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Ios 14 Review
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iOS 14 is officially available now, Backup your device and update it as the new OS comes with great features.

Let me start first with content management:

if you watching in Youtube app, There’s a cool gesture that you can do now, Follow each step I tell you in thisblog.

First, Press on any chanel youtube, and then copy link, Open Safari app.

Paste the link in Safari, Play the video and follow the steps I’ll tell you.

Make the video full size, iOS 14 comes with a great feature called PiP,

You can leave Safari and the video won’t stop, which will help you follow the steps I tell you about, It is such a great feature. What do you think about it?

This feature is supported on Safari app and Apple TV, It might later come to Youtube, where you won’t have to copy and paste the link in Safari.

Keep with me to know more details, Since I have more than one page, I can benefit from the App Library feature in iOS 14.

Press and hold in an empty place, Wiggle Mode will then activate. Press on the dots at the bottom of the screen.

A new pop up screen will show with pages that contains apps, You can change how your iPhone looks like to make it similar to Android devices.

I only have now one page, Ok, where did the other apps go?

The pages that contains apps are still there, but they’re hidden, which isn’t practical.

If you swipe left, you’ll go to the App Library, which is a new feature in iOS 14.

In App Library, apps are categorized accordingly, What’s great is that apps with a big icon can be easily opened.

If you press on the smaller icons, a new page will open that contains a number of other apps.

It is such a great feature, I expect AI helps in categorizing these apps,
This is the first cool gesture in iOS 14. You can only have one page on your phone.

You can even make more prettier, You can still add apps in a folder to make place for widgets.

Widgets are a piece of software that shows different information, You can also rename the folder to whatever you prefer.

Activate Wiggle Mode and then press on the + icon at the top, Once you press it, a new page that contains lots of widgets will appear.

Let’s choose the Weather widget for example, Let’s go with the square sized widget.

Since I always use the Weather app, I can add it to the home screen, You can also add it in different places on the screen.

Do you notice how many windows there are?

This is such a great feature. You can swipe between different widgets in one single widget.

You can also add different widgets to it, Let’s add the battery percentage widget to the home screen.

You can scroll down to the battery section and choose the widget, It’ll show me different sizes of battery widgets.

Let’s add it to the home screen. This widget will show the phone’s battery percentage.

If an AirPods and an Apple Watch are connected, the widget will show their battery percentage.

Let me add another widget, and you can get creative with it, You can add whatever you prefer wherever you want it.

With this feature, you can have a clean page with the most used apps and widgets.

If you want to search for a particular app, you can pull down and type the app you want and it’ll appear.

Searching for apps is also very easy, There’s another privacy feature.

If you open an app that use the camera, a green dot will appear on the top.

There are a green dot indicates that an app is using the camera.

Let me open the WhatsApp app, There’s no green dot, But once you want to add a story and the camera opens, the green dot will appear.

This is such a great feature for privacy, It shows the status of privacy in different apps, and it shows whether an app is using the camera or not.

There’s another great feature that I’ve been using on this device, Go to Settings, Accessibility, Touch, Back Tap.

There’s a list of commands that you can choose from, But what is 2 taps and 3 taps.

I adjusted the device where if I tap twice on the back of the device, the device will mute itself.

Two taps will mute and unmute the device, You don’t have to use the volume switch anymore.

If you tap three times, the device will take a screenshot, You can choose whatever command you prefer. It’s such a great feature that saves a lot of time.

While recording videos, you can choose the video resolution from the top of the camera app.

If you don’t want 4K videos, which are big files, you can choose 720p@30fps videos.

You can also choose between 30fps and 60fps, The size of videos will be reduced.

There’s a new native app called Translate, If you enable this app, you can choose from different languages.

You can type a text or dictate it, You can also listen to the translation.

This feature is also available in the Safari app. Let me tell you about something else.

You can also edit the control center. Go to Settings, Control Center, There are new buttons that you can add to the control center. You can also add all of them if you prefer.

To clarify, a long press will activate the app. This is Apple TV’s remote control.

Some buttons support 3D Touch to give you a pop-up screen with different settings, This feature will save you time.

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy these shortcuts. More features will be coming too.

I’ll explain them later, but this review is of the features that I think are great.

See you later.

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