Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo GX550 Review đź’Ą

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Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo GX550 Review

Two screens in a laptop and a RTX 2080 Super card, in addition to other powerful capabilities!

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This is one of the most beautiful pro laptops, Approximately, 6000 USD.

This device comes with the RTX 2080 Super GPU with Max Q architecture, I’ve started this blog with the specs to show you how powerful the device is.

Let me introduce you to the Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo GX550.

This is the Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo GX550, It is a gaming laptop, and it comes with dual screens.

It comes with the RTX 2080 Super GPU with Max Q architecture from Nvidia, which is known to provide high gaming performance on thin and light laptops.

The laptop supports different technologies such as Ray Tracing for better and more realistic shadows and light.

It also supports DLSS 2.0 AI technology, This technology provides better frames and higher smoothness in gaming.

The laptop is made from aluminu, There’s an ROG (republic of gaming) logo on the back of the laptop.

The device comes with a screen that occupies most of the front with an additional screen above the keyboard.

Once the lid is open, the second screen raises up to give you better glanceability while using it.

The implementation of this screen is better than the first version.

The device weighs 2.4kg, which is a good weight considering the specs of the device.

The device comes with the Active Aerodynamic cooling system, This system will provide better cooling for the device as it lets air through the fans that are under the secondary screen.

This system is 30% better and minimizes fan noises.

Not only that, but also the device comes with Liquid Metal to help cooling off the laptop.

According to Asus, this liquid is 14% better in reducing heat compared to the usual liquid metal.

The keyboard is Per Key with RGB support with different RGB modes.
There’s also a vertical touchpad besides the keyboard.

The touchpad supports NumPad with LED lighting, The device comes with a 15.6\ non-reflective 4K screen with 3840Ă—2160 resolution with 60Hz refresh rate.

It supports Adobe RBG with 100%, It is also compatible with the G-Sync technology from Nvidia.

This technology helps in reducing lag while gaming, The second screen is called ROG ScreenPad Plus with touch input support.

The screen size is 14.1\ Â» with 2840Ă—1100 resolution, The screen supports different specs and features.

It could be an extension to the main screen and even open different apps on it.

You can also split to three parts, The screen supports touch input using an app called HandWriting.

It also provide suggestions to what you’re wiring, It supports Quick Key app, which offers pre-installed shortcuts such as copy and paste.

You can also download different apps to the screen from the My Asus store.

It is clear that the upcoming Asus laptops with such screens will be more developed.

The laptop comes with the Intel 10980HK CPU, The CPU comes with 8 cores and 16 threads.

The CPU frequency is 2.40GHz and it reaches up to 5.30GHz with the Turbo Boost technology.

The RAM is 32GB DDR4 with 3200MHz frequency, The onboard storage is 1TB NVME M.2 and another 1TB SSD Raid 0.

In Geekbench 5, the CPU scored 1248 points for the single core and 8262 points for multicores.

Here’s where the CPU performance is ranked among other competitors.

In 3DMark Time spy Test, the GPU scored 7173 points.

Here’s where the GPU performance is ranked among other competitors.

In Battlefield 5, the device scored between 76 and 91fps with the Ultra settings.

In Apex Legends, the device scored between 116 to 145fps with the High settings.

In Fortnite, the device scored between 112 to 137fps, and the resolution was 1080 (high).

Let me remind you that the frame numbers vary from a game to another depending on different circumstances.

The GPU card works well with ESPORTS games, especially if you prefer games with higher than 60fps.

You can also enjoy higher frames if you connect the device to an external screen with high refresh rate.

The device runs Windows 10 Home Edition, and it supports Armory Crate app.

The app supports different features such as knowing the status of the device and different modes.

The device supports Hi Res Audio technology, It also comes with 2x 4w speakers.

After experimenting with it, the speakers provide clear audio with good bass.

By the way, the laptops come with the Sonic Master 3 app.

The app offers pre-installed audio modes, such as Gaming mode, Film mode and others.

This app will enhance the audio quality of the content you’re watching or playing.

The laptop supports bluetooth 5 and WiFi 6.

But you should first have a router that supports WiFi 6.

The laptop comes with 2x USB Type A 3.2 gen 1, USB-C 3.2 gen 2 with Thunderbolt 3 support,

there’s also another USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type A, HDMI 2.0b, LAN port, 3.5mm headphone/mic jack and a charging port.

The battery last between 2 to 5 hours, But it depends on your usage.

To get the best performance, make sure the laptops is plugged in The battery won’t provide the best performance while using the device on high performance.

The box contains the ROG Delta headphones with Hi Res audio support, It also supports RGB colors and comes with a USB-C port.

There’s also an ROG Eye camera, which can be fixated on the top of the screen and shoots 1080p@60fps videos.

There’s also a Gladius II mouse with RBG light and 12000 DPI sensitivity.

There’s also a palm rest for better writing experience, There’s also a wall adapter and a backpack.

The content of the box could be different from a region to another, This laptop is a perfect solution. Not only for online education, but also for gaming with the highest performance.

The laptop is available in the US, Canada, UK and europe market.


It comes with the Nvidia RTX 2080 GPU card, This card will provide high performance and frames.

The card supports DLSS 2.0 and Ray Tracing technologies, It also comes with a secondary screen.

The main screen is great and beautiful, but the secondary screen gives the device another dimension, The hardware is very good and powerful.


The price is very high, Only specific people will be able to buy it and those who use it for work and gaming and can justify the price.

The battery could’ve been a little better, The webcam is detached and isn’t integrated in the screen itself.

I don’t know, I feel like it is a pro and a con at the same time, Let me know what you think about in the comments.

But we all agree that this device is very powerful and capable, It is one of the best gaming laptops in 2020.

This is the end of this blog guys, see you later đź‘‹

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