Guys 😈! What is the difference between the Hertz and FPS? 🙊

Blog 44: November 24-2020, at 06:30 pm


Let me simply explain it fro you, but bring your coffee as always and focus with me:😈

Lots of users want to know the difference between: Hertz and FPS (Frames Per Second), I always mention these terms in technology, PS5, Xbox devices.

It is also mentioned in smartphones and computer monitors, What is the difference between these terms?

Frames Per Second, FPS is Frames Per Second, The more the frames (images), the more beautiful it will become.

Where as Hertz is how many times the screen refreshes itself in a second, The screen shows images, but how many times should this image appear on the screen per second?

If we say 60 Hertz, it means that the picture will, be shown 60 times in a second, It gets refreshed 60 times per second.

If the PS5 supports 120fps, and the screen only supports 60Hz, What will happen, then?

The screen won’t be able to keep up with the number of frames and one of two things will happen:

Either the PS will lower the number of frames to 60fps to be compatible with the 60Hz so that you can see a beautiful picture, But if the computer itself supports 200fps while the screen only supports 60Hz.

Frame Cropping or Frame Break There will happen something called Frame Cropping or Frame Break. So, if you pause, you’ll see a distorted picture.

So far so good?

There isn’t harmony between the image from the computer and the image shown on the screen. Computers are capable of providing a high number of FPS.

The reason being because they have powerful and modern GPUs inside them. Game developers decide how many FPS should be supported. They can lower or increase the number.

Lets now discuss PS5:😈

The box says that it supports 4K@120fps, This means that this device is capable of running 4K content with up to 120fps. But not all games support this feature. Game developers make the choice.

They decided whether the fps should be 120fps, 100fps or even 60fps.

Let me now discuss will happens when you play a PS5 game, If your screen and device support 120fps, then you’ll benefit from this feature.

You first should make sure whether the game supports higher frames per second or not! If the screen supports, then you’ll be okay.

But if the screen doesn’t support it, then the Hertz number in the screen will be adjusted.

This will happen automatically to get a better image, But will these make a big difference for you?

Honestly, it makes a big difference to those who care about such a feature. But there won’t be any difference with normal games.

It is illogical to require higher frame rates in a Mario game, But if you’re playing a FPS (First-person Shooter) games, then there will. be a big difference.

Because in such games, a second makes a huge difference as you have to make very quick decisions, But if these games aren’t demanding, then there will not be any difference.

Do PS5 and Xbox devices lie about the FPS count?

No, they don’t lie.😍

These devices have a GPU inside them similar to computers. These GPUs provide maximum performance. Developers and content itself should support it first.

PS and Xbox devices receive frequent software updates to enable reaching to the higher fps.

Psd device and computers have nothing to do with Hertz count. Instead, monitors are judged with Hertz count. Gaming devices are judged with FPS.

Smartphones with 90Hz screens show content that refreshes 90 times per second. The content will be very beautiful, especially in supported games and content.

Hopefully, I explained it for you! 😅 Share this article with others.💪

See you in the next review…🙋‍♂️🔥

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