Scams in selling the PlayStation 5!😱Huawei scenarios to return in 2021!🙊🔥🔥🔥

December 01-2020 at 00:30 am


PS5 scams are increasing! And what do you expect people receive instead of the consoles?
Huawei between two scenarios with the new US administration in 2021, Will they become the biggest phone manufacturer?

And of course, Samsung devices are soon to be released, especially that the Note series will be gone eventually.

Your cup coffee or Tea! are you ready?😈

Let me start it with the news I’ve mentioned in in the previous episode about S series replacing the Note series. New reports suggest that this is Samsung’s approach.

The implementation will start this year and next year will be the last year for the Note series. Samsung won’t release their new Note series in the second half of the next year. Samsung will have 3 main events next year.

The first one is the developers event, and usually Samsung don’t release devices in it. The rest of the events are: the first one will take place in January. And it is expected that Samsung will announce their S21 series, and I’ll discuss it later in this article.

The second event will take place in the second half of of the year and it is for the new Galaxy Fold 3, And it could also come with an S Pen support, They’ll also release their Note 21 series, That’s what is expected.

This year is the year where Samsung transition their flagships to the S series and the Fold series will replace the Note tiers. This means that Samsung will have two series; the S series and the Foldable series.

The S21 Ultra could also get S Pen support, This means that Note users will enjoy a capable device with a full screen and Note features in the S21 Ultra device. Somehow, there’s some logic in that. Flagships from Samsung disturb content creators.

They also disturb users as they’re not sure what device to get. S series users are confused when the Note series is released and Note series wonder whether their devices will get the new S features.

Let’s wait for 2021 as they’ll be significant changes, Such as the Latte Project, which I’ll discuss in this article, But it is expected that the S21 series will be released at the beginning of the year.

It is also expected that there will be three devices: regular S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra. The Ultra version is the premium version, and Samsung is intensifying its production. Because it is expected that Samsung will replace the Note series with this series.

The S Pen support would be the biggest difference if Samsung announces it. That’s how we’d know that the Note series is cancelled.

S21 series will come with two main feature. The device will come with 4 quarters. One of the rear cameras and the rest for the body of the device.

The design is different, isn’t it?

The second is the edges, Will the new device come with the regular shape of the edges just like older S devices or will it look like the new iPhone?

Unfortunately, this design could come with the upcoming S21 Ultra. Let’s wait and see. They’ll be announced very soon. The event will be in January. But when exactly? I expect that Samsung will announce the event in the middle of December.

Let’s discuss other ideas that might be coming next year. Samsung have published some of their innovations on their blog. They published three of their innovations.

One of these innovation is a double-folding device. We don »t get along with one fold, how could we get along with two folds?

There’s another design similar to LG’s. And another one for a tablet with a keyboard that folds and hides inside the body of the device. There are lots of concepts and designs.

Publishing a design on a blog doesn’t mean that this device is coming. It is just ideas that Samsung share with their fans on their blog.

This to let people know that not every design or concept is a device that will see the light.

It is not like this at all.🤨

iPhone 13 will come with the same iPhone 12 design. That’s what we’re used to from Apple. No matter how many concepts you watch, it doesn’t mean the these devices are coming.

Speaking of Apple, they’re expected to release a new AirPods Pro Lite.

First of all, the name is long and I don’t like it. The second thing, if that true, then it’ll be a lite version and will cost 199 USD.

AirPods, AirPods Pro Lite 0026 AirPods Pro And if true, then there will be three different headphones: AirPods, AirPods Pro Lite 0026 AirPods Pro.

The capabilities between these devices will be different, It wouldn’t be strange from Apple to release Lite version of their devices and SE versions. They’ve done it this year. And it is expected that this will continue in 2021.

They want to make more affordable devices to reach more users. This acquiring more market share. Latte Project is Microsoft’s project where they’ll allow Android apps to work on Windows OS.

Meaning that users can download these apps from the Microsoft Store. I mentioned this in the previous artilce and it is getting more serious.

Project Latte has become a reality. It is a reality now. Microsoft is after this huge partnership. If Microsoft and Android unite, the outcome will be amazing.

This partnership had appeared before and then disappeared. In 2013 or 14, Samsung released a laptop that runs Android and Windows OS. And users could run both systems at once.

And you could share files between both systems among many other features. It was actually an excellent idea.

I reviewed the device during event, and I was very excited for it, but later it was discontinued. Is this the time for such a project to come back?

Let’s wait and see.🙈

PS5 scams are increasing! Especially on Ebay and even worldwide.

Lots of fake sellers scam people by telling them that they sell PS5 devices and then scam them. Some users have received boxes filled with biscuits, papers and even empty boxes.

There are also boxes that included other things to scam users. But once these users open the box, they find bags of rice. We should be careful with this.

PS5 is coming and according to Sony, they’re doubling down the production. We also should consider that there are no exclusive titles currently available with the PS5.

The hype for new devices is good and we have it. But we should consider the availability first and not let scammers scam us.

We really should be careful as scamming cases are increasing.

Lastly, let’s discuss Huawei situation with the new US Administration:

These are the two scenarios that Huawei is facing, And here, I am discussing it from a tech perspective, not from a political lens.

The first scenario is: The US will have a good relations with China and corrects the mistakes in a positive manner. This could open a door for better trade deal between both countries and would give China the upper hand.

In this case, Huawei will be happy as Google services will come back for all Huawei devices. Their business will thrive worldwide in a crazy way.

They’ll also become the biggest phone manufacture by the end of the year. They have the quality, software, distribution, sales and everything else.

If this happens, this the US could lose its position as the most tech advanced country. China would have the upper hand as they have the population, worldwide distribution. So why couldn’t they be?

The second scenario is if the US president leaves the situation as it is with all the restrictions on Huawei.

Then we know that Huawei situation will be difficult, especially that lots of countries are following the US lead. But if the situation remains the same, then by the end of this year Huawei’s own OS will be matured and released with the Mate 50.

This means that they’ll have their own OS with full support to Huawei’s ecosystem. They’re also expected to announce their own e-mail services to be available worldwide with incentives, storages and so on.

But Huawei should market their App Gallery worldwide in a better way. They should focus on local apps even better than now. But my god!, they’re doing a great job with it.

They’ll event be bigger to become number 1 worldwide in 2021, And they’l become the biggest phone manufacturer by 2022, One of these scenarios will happen.

Huawei will become the biggest phone manufacturer in the world. Even if the restrictions aren’t lifted. They way I see it, they’ll keep growing.

Do you think this is logical and would happen in real life or not?

let me know how the technology will advance if there wasn’t Chinese devices in the market?

Not from a production perspective, but from the devices that Huawei offers.

See you in the next review 💪

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