🕷Mercedes GLE 63 AMG Coupe Modified with 944 hp❗ World’s strongest 🔥🔥🔥

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🕷 Hello to the great sound and backfire! AMG is aready fun to drive, but with a 900+hp modifications you double the fun! Welcome to a new review.

Everybody was amazed by this car! Today we will reveal the secrets of this GLE modifications. This GLE might be the most powerful GLE in the world! It has 944hp!

Let’s have some fun with it! But before that, bring your cup coffee and enjoy, So that they can be amazed by this beast! Now we start the action and the fun with this guided missile!

I believe it’s the fastest Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 Coupe 4MATIC, Very long name, Mercedes! But this car is very powerful!

We will start this review with a round of acceleration, The torque is unbelievable! You feel being pushed back to the seat. The exhaust is setting off all kinds of fireworks.

Let me tell you about this luxurious fast beast! The car is very powerful ! The speedometer is speaking! with great torque!

The car is so big but this doesn’t hold it from flying! It’s very fast! 💥

Driving Test

Modifications are not always about horsepower!

You might think that a 1000hp car is faster than a 800hp car a 800hp car is faster than a 600hp car, but This is wrong!

There is torque and power delivery, How much power is delivered from the engine to the wheels, This is a huge car so It doesn’t have an excellent aerodynamic design! But it was modified in a smart way to get the most possible horsepower, and it can race against any car \non a 400m dragstrip.

The car can take it easily! Let me tell you about the modifications made to this car:

This car has 944hp measured on engine, The engine of this car is stock! The original engine generates 585 hp, but in this car it generates 944hp.

The engine’s inner parts and heads are stock from Mercedes, A 5.5L V8 Biturbo.

There are 2 heads one on the right and one on the left, and 2 turbos, one for each head. The car has a modified exhaust and upgraded turbos.

Modifying the turbochargers ensures a constant high level of boost, The smaller stock turbos open at tow rpms, but at high rpms their boost drops.

Let’s say the boost was 20 psi, it starts decreasing when the rpm goes high, it drops from 20 to 15, This also drops the horsepower, because boost level is not stable.

This car has modified turbochargers to ensure a constant high level of boost, The boost of this GLE is 24 psi.

In the Dyno Graph, the horsepower curve goes up and continue this way, It does not drop! This is a great advantage.

To better understand how powerful this car is, It accelerates from 100 to 200 km/h in 5s, A wild missile!

The car has air-to-air intercooler, Turbochargers need intercoolers to cool down air before it enters the combustion chamber. In regular Mercedes cars they use Air-to-water intercoolers,

The air circle includes additional intercoolers that cool down air through water, Then, air goes to the combustion chamber. The guys here decided to be creative! Not any tuner can do this!

They used an Air-to Air intercooler just like Japanese cars, The intercooler is located in the front of the car so that it can be cooled down by air, and it goes directly to the intake and then to the combustion chamber. There is no water cooling, There are 2 methanol tanks in the back.

This ensures better cooling and improves combustion, in order to for the engine to generate maximum horsepower. Before we step on it, let’s talk about one of the most prominent Mopar products, for car care.

All these products are available! Check the dealer in your country!

I liked the fact that turbochargers open quickly, The turbochargers are modified they are not the largest ever, because they want a quick delivery of horsepower.

They don’t want any lag, The turbochargers open quickly. also thanks to the air-to-air intercooler which makes it even faster, So you feel this car is always ready to go.

You don’t need high rpm to get horsepower, Even at low rpm you feel the car’s power. The torque of this car is 1000Nm, Great numbers! For a great car!

🕷 My God! It’s amazing, The fuel injectors are stock!😍

The car was professionally modified, The engine oil cooler and transmission oil cooler were modified, They are very large!

So, even in hot weather oil temperature is always controlled, The air filters are modified by the professional tuner « Blackboost » Everything was calculated by the computer to provide the best airflow without mixing it with the hot air .

So the airflow was calculated scientifically, Many would ask: « Why didn’t you test the car’s launch control?

Frankly speaking, the car’s gearbox was modified with modified clutch plates to withstand the cars power. But the differential lock is stock and so are the front and rear axles .

The drive shaft is also stock! So with the car’s massive torque , giant wheels and its heavy weight, any mistake during laucnhing would result in a broken differential or gear.

That’s why we don’t want to risk it! We don’t want to ruin the car! We just want to have fun with the car and enjoy driving it.

The car’s size is so big but if you were setting here you wouldn’t believe it! The car acceleration is amazing! It’s a true sleeper! Except for the lightweight 20 rims that improve performance, The car interior was not modified.

Here we have the methanol system controller Snow Performance. The car was equipped with racing seats to reduce the weight of this giant bear, Very agile and fast bear!

All of the car’s features and options are fully functioning, Heated and cooled seats, AC, display, and adaptive cruise control! Everything is working! I believe this is great plus!

If you got in the car you’d feel something strange, A new gravity law!

I hope you enjoyed it!🙏😜

This car was modified at hamborg, A very famous tuner in germany for its professional work, They didn’t just get a new software for the car and that’s it! No! They did what they call Live Tuning.

The car was reprogrammed for real in a very complicated process, These guys are experts in this, I hope you enjoyed the blog!

🕷 See you soon guys and Take care!👋

The turbo sounds great in the front and the exhaust backfires!

HeroesCan i test this monster ❓🥴

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