Review: Huawei Watch GT 3! Cons and Pros!

Review 261: 10.12.2021 at 08:00 pm

This new HUAWEI comes with 2 different sizes with great specs considering its price. Let me remind you that at the end of this review, I’ll discuss the pros and cons of this new HUAWEI smartwatch.

The watch comes with a classical circular design. The back is made from plastic, while the frame is made from stainless steel. It also comes with different bands and styles that you can choose from. It also comes with 2 sizes. The bigger one is 46mm, and it weighs 42.6g. The smaller one is 42mm, and it weighs 35g.

The weight doesn’t include the weight of the band. Each one of these different sizes have different names. The smaller 42mm version comes with a black color, and it is called GT 3 Active. The golden color is called Elegant. The black color of the 46mm is also called Active. The brown color is called Classic. The Classic version comes with a leather band.

The Watch GT 3 comes with 2 buttons, the first one is for the menu and comes with a spinning wheel for more control. The second button is for functions and can be customized from the settings. You can customize it be for heart rate measuring or to start exercises.

The screen AMOLED, and comes with 2 sizes. The first one is 1.43″ with 466×466 resolution. It also comes with 326ppi density. The smaller size is 1.32″ with the same resolution But it comes with a higher 353ppi density.

After experimenting with it, the screen offers great contrast and colors. The touch responsiveness is good. The watch can be connected to devices that run Harmony OS 2, Android and iOS. It can be paired using HUAWEI’s Health app. It connects using bluetooth, and it shows accurate measurement like heart rate, sleeping tracking and so on.

You should install HUAWEI’s Health app on your phone to pair it. Using the app, you can control, adjust and download new watch faces. You can change the style of the watch and match it with your clothes, for example. The watch supports Moon Phase watch face. This watch face will allow you know the shape of the moon all the time. It also shows the time of sunshine and sunset.

Using bluetooth, you can pair the watch to your smartphone and receive notification and phone calls on it. Using the app, you can also activate and deactivate the sensors. The watch supports sensors like the heart rate sensor, oxygen sensor and movement reminder sensor.

It also measures your skin’s temperature and stress levels. These sensors are important and useful. But you should know that if you enable all the sensors, it’ll affect the battery’s life. Even when all the sensors are turned on, the battery life is excellent compared to other competitors.

HUAWEI also offers a sensor that studies your psychological condition and whether you’re in a bad mood or not. It also comes with a number of sport sensors. These sensors will be useful while exercising. These exercises include running, biking, swimming, climbing among others.

The watch also tracks your sleep and offers suggestion to for better sleeping time. The watch supports 50M water resistant. This makes it ideal for swimming, diving and so on. But the case is different with salty water.

According to our experiments and what HUAWEI says, the battery lasts for a long time. For example, the GT 3 watch battery will last for a full week or 2 week with light usage. The watch also supports wireless charging, which is great. The watch also connects easily with other HUAWEI products with amazing harmony.

For example, the watch easily connects to the phone, while the phone easily connects to the computer in great harmony. HUAWEI’s ecosystem is similar to Apple’s ecosystem. When using the watch with a HUAWEI, the harmony will be at its best. The new GT 3 smartwatch from HUAWEI has a battery that lasts for at least a week, which is something Apple Watch doesn’t support.

The box include the watch itself, charging cable and an instruction manual. The price of the GT 3 Watch starts from 279 USD, for the 42mm version. The price increase depending on the size, material and bands you choose.

HUAWEI also offers gifts with pre-orders and extended warranty.


The Classical design of the watch is loved by watch enthusiast. The screen is excellent and clear. It comes with different sensors like the Spo2 and skin temperature sensor, which are great with this watch.


It doesn’t support an eSIM and NFC. It doesn’t support different payment methods like STC Pay.

Let me now sum up my experience with this watch:

HUAWEI GT 3 Watch is a great option and competitor, especially for the Apple Watch Series 7. Especially with the battery life. It comes with a bigger battery and more sensors like the Stress Level sensor and the skin temperature sensor.

Apple Watch supports an eSIM and Fall Detection sensors. And it also supports payment methods in our region. Both watches work excellent with their ecosystems. And they’re considered one of the best options in market for smartwatches.

Evaluate your needs and then make a purchase decision. Also, let me know what’s the best option for you when it comes to smart watches.

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine