iPhones are being stolen in Spain’s Amazon! 😂 Rollable phones from Oppo!🤔

November 23-2020, at 05:00 pm


iPhones are being stolen in Spain’s Amazon! And foldable phones are being followed by Rollable phones from Oppo!

And it is hard for Samsung to do it, but they could cancel the Note series soon!

Hello guys, Your cup coffee and Let’s start.😈

First thing, let me start with Samsung and their probability to announce a Lite version of the Z Flip,This device could be announced soon.

Samsung’s focus on making Lite versions of their device is something really great! This means that these devices will be available for more users.

These devices would come in a Lite version, but with foldable screens with an affordable price. There’s a rumor circulating in the Korean media suggesting that Samsung will cancel the Note series in 2021.

According to these rumors, Note 21 could be discontinued and that Samsung has been thinking about this for a while.

But why are they thinking of this step?

The reason being that Samsung has a powerful S series with excellent hardware. So, why wouldn’t they include an S Pen in the Ultra version of the S series?

Thus, there’s no reason for the Note series. If this rumor is true, then the upcoming S21 Ultra will come with an S Pen.

Samsung will then rearrange the devices they produce. There will also be devices like the Fold 3 and Z Flip Lite. The S21 series will include the S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra.

There won’t be a Note series anymore. If true, what do you think about it? would it be a successful step from Samsung?

Voice your opinion in the comment section. We’ve all seen the iPhone 12 mini compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. There’s a huge difference between a device with a 6.7 screen and a device with a 5.4\ » screen.

Let me confirm that the hardware of the iPhone 12 Mini, is the same as in the iPhone 12. You can choose between the 5 colors, smaller screen and smaller battery with the iPhone 12 mini.

With the iPhone 12 mini, Apple has done something they’ve never done in years. The smallest body size with the biggest possible screen.

We haven’t seen this before. Do you expect this device will succeed or not?

Voice your opinions in the comment section. One of the best news I’ve heard this week is the selling of Honor company. Huawei didn’t lose it, rather, they sold it.

This will bring us something totally new. Honor company was bought by a company called Chenzengen o something like that. This company has bought more than 98% of Honor’s shares.

They’ve become the new owner of Honor in China. This could open a big opportunity for Honor devices, which are basically part of Huawei devices. This could mean that the company’s devices could support Google services again.

When the process is finalized, Honor will have a new, owner with a new future. They could appeal to Google and the US government to left the ban on them.

Meaning that their devices could receive Android 11 updates. Google services might gradually be sent to Honor users. If this is true, and I don’t confirm it, then it’s probably a good idea to buy Honor devices now considering the sales now.

But I don’t confirm this at all, You can also read our article of Honor’s new device the Honor 10X Lite.

It is something great to see Huawei technologies in Honor devices. It is also great to see Honor devices in the market supporting Google services.

Oppo have released a concept of their new Oppo X 2021 device with a Rollable display. The concept of this device is very promising. The screen of the device can expend

It is very similar to the idea of a rollable door. This device can be used normally with a normal screen, and once the screen is open it becomes a phablet. This concept is very beautiful. The device will be released soon if Oppo actually could finalize the design.

If they do finalize it, then they’ll beat LG with this design. Still, for me, competition is always great. The more such companies are involved in such technologies, the more these technologies will become popular. And the more users will use this kind of technology.

These technologies will be introduced in a scientific and mature way. These devices will not remain concepts, such as what happened with the concepts of foldable phones before. These technologies will become better for all users and more popular.

By the way, Apple is working on a foldable iPhone, and I’ll discuss it in this episode, 5G is now available worldwide. China is the pioneer of this technology as Huawei have invested a lot in it in the past ten years.

Since the early days of this technology 10 years ago, Huawei was the pioneer in it, along with other international companies, who also started working on this technology.

But when the technology was mature, Huawei was leading the industry. The reason because they own most of the technologies and patents in it.

This means that Huawei has the upper hand with this technology worldwide. This won’t be the same in the future as Apple and Google have cooperated together, This alliance between them and other companies is to start woking on 6G technologies.

Historically, 5G is the latest technology, and with more updates we will be better, But now, a new door has opened for another competitor other than China and their monopoly in 5G.

This could actually happen.😎

Don’t forget both of these companies are ones of the biggest US tech companies, and they’ve cooperated together for 6G.

This means that there will be crazy technologies available with 6G, 6G speeds will be between 100 to 400 times faster than 5G, If things go as planned, 6G will be very capable, but this time, US will be leading the technology.

Hopefully, 6G technology will be good, But don’t be in rush. We’ve still got 10 years ahead of us.

This is Amazon’s biggest theft in Spain, where a number of employees stole iPhones valued more than half a million of euros. With the investigations taking place, the employees’ tricks to steal them are known.

Before the final process of packaging the iPones, these employees would steal them. These iPhones didn’t reach the original owners since they’re not in the package already. These employees were able to steal a huge number of iPhones. They’ve made a lot of profit out of this method.

Why did you steal iPhones in specific?

Don’t you watch the news? Don’t you know that Apple can know who and when these iPhones were stolen? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

These iPhones were supposed to go to their original owners, but they went to someone else. These employees are being investigated in Spain now. I’ll make a article s a legal advisor about the consequences of this theft later.

In an incentive method, Apple has created a new plan for developers. The plan is that 15% of the profit of apps goes to Apple instead of 30%.

But wait, there are more details to follow. If the income of developed is more than 1 million USD then Apple will take 30%.

But if the income is less than 1 million USD, then Apple will only take 15%. Developers will benefit from this plan, as Apple will only take 15% of their profit.

the income of developers is more than 1 million USD, then Apple will take 30%. And it if less than 1 million USD, then Apple will only take 15%.

If it increases to 1 million USD, then Apple will take 30%. In this way, Apple will help small and medium companies with income less than 1 million USD.

I expect that most of the famous and big apps have way more income that that. Those who will benefit from Apple’s new plan are few.

Still, this is Apple’s new plan, and I expect that more companies will follow their steps. Before I continue with Apple news, have you heard about Twitter’s new feature Fleets? It is available worldwide.

It is similar to Snapchat’s, Facebook’s, Instagram’s, WhatsApp’s Stories feature. It is a new platform with a Stories feature.

It is a bit difficult now for content creators if they accounts on more than one platform. I have a Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat accounts among many other platforms.


We also publish content on LinkedIn, TikTok and Telegram. What should I do? I spend my whole day making…….

But on the contrary, I post content and news, And we don’t deny that if a platform brings new features, and they these features are adopted by users, or users don’t adopt it and the platform removes it after a while.

But why do I say this?

Because realistically, Twitter’s Audio tweets wasn’t very popular. It tried it and it was well adopted by users, but we didn’t notice international adoption with it.

I say, these features are great if they are adopted by users. In the past, Twitter was only for text tweets. They later added photos and videos to it.

Not only these photos and videos were adopted well by users but also there were ads on this videos. Do you expect that Fleets will be adopted by users?

Voice your opinion in the comment section guys.😊

Let me go back to Apple news and the shocking numbers , the M1 CPU has scored. In their latest event, Apple announced 3 new devices. These devices are the MacBook Pro 13, Mac mini and MacBook Air. These 3 devices come with the same M1 CPU.

This CPU comes with lots of technological features such as a cooling system and better memory and accessibility. Each one of these devices serves a category. But the numbers scored by these CPUs are crazy. It is very shocking.

In iPhones, Apple designed the software and hardware. That’s why the performance of iPhones is excellent. It ways scores higher numbers in BenchMark tests compared to Android devices.

The same thing applies to the new M1 CPUs. The numbers scored by it proves its worth. Mark Reviera said that he never used a MacBook Air\nbefore in video editing.

But this time, he used a full-sized video rendered on \na MacBook Air, and that the performance was way better. Apple’s upcoming devices will be strange, If this step is proven to be successful, other companies will follow Apple’s footprints. 😅😅😅

Especially Microsoft. I know that Microsoft uses ARM CPUs in the devices, but Apple’s CPU is better.

Ads started to appear on iOS devices, What’s strange is that I’ve stated to see these ads long time ago! The idea is that ads are coming, but I think ads about Apple services are accepted.

But they should not be about the companies. This would bring a new profit source for Apple by showing ads on their devices.

it happens, it won’t be normal, and I honestly don’t think it’ll happen.

If it happens, then I don’t think it’d be a successful step from them. Why would I buy a device that costs thousands of US DOLLAR only to see ads on it? For example LG TVs.

LG TVs such as the GX, CX Nano 79 show ads using their WebOS. And you have to enable AdBlocking feature to stop these ads.

Why would I buy an expensive TV that shows me ads?

This is not idea! What do you think?

And now, with the last news in this article guys about Apple’s patents of their upcoming folding iPhone, This foldable iPhone could see the light in 2022.

Out of these concepts shown on the screen, which one do you think Apple will adopt?

Of course it not confirmed yet. What you should consider is that there’s a number of foldable devices in the market right now. Apple has the opportunity to study the market and know which design is better adopted by users.

So, when they release this device in 2022 they’ll be successful in bringing what users have already adopted 3 years ago. Apple isn’t the pioneer in this technology at all.

Foldable screen technologies are adopted by many companies now. There are companies like Samsung, Huawei, Oppo and Vivo who have used this technology before.

These companies invested in these screen, some continue to invest and others stopped investing in it. Apple will release their upcoming foldable iPhone in 2022.

But the question is: How much will this device cost? 🙈

The price of the iPhone 12 Pro Max exceeds 1600 USD! How much do you expect a foldable phone from Apple will cost? 😅😅😅

See you guys in the next reviews.😈

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