Latest Tech News: iPhone 14 leaks continue! Sony will answer Microsoft’s Game Pass with their own platform similar to Netflix but for gaming!🔥

14.12.2021 at 00:00 am

iPhone 14 leaks continue, and it looks like the device will come with a new design. And HUAWEI’s new innovation in the foldable market. But are these innovation enough to convince you to buy your next device from HUAWEI? And finally, Sony will answer Microsoft’s Game Pass with their own platform similar to Netflix but for gaming. 🔥🔥

Comment: Which is better, a Surface Go 2 or an iPad? 🤔

I receive this question a lot. It is a valid question. First of all, you should know what OS you prefer. Also, make sure that the app you need work on this OS. Also, it depends on your smartphone. If you have an Android device, the Surface device will offer more harmony. But if you have an iPhone, then the iPad offers better compatibility.

Having an iPad and and and iPhone makes it easier for users to share data and sync devices. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 took a huge portion of the foldable market recently. There’s also a lack of availability in the market as whenever a new patch arrives, it immediately sells out.

HUAWEI has a plan to compete in this market. New leaks surfaced about a clamshell HUAWEI device. HUAWEI will use a new folding mechanism with this device. Instead of using hinges like all other fold bales, HUAWEI will use heat-bending pipes.

This will allow for more space inside the device that HUAWEI can take advantage of to add other technologies. HUAWEI should know that the technologies we need in their devices are Google services. Hopefully, in the future, HUAWEI devices will support Google services, or at least in our region.

Comment: Are iPhones assembled in China not original? 🤔

All big companies depend on other manufacturers in other countries. But to ensure high quality, these companies offer industry standards for manufacturers. The production is then overseen by the company. These industry standards differ from a country to another.

This means that devices made in China, Vietnam or South Korea are original and meet the quality standards. There are devices that are meant to be for the US market, and others that are meant to be for the Saudi market. This means that there could be technological differences between these devices.

We’ve all been waiting for Google’s Foldable Pixel, but unfortunately, it got delayed. And now, we’ve got leaks about the upcoming Pixel Watch. The leaks shows that the watch will come with a circular screen that extended to the frame. The watch will run Wear OS.

We’ve also seen different watch bands with different colors like black, red, white and fluorescent. There aren’t more details, but we’ve now seen the design of the watch. The leaked photos come from an original video from Google, which means the launch of the watch is soon. It could be released along with the foldable Pixel. Sometimes, Google are a bit secretive. Now for a TikTok and Reels break. ✅

This is the HUAWEI GT 3. The box contains the watch, a charging cable and an instruction manual. I did a review . Let me know if I should compare it to the Apple Watch Series 7. 🤩

Jon Prosser releases new leaks about the iPhone 14. The new leaks suggest that the new devices won’t support 120Hz refresh rate. It is still very early to leaks a device that will be released in 9 months. According to him, there won’t be an iPhone 14 mini. Instead, there will be an iPhone 14 Max.

But for me, it is too early to say such things. New leaks also suggest that the new devices will come with a punch hole front facing camera. We’re not sure whether the Face ID sensors will be placed under the screen or not.

Is Apple going to ditch the Face ID? 🤔

We’re not sure! Will it come with an in-display fingerprint sensor like most other smartphones? We’re not sure! There are also leaks that the rear cameras will not protrude at all, instead, they’ll be flat with the device’s back. I am not sure whether these news are true.

There are also rumors that the main camera will be 48MP and will be capable of shooting 8K videos. The CPU will also be very powerful and built on 3 or 4nm architecture. It’s also said that Apple will adopt the USB-C port with the new iPhones as Europe is pushing towards it.

Jon Prosser was right a lot of times before about certain Apple devices. It was a bit negative that there was lots of leaks before. But recently, leaks specs isn’t considered leaks anymore.

I recently made a review to discuss 4 different devices such as HUAWEI smartwatches and headphones, cool printer and new affordable device from vivo. Don’t forget to read the review to find out more details about these devices.

Twitter users can now listen to Twitter Spaces that they missed, but how? Spaces’ host can now record the session. When the session is being reordered, participants will know that the Spaces is being recorded. And after the session ends, the Spaces host can tweet a link to the recorded session where anyone can listen to it. There were lots of interesting spaces before that many missed listening to them. And the reason for it is because recording a session was prohibited.

I think Twitter is a bit late to introduce this feature as Clubhouse has added it to their app. But at least it is finally here. This feature will enrich the Spaces experience. Other platforms introduced this feature before, but it was that successful because they’re not as popular as Twitter. When Twitter announced the feature, it was successful because Twitter is popular.

Comment: Even Google removed the charger from the box. All of these companies are stealing from us. 😡😡😡

This is a new approach from these companies. Not including a charger means that users have lots of choices to choose from. Some companies make devices that support 66W charging speeds but include a 30W charger in the box, which illogical. It’s still better to offer a slow charger in the box rather than not including one at all. But for users, it is a good thing to invest in a good charger.

I’ve been saying this, Twitter is Twitter. Facebook is the first product from Facebook Inc. Youtube was the first Youtube product. TikTok is the first TikTok product. It is expected that these platforms will have a few mistakes here and there every now and then.

Some users complain about these platforms and some of the decisions they take. These platforms are getting better with time. We’re the first generation to use these platforms. These platforms have developed over time. Twitter was a platform for short posts, but now it has become for videos, photos and audio.

YouTube was introduced for short videos, but now it has developed, while Shorts is being one of the features if offers. All platforms are getting better over time, which is great. Having problems with these platforms isn’t a problem as long as the company tries to fix them.

Sony will respond to Microsoft’s Game Pass platform. Game Pass is similar to Netflix but for games. You can enjoy these games as long as you have a subscription. Sony has a similar feature called PlayStation Now, which depends on broadcasting.

Most users didn’t like this feature. Leaks suggest that Sony’s upcoming service will be called Spartacus. I am not sure why they opted for this name. This new service will depend on your device. You can play PS2 games, but if you want to play PS3 games, you’ll have to pay extra money. Details will be available later. 😈 But hopefully, it’ll be unified similar to the Game Pass service. If so, this service will offer great capabilities.

Thank you, see you soon 😍✌

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Otto M Yassine

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