Huawei❗️ This is my story with Huawei, especially P❗️😍

17.07.2023 by OTTO Magazin

This is the New P60 God bless😍😍, What a stunning camera! 😍😍

« What was your first impressions on the HUAWEI P Series?? » 🤔

First time I laid my hands on the P9 was in 2016. And I decided to create a challenging review. In that time most smartphones had one camera. But the P9 had 2. At that time, it occurred to me that this brand will take the market. This is the P9. For sure, until this time, I still have this device. And this picture I had shot with the P9. Colors were very clear and rich and had proved the efficiency of the 2 cameras in a smartphone.

« Which phone sets Huawei apart from the rest lot?? » 🤔

After that, the P20 Series came. Oh God, I remember when it was first revealed to me in a private meeting with Huawei. The build of the device was quite interesting and unique. That smartphone was the first to launch the Night Mode shooting which was in the P Series. And it was possible to take night shots that include excellent details. Our imagination went far away with the capabilities the smartphones started to achieve in that time Look at the color, after all these years, it’s still distinguished. In that time, Huawei managed to establish its very unique branding positioning among tech companies as a smart devices company. It was clear in that time their sensational designs.

« What stung you the most? »

Huawei showed me the moon shooting with the P30 Pro😍. Yes, the moon. Something impossible in that time.🫨 This is a sample of moon shooting from the P30 Pro. Huawei carried on innovating in smartphone and smart devices industry. And it challenged everyone else. And for sure the result is that we as consumers will benefit the most. Huawei’s camera capabilities were unquestionable. They had their own technologies and their own designs. Then the P50 came. You can tell that Huawei’s technologies in smartphone photography are getting better and more mature. Colors are getting more and more close to real life. We shall not forget that Huawei was the first mobile brand to hold an official regional launch event here in KSA.

« What do you expect to come? » 😊

Honestly speaking, I don’t know. But I know that Huawei doesn’t disappoint in its announcements. This is the New P60? God bless. What a stunning camera! Look at details,

it’s extremely touching. For sure I want to do more test with the P60.

« What does HUAWEI mean to you? » 🤑

Huawei is a flagship company, it had provided much to the market and still doing so. HUAWEI means innovation. Huawei means competition between companies. Huawei will carry on in providing more to the market.

And for sure, you, what do you think of Huawei?

To me, I hope that you share with me the same excitement in experiencing the P60 Series😍😍😍.

See you later my friends 😍😍😍

Written by,

Otto M Yassine

Content Editor, OTTO Magazine Manager.

WhatsApp: +212663069516

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