Apple HomePod Mini! 🤔Worth buying or not? 😈

Blog 43: November 22-2020, at 02:30 pm


Apple has finally given us a 99, 99 little smart speaker for the masses that is like Apple’s cheapest thing, makes unless you count the iPhone accessories that used to be free.

Hello friends, bring your coffee ☕ and welcome to this homepod mini and we are reviewing it now.

the original homepod appeared two years after the first echo dot and it seems we’ve been waiting for Apple’s smallest smart speaker since.

the dawn of time now that it’s finally here feels like all that waiting, it might have been worth it the mini homepod sounds great and lives up to almost all of my smart speaker expectations.

Like the original homepod the mini, it features a backlit touch pad for volume and siri controls, and a familiar fabric wrapped around the speaker is available in white or space gray no news.

the homepod mini has useful audio, it has intercom allows you to send messages to other smart speakers, in the audio of various rooms in your home, it means you can play your favorite song anywhere, to pair two homepod minis, stereo sound and you can use them as audio output for your apple tv thanks to airplay also that might not outperform a custom sound system environment, but i’m willing to bet it’s a definite improvement over stock speakers like homepod, which can deliver your audio from the iphone to a homepod mini by holding the phone over the speaker.

This might be the funniest feature of the homepod mini that it’s so nice to be able to swap speakers without touching or asking siri, and that haptic feedback makes everything feel a bit magical.

Another convenient integration is carplay asks your homepod mini about store hours, or the location of the nearest store, and an Apple Carplay integration will display directions when you get in your car as usual.

Apple promotes privacy with the homepod mini siri requests are anonymous, and encrypted so that nothing is linked to your Apple ID, homepod mini is also equipped with an ultra-wideband u1 chip that can locate and communicate with other devices with chip more precisely than bluetooth or wi-fi.

An update later this year will make use of that hardware and an even faster transfer experience between phones and speakers, homepod mini comes with a wider range of music streaming options, but no signals from Spotify or YouTube yet. !

Music The Amazon Music integration is happening, but an exact date is not yet known! the homepod mini joins a great pack of contenders for just 50, you can buy a similarly sized Nest Mini or an Amazon Echo Dot, and if those hundred bucks are really putting a hole in your pocket and you just have to spend it on a smart speaker.

You can buy the latest echo from Amazon or the new audio nest from google comparing the sound between the homepod mini and the 100 competing speakers is a bit unfair a higher.

the speaker will obviously give you a bigger sound, so how does the homepod mini sound compared to the echo dot and mini nest when it comes to pure volume, the echo dot may be the loudest, but there is distortion and the nest mini has neither the base nor the volume of the other two meanwhile:

the homepod mini does a good job of balancing audio, there’s a lot of bass without sacrificing clarity, with an acoustic track so this one is much closer, the echo dot didn’t have as much distortion, and the mini nest sounded clear, but the mini homepod sounded even better.

Why are there some reasons the homepod mini has a custom full-range controller?

It also has what Apple calls an acoustic waveguide, which channels the audio so the homepod mini sounds the same across the entire speaker – even though homepod mini sounds great, it’s not the clear winner for best little smart speaker! popular music services missing! and siri still not as good as other voice assistants!😒

then there is homekit homepod mini, it is a home kit hub, but the number of compatible devices is low compared to other smart homes, platforms twice the price of other small ones!

homepod mini speakers must be worth that extra money!

For apple enthusiasts it will be especially if you have an iPhone or an Apple TV or already have the original homepod, and want to expand your smart speaker system.

But if you’re looking for a broader integration of smart homes, google, and amazon, small deals are still the best deal out there.

Therefore, I always tell our readers, check your needs carefully before purchasing any device that is on the market.

See you in the next review guys 🙊

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