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Hello guys, this is audio is just amazing.😉

Let’s get to know Huawei’s new audio monster Sound X.

Huawei have co-operated with a French company to bring us this new monster speaker.

The speaker comes with great features, but there are also some flaws.

The audio is one the best features of this speaker as you can see it and listen to it!

Let me fist tell you who is Devialet company, It is a French company that is known to innovate in the audio technologies.

Huawei have cooperated with them in engineering this Sound X speaker.

Sound X speaker is supposed to give you a 360 degrees audio with excellent audio quality.👏👏👏

This speaker can work with any device.

With certain devices, this speaker shows its full potential, but you can use as a speaker with all devices.

Let’s start discussing this speaker, This speaker competes with other home speakers like Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s HomePod and Microsoft’s Invoke.

Once you open the box, you’ll be met with a cloth pouch to protect it, The design of this speaker is actually crazy.

There’s also a cleaning cloth as the speaker is a bit shiny, There’s also an adapter, cables and an instruction manual.

The design of this speaker is very familiar, especially that all competitors have the same design.

The upper two thirds are made from shiny plastic, There’s also a top touch buttons to control sound with RGB lights.

These RGB lights light up when you receive notifications, When the audio is paused, it shows a red color.

When you connect to it, the color becomes orange and so on, It supports a technology called SAM (speaker Active Match).😉

With this technology, the sound will feel as it’s real, It feels as if you’ll listen to the audio as if you’re there in the source.

It also supports a technology called Push Push to give you another dimension to the audio.

One speaker would be enough, but for my craziness I need two, Each speaker produces 360 degrees audio.

The device comes with 6 speakers inside along with 2 woofers placed on the right and left sides.

Seeing the woofers on the sides gives this speaker a unique look for audio with intense bass.

Each speaker weighs 3.5kg, and it could provide from 40Hz up to 40Khz.

According to Huawei’s website, it could reach up to 48Khz maximum, The speaker comes with the MediaTek 8518 CPU.

The RAM is 512MB and the onboard storage is 8GB, It supports bluetooth 5, dual band WiFi and Huawei Share feature.

If you have a Huawei phone or laptop that supports this feature, you can easily connect to the speaker.

It also supports OneTap Audio Sharing feature, Huawei brings great features to this speaker.

They also com in two colors: this beautiful black and white, The white color speaker looks similar to Devialet speakers.

The white color isn’t available in our region, but the black color is really beautiful on this speaker.

When Huawei designed it, they wanted to compete with Apple’s HomePod and Samsung speakers.

But unfortunately, Google services such as Google Assistant and Google apps are not officially available on this speaker.

This has limited Huawei’s competition, But when it comes with technology and engineering, Huawei is doing a great job.

No one can deny this, The speaker doesn’t support Google assistant.
But no one needs it, It’s not important.

However, this makes Huawei’s ecosystem a bit incomplete, The audio is what matters.

They want people to enjoy the audio produced by this speaker engineered by Huawei and Devialet.

You can connect it to your smart TV if it support bluetooth, You can also connect two speakers together using your phone.

There are ways to implement this feature, My audio does sound good on this speaker.

Even when I listen to my videos, I can hear my voice and see it.

Let me try test the decibels of this speaker, According to Huawei, it reaches up to 93 decibels.

Let me use two speakers in this experiment. This device will let me know the decibels score of these speakers, The score is 114.

y the way, if you place the speaker in the right place, you’ll get the best audio experience.

The Chinese version is supposed to use AI to better the audio.

Do you need to have 2 speakers? For me, I need 10 of these.🤗

The idea is, if you get two speakers, you should place them in the right places.

This will give you the maximum benefit, for people who love audio quality.

You should consider that this speaker doesn’t come with an AUX port.

You’ll have to depend on your Android and iOS devices to connect to it using bluetooth.

You can also connect it to your smart home appliances.

The audio is just amazing. 😍

Don’t buy it unless you listen to the audio it produces.

When you listen to the audio you’ll realize that it actually rationalize the price.💯

The affects of not supporting Google services on this speaker are very limited.

The but over-all experience of Huawei ecosystem will be affected if you’re a Google services user.

These services are not yet officially supported on most Huawei devices, which is bothersome.

Hopefully, competition will be back again, This is the end of this blog.👽

See you later.🥳

Check how great Huawei are with technology.😊

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