The sixth generation of Apple Watch and the SE version 🙏

Blog 15: September 22, 2020 at 02:00 pm By OTTO

The sixth generation of Apple Watch and the SE version

In this Blog, I’ll discuss the differences between the Apple Watch series 6 and SE, and which one to choose.

Hello guys, the Apple Watch 2020 series 6 and SE have arrived, The unboxing experience is the very similar.

Just like the uboxing experience for the past few years, this year isn’t different.

You’ll then be met with two other boxes, One that contains the watch and the other contains the watch band.

Choosing one of these depends on what specs you prefer, It also depends on the body material you prefer, the size of the watch itself (40mm or 44mm) and the band.

This year, Apple has announced a number of new bands, Hopefully, I’ll review them on my social media accounts.

Let’s now discuss the official arrangement of the Apple Watch according to Apple.

Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 6.
The three watches are the main Apple Watches for this year, according to Apple’s website.

The Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 have been discontinued, But you could find them in some stores, But why does this happen?

Apple rearrange their products every time they announce new products.

They want there to be differences in tech and prices between their products to give users options.

Similar to other companies, where they announce entry-level and mid-range devices, Apple now follows the same method.

Let me now remind you of the specs and features of the new Apple Watches.

The new watches comes with the U1 Ultra Y band chip and S6 SoC, it also measures oxygen saturation and a brighter screen when exposed to direct light, The screen has better brightness than the Series 5.

Let me now remind you of the SE specs, The screen sizes are the same as the Series 6.

It comes with the S5 CPU and sensors, The SE version doesn’t come with a brighter screen, Oxygen saturation sensor and the CPU is last year’s.

There’s isn’t a significant change between the Series 5 and Series 6, If you have the Series 5 and are not interested in the Blood Oxygen sensor and the brighter screen.

Then you might not want to upgrade to the Series 6,The series 5 still receives updates and is very capable.

Let me remind Apple Watch owners with two important things:

The WatchOS 7 has been officially released, The new update brings new enhancements and features such as Family Setup.

Now you can pair more Apple Watches to your Watch profile on your iPhone.

This means that your family members will have an Apple Watch without having an iPhone.

If you open the Apple Watch app on iPhone, you’ll find ‘All Watches’ section, where you can add more members.

I’ll start the experiment now with the Series 6 to check whether it is useful for me or not.

Will there be an added value where I can benefit from in this new watch or not?

Hopefully, a new full review of the new Apple Watch is coming.

This Blog will be available 2 weeks at max from now, I’ve been thoroughly testing the Series 5 lately.

Will the Blood Oxygen sensor add a value to me or not?

We’ll find out in the full review blog.

See you later đź‘‹

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