🕷Chevrolet Camaro SS 2020 Modified 🔥🔥🔥🕸

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🕷 Just one minute! Today we’ll have fun! 😍 American cars fans pay attention to this review, You’ll be shocked! I guarantee it!

Hello guys! We all know that the easiest way to increase the power of a car is to install a charge, A Supercharger, a turbocharger, or a ProCharger, But this car will change your idea about car modifications, It’s extraordinary!

This car has a magical formula that will shock you, It’s a supercar Whether German or American cars!

This beast! Camaro SS: 🕸🕸

The exterior looks ordinary except for the wheels and the Mickey Thompson slicks to hold this beast!

Let’s start! Let’s go guys! 💪

So now, we’ll be talking to each other! A fully modified Camaro SS! What do SS stand for? Super Sport! It was a lucky guess!

This car draws a smile on your face and brings joy to your heart! This car has an indescribable magical formula!

We know that if you want to modify a Camaro you should take the supercharged ZL1? Or you can add a turbocharger, forced induction.

A large amount of air is forced (into the engine) To improve acceleration, This is a naturally aspirated car it does not have a supercharger nor a turbocharger Naturally aspirated!

Then, I will tell you where the horsepower came from!

The car is not going straight forward! Any mistake and you’re gone! May God protect us all! This car is wild! It’s possessed! The car is a Chevrolet Camaro SS, It’s originally equipped with a 6.2L engine, which include a modified crankshaft, pistons, and rods.

This engine is not a 5.3 L nor a 6.2 L It’s a 7.0L engine, Which means it has giant combustion chambers that can take extraordinary amount of air.

The 7.0 L engine and the 10-speed transmission are working in harmony, It’s a crazy car! The crankshaft, pistons, and rods are all modified! The cylinder head and the head gasket are also modified, They were CNC machined.

This machine is advanced and it’s very expensive! Not all garages have it

They used CNC machine to guarantee that the head is perfectly machined, Because this engine is dead serious! It cost a fortune!

The gasket is fitted firmly to the cylinder head on top of the engine, With modified cylinder head bolts to withstand the excessive pressure.

Before they installed the modified crankshaft from the stroker kit, they used a professional machine to hone the engine block. They created a magical formula and reassembled the engine, This 7.0 L engine is so powerful, The camshaft is top secret.

A custom camshaft for racing! The valves, the springs, everything! Every part in the cylinder head was modified, This car’s secret is a 5.3 L engine that was turned into a 7.0 L.

🕷 Why didn’t they install a stroker kit for the 6.2 L engine?

There is a huge difference in the price of the 6.2 L engine and the 5.3 L engine, The 5.3 L engine is about 1 third the price of the 6.2 L engine.

To round up the magical formula the car was equipped with a modified MSD intake, and a large modified throttle in order to provide enough air to the combustion chamber.

Everything was modified from outside, The spark plugs are modified.

The fuel injectors are modified, They inject a great amount of fuel! The fuel injectors are borrowed from Corvette Z06, One of the magical tricks used in this car is that it uses ethanol fuel, Not methanol, ethanol!

Methanol has an exterior tank and it is injected in the combustion chamber, Ethanol is modified fuel with octane rating of 105. It improves combustion and cools down the combustion chamber and resists « knocking ».

Especially that it’s a naturally aspirated engine, The engine works just fine when you accelerate, The modifications include a Flex Fuel Kit. Which enables you to use race fuel, ethanol fuel, or regular pump fuel.

The system has a sensor to measure the level of combustion and can tell if the car is fueled with regular or high-octane fuel. This way it keeps you at the safe side and you don’t risk blowing up the engine.

To round up the modifications…The car’s wheels spin aggressively The axles were modified to take this spinning.

The driveshaft, which transfers power from the transmission to the rear differential is a one-piece carbon fiber drive shaft. The accelerator is very responsive and at the same time you don’t care about the wheels spinning.

To further improve the car’s performance, The car was equipped with modified sway bars in the front and in the back, The ball joints were all modified, so that they can withstand the spinning as you can see!

The camshaft needs high rpm to reach its sweet spot, it needs high rpm! You need to know how to drive the car! It’s a wild car for sure!

🕷 Guys Where is your cup Coffee? 😒

To improve acceleration, performance and grip the car was equipped with modified Weld wheels, Weld is a manufacturer of light-weight, high-performance wheels and this improves acceleration.

The front wheel is 4.5 wide, It looks so small! The rear 15 wheels are 10 wide, Giant wheels! Mickey Thompson semi-slick tires improve traction drastically.

Let’s take a round of acceleration and check the traction these tires provide! All of the700hp are instantly delivered.

There is no turbo-lag no supercharger that loses boost at high rpm.

None of the heat problems that you face with turbo, supercharged and ProCharged cars.

In this car, power is instantly delivered regardless of the RPM of the engine.

The 10 speed gearbox is doing a great job! The front brake calliper, discs and pads are all modified, and so are the rear bake callipers, discs and pads. The car has the full package! A great magical formula! Great power, traction, and brakes!

There are no modifications in the interior except Recaro bucket seats, to help secure the driver and front passenger in place especially in a powerful car like this.

The seats hold you! All the options in the car are fully working and it has a fully modified Bullet exhaust but the catback is stock to keep it a sleeper! But if you stand behind it, you will enjoy listening to the camshaft talking to himself, The car talks to you.

We reached the end of our bloug guys, today I hope you enjoyed it!😜

🕷 See you soon…👋

Strong Car, and nice modificacion…

I enjoyed with this review bro… 🦾

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