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen with curved edges: The screen to body ratio is 91.7%, The screen resolution is 3088×1440 with 496ppi.

The screen is protected with a Corning Gorilla Glass 7 layer, and it supports HDR10+ and Always-On Display technologies. The screen’s refresh rate is 120Hz and the touch sensitivity is 240Hz.

The P40 Pro+ comes with a 6.58 OLED with curved edges on all sides. The screen to body ratio is 91.6%.

The screen resolution is 2640×1200 with 441ppi. It supports HDR10 and 90Hz frequency.

Who wins the point?🙊

The Ultra comes with higher resolution, higher pixel density and supports more features. The screen to body ratio on both devices are nearly the same.

The screen of the Note 20 Ultra wins the point as it packs more numbers and technologies.

Let me discuss the OS now:

But we all now who wins the point when it comes to the OS in this case. The Note 20 Ultra runs Android 10 with One UI 2.5 on top of it. It is one of the most beautiful UIs in the market because of its usability and accessibility.

Note devices, in particular, come with additional software features from Samsung, The reasons are the bigger screen and the S Pen, which will give the device another usability dimension.

This device is great for businessmen/women and entrepreneurs as it supports multitasking. The P40 Pro+ runs Android 10 with EMUI 10.1 on top of it.

This UI offers shortcuts and gestures that distinguishes Huawei devices.

Also, the OS works in tandem with AI, It helps with enhancing the CPU performance and battery health.

Who wins the point?🔥

The one who supports Google services, We can’t deny that Huawei has been doing a great job with their App Gallery store.

You can use it to download lots of local and international apps, But Google Services support is really important, at least in our region.

It’s important to use Gmail, Youtube, Google Maps and such apps. Without any further ado, the Note wins the point.

The reason is the P40 Pro+ doesn’t officially support Google services. But Huawei’s App Gallery is really competitive, but it still needs more time. The point goes to the Note 20 Ultra.

Let me now discuss the CPU:

In our region, the Note comes with the Exynos 990 7nm CPU with 8 cores. It also comes with the Mali-G77 GPU. The P40 Pro+ comes with the Kirin 990 5G 7nm CPU, and it is the best Huawei CPU thus far.

According to the numbers, the Kirin offer better performance. And part of the CPU usage is designed to enhance the performance of the cameras.

The point goes to the P40 Pro+, This is where it gets really cool, Both devices offer the same unlocking options such as passcode, pattern and in-display fingerprint sensor, and both are fast.

But do you remember how I always tell you not to depend on face recognition unlocking as it is not secure?

It is actually not secure to totally depend on it, The P40 Pro+ comes with dedicated front facing sensors, which means it is secure to use.

The point deservedly goes to the P40 Pro+ in Secure Unlocking, It supports all known unlocking methods along with the safe face recognition option.

Let’s discuss the cameras:

Both devices come with amazing cameras, Let me start with the Note 20 Ultra, which comes with 3 rear cameras.

The first one is the Wide 108MP, and it depends on laser autofocus, which works really well, The second two are the 12MP Ultra Wide and Telescope cameras.

The front facing camera is 10MP, The P40 Pro+ comes with 5 rear cameras.

The first is the Wide 50MP, the second is the Telescopic zoom 8MP, the third is the 8MP Telephoto.

The fourth is the 40MP Ultra Zoom and the fifth is the ToF sensor for depth. The front facing camera is 32MP.

There’s also another Depth camera, It is hard to judge the cameras based on the pixels count.

Let me now discus the still photos, Both devices provide excellent experience. The color profile on photos are different, and the reason being the different sensors on each device.

The Ultra Wide photo are better on the Note as they’re wider, It also shows better details. But the P40 Pro+ provides better night photos.

The Ultra offers 50x zoom, while the P40 Pro+ offers 100x zoom, The 100x zoom photos lack details, but the Note provides better 50x zoom photos.

Videos in day time are excellent on both devices and the results are kind of similar. The Ultra, though shoots videos with 120fps to go along with the 120Hz frequency screen.

The Note shoots 8K videos, while the P40 Pro+ only shoots 4K videos, It is true that 8K videos are very limited, but the Note does support it, which is how my compassions work.

The P40 Pro+ excels in slo-mo videos as it shoots videos with 7680fps. The Note only shoots 960fps slo-mo videos.

Who wins the point?🔥

Both devices are very similar, The Note excels in videos and zoom quality. The P40 Pro+ excels in night mode and Macro photos. It is a personal preference and I think that it is up to you decide which features you need the most.

The Pro Video mode and connecting and external mic on the Note could be great for content creators, Both devices offer a lot of features, and both deserve a point.

Let’s discuss the battery:

The Note comes with a 4500mAh battery, It supports 25w charging, 15w wireless charging and 4.5w reverse wireless charging.

The P40 Pro+ comes with a 4200mAh battery, It supports wired and wireless charging with 40w, It also supports reverse wireless charging with 27w.

Both devices support AI, which will help with enhancing the battery performance with time.

Don’t judge the batteries of these devices in the first 2 days of usage. Instead, judge them after a week or 2 of continuous usage. This will help the device and AI to provide with the best experience.

Who wins the point?🔥

The Note’s battery is bigger, But the fast charing capabilities on the P40 Pro+ makes a huge difference, I’ll give a point to the Note for its 4500mAh battery and another point to the P40 Pro+ for its fast charging capabilities.

What do you think about this? Leave a comment about your opinion. Connectivity 0026 Storage, The Ultra comes with a 256GB or 512GB of onboard storage, It supports an SD card and another SIM card, It also supports an eSIM.

The P40 Pro+ comes with 512GB of onboard storage, and it either supports another SIM card or a nano memory card.

Both support NFC and different payment methods such as Mada Pay and STC Pay.

Both also support 5G network, I used STC network to test both devices, and here are the results. Both devices support WiFi Calling and VoLTE, but you should check whether your provider support them or not.

Both devices can connect to a smart TV and change the UI to a semi-computer like experience.

You can connect both to a laptop and browse their content, But the Note’s Dex feature is honestly way better Huawei’s method, But connecting and sharing files and data between a Huawei laptop and smartphone is amazing.

This feature is called Huawei Share, Each company invest a lot in these features, Both devices come with great connectivity and storage options.

A point goes to each device, The competition is getting harder. Additional Features, Both are IP68 water and dust resistant.

Samsung and Huawei are advancing in creating an ecosystem between their different devices, such as laptops, headphones and smartwatches.

The Note offers the S Pen, which has dedicated shortcuts and gestures baked in the One UI 2.5, You can use it for copy-paste, GIFs, Note taking and many other features. It can also be used as a remote control.

The S Pen’s sensitivity has been hugely developed.

Who wins the point?🔥

If you don’t use the S Pen or its features, then a point goes to each device.

But if you are an S Pen user, then the point will go the Note, But this is a personal preference. Each device gets a point.

For the price, Who wins the point?

Logically, the point goes to the P40 Pro+, but will you sacrifice Google services for the lower price?

Or is the App Gallery enough for you?

We’ve reached the shocking truth now, Let me divide things up, If you care about Google services, then the Note will win this comparison.

The Note will be an excellent option with all its capabilities and Google Services support, But what what Google services are supported on the Huawei device? How would this comparison go?

I think the P40 Pro+ would have beaten most of the nowadays devices, The development of Huawei devices in the past few years was excellent.

🔥🔥🔥But in this comparison, the Note 20 Ultra wins 💥💥💥

Let me know your opinion in the comment section.😎🙈

Guys, see you en the next reviews.👍😈

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