HUAWEI’s MateBook 14s laptop ❗ Cons and Bros ❗🤡

Review 280: 01.01.2022 at 00:30 am

Let me now discuss HUAWEI’s MateBook 14s laptop. I’ll discuss the pros and cons of this device. This device is the bigger version of the MateBook 14S, which I reviewed in another article. To read the previous review, check it here on OTTO magazine guys.

The size of the device is nearly the size of the standard A4 paper. The thickness of the device is 16.7mm, and it weighs 1.43kg. The screen size is 14.2 LCD. The screen to body ratio is 90%. The screen’s resolution is 2.5K, and it supports 90Hz refresh rate and touch input.

The screen offers a very good performance and supports different technologies like protecting eyes using the blue filter. The device comes with Intel’s i7-11370H CPU from the 11th gen. This CPU comes with 4 cores, 8 threads and 3.3Ghz frequency.

Using the Turbo Boost technology, it reaches up to 4.8Ghz. The RAM is 16GB, and the storage is SSD 512GB. The device runs Windows 10 and is upgradable to Windows 11. Like other HUAWEI products, this laptop supports HUAWEI Share, which allows you to connect different HUAWEI products to it.

This feature allows you to transfer files and data from/to the laptop easily. I discussed this feature in details in another review guys, so Check this link for more details about it.

The speakers of the device are excellent with support to the HAUWEI Sound technology. The system comes with 4 speakers that offer very good audio experience.

The bass is normal. The battery lasts up to 13 hours, and supports fast charging with 90W. It charges from 0% to 45% in 30 minutes using the charger that comes in the box.


The build material is excellent, the device is practical with great performance, and the price is medium. The price of the device is 1730 USD. With this price, I wished the camera and speakers’ performance were better.

See you later Guys and Happy New Year 2022 😍

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