🕷Mercedes C63 AMG 1, Generating 800hp! 😨😱🔥🔥 Secrets of the Monster engine…🕸🕸🕸

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🕷 How can you know that the car owner adores his car?

That there is a connection a magical bond between them, When you see Brabus logo on a Mercedes you better watch out!

We’re talking about speed and excellence!

Today’s car has Brabus logo, but it’s not a Brabus it’s even more powerful than Brabus cars, and this is the first C63 in the world, with this modification package, made of forged carbon fiber.

Excellence and action that you will like, Before we start this blog guys, with all the fun and action, bring your 2 cup Coffe because this blog is so long, interesting and powerful.

Let’s start the fun and the action!

Mercedes C63 AMG Eidtion 1, generating 800hp, Don’t forget to rate the car per 100%. Now we start our test drive with a round of acceleration of the 800hp car to have some fun! Hello there! The blow-off valve sounds great!

How can you know that the car owner adores his car, that there is a connection a magical bond between them, When he gives you the key, and tells you that you’re the first person to drive his car from the day he bought his car, May God !

A true German beast! Let’s talk about the magical formula of this car, which increased its horspower, before we talk about the exterior modifications.

The best and easiest way to increase the power of a turbocharged car is to upgrade turbos, Because the turbos used on the stock cars are usually small.

Some may wonder why! Automakers can build large turbochargers but why don’t they do it?

Mercedes C63 AMG 1, Generating 800hp! Modified!

They have their own formula. so that you can drive your car daily and avoid any turbo lag, with low emissions coming out of the exhaust.

Because when the turbo is small it generates a limited amount of air flow, But when you use a larger turbo air flow will increase, and exhaust emissions will increase.

The first thing made to this car is upgrading the turbos, The car has a Twin-turbo with hot inside V layout.

There are 2 of them bi-turbo, one for each head The boost of this car is 2 bar, In order for the engine to live longer. They replaced the rods and pistons so that they can withstand more horsepower and boost and to end the dispute. They equipped the car with Snow methanol kit, The methanol tank is in the back and the gauge is here!

The methanol cools down the engine when you step on the pedal. We know 2-bar boost is a great amount of air in the combustion chamber

Methanol cools down he combustion chamber and improves combustion and this is the magical formula! When you increase power to 800hp with a modified engine.

The gearbox needs to be modified to withstand this power, so clutch discs were replaced to withstand the increased torque and power.

Let’s step on it and have some fun! wooooow guys, Wonderful, i can not express it voice by writing in this blog guys 📣🙉

Fireworks are amazing!😍😍😍

The car has an FI gold exhaust system that was modified in full from the downpipe, from the turbo to the end of the car.

We can see Brabus logo on the exhaust tips and on the car’s front and rear end. So, people think it is a Brabus car While it’s more powerful than Brabus cars.

Now, we continue talking about this car’s modification:

Air filters are modified from BMC with carbon fiber box to insulate unwanted heat, and improve airflow going from air filters to turbo.

Carbon fiber is used heavily in the exterior and in the interior, Forged carbon fiber as we see on the steering wheel and in the interior, we see carbon fiber, A unique kind of carbon fiber, It has a unique look! I also loved the hood design! The same design of Corvette ZR1 hood.

where you can see the engine through the hood, Through this glass scoop you can see the turbos, the engine, and the airfilters. Which is really amazing! You can see the turbos from the scoop!

My God! The sound is amazing!

The modifications include a RENNtech blow-off valve, You can hear the blow-off valves.

What is this sound? 😍

This is an extra amount of air…,When the turbine spins it generates an extra amount of air, because they spin so fast.

This amount of air is released through the blow-off valve, Just like jumping rope! If you’re fast enough, you can rotate the rope twice in one jump, If you’re faster you can rotate it 3 times.

When you reach 4 it becomes complicated to do it 4 times in each jump. This is the purpose of the blow-off valve, to release this extra air.

so that it doesn’t affect the turbine spin and maintain the fastest spin possible, Extra air can affect the spinning of the turbine.

So, this blow-off valve gets rid of the extra air, to keep the turbocharger running smoothly delivering the same amount of air to the combustion chamber.

I hope I made it simple for you!

I didn’t know people can rotate the rope twice in one jump! Because your not athletic! Can’t you rotate the rope twice in one jump? I can do it! Many people can! Can’t you?!

There is a button hidden here… Sprint booster, New cars have drive-by-wire technology, The throttle pedal is controlled by computer formulas.

There is no mechanical linkage to control the throttle, Old cars had a throttle cable connected to the pedal to manually actuate the opening of the throttle plate, and let air into the motor In Drive-by-wire the ECU knows, when I press the pedal and opens the throttle plate.

Owner of turbocharged cars sometimes complain about turbo-lag, This is because drive-by-wire technology may take some time.

Despite the fact that ECU is much faster than manual control, But we’re talking about extreme sporty performance, So when you install this sprint booster.

It helps the ECU open the throttle plate earlier, so that the car becomes more responsive without any lag. The turbochargers are big When I step on it…

On first gear, the car feels a bit slobby, But on the second gear the car gets much faster, because the turbo sends a great amount of air Watch!

When the rpm raises, with the turbo and the engine formula, the car gets very fast. A great magical formula!

After they modified the car they upgraded the software and everything to match the 800hp with a special software for combustion.

As we can see the temperature is over 30°C to 40°C in Australia, and the car hasn’t overheated, because it was modified in a scientific way.

Traction Control is turned off and we’re driving on Race mode which offers the maximum power. Yet, the car isn’t spinning, That’s because the car has Toyo RR slick tires in the back.

These tires provide maximum traction, The benefit of slick tires is that they provide high grip. but the downside is that they don’t last for long, and with full slick tires, if there was any water on the street, the car may go tail-happy.

🕷 See you soon guys!

Nice modification bro…. i love Mercedes

Wow , nice car, hhhh hhhh hhhh

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