Apple didn’t announce the new iPhones 12! why? More news…💥

Blog 9: September 20, 2020 at 10:00 am By OTTO

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Apple didn’t announce the new iPhones, and it even may come without certain specs.

Huawei might not release devices this year, And I’ll discuss the new Youtube services.

Youtube, where you’re watching this video, could become like TikTok.

Hello guys, Let me start:

YouTube’s Shorts service, This service is basically 15s videos, and it’ll fully compete with TikTok.

First of all, Oracle has acquired TikTok’s US business, and later details will be shared, If you remember, TikTok is banned in India by orders from the government.

The population of India is more than 1 billion, YouTube has now released their new Shorts service, and it is currently available in India.

Users will start using this new service gradually and start publishing 15s videos.

We’ve known the term YouTuber for a long time, and it is for those who create content on YouTube.

Will those who will use the new service become YouTubers too or not?

We’ve started the experiment with the Nvidia 3080 GPU, and it is very powerful, The new GPU comes with the new Ampere architecture, which according to Nvidia, will be better than the Turning architecture.

It’ll be 1.9x better, It’s also 2x better than the 2080 GPU card.

The card is compatible with 4K gaming and high frames, With the help of AI and DLSS 2.0, frames could reach more than 100fps with 4K gaming.

Even with the Ray Tracing technology enabled, the GPU will offer high performance, With the tests I’ll be conducting on this card, I’ll discover the capabilities of it, Let me know how should I test this card.

Apple officially announced that the new Apple Watches won’t include a wall adapter in the box, The reason is they want to protect the environment, and it’s part of their plan to save the environment.

You can use any wall adapter to charge this watch, I think it’s normal not to include a wall adapter with accessories.

This happened before with Chinese and Korean companies, But iPhones without a wall adapter? That’s a problem.

Why would you pay more than 1000 USD for a device that doesn’t come with a charger?

Let’s wait for the new Apple event to check whether the rumors are true or not, The next Apple event is expected to take place in 13th or 14th of October.

Usually, the iPhone events take place in September, But it happened before where Apple announced new products in an October event.

If true, then the new iPhones will be released in October and the Pro versions will be delayed until November.

I am excited for the new rumored products such as the new headphones, AirTags and others.

These products weren’t announced in Apple’s latest event, I’ll keep you updated about the new iPhones.

It’s clear that this year’s main color is the blue, which was seen also in the last event.

I’ll remind you about the blog of the event’s summary at the end fo this episode.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the new iPhones might come without certain specs.

Usually, Apple uses the new technologies in their devices after they’ve matured.

That’s the reason why some features come late to iPhones, These technologies will already be available with devices owned by Korean and Chinese companies.

120 refresh rate screens might not be available with either of the new iPhone 12 devices.

A trusted leaker said that this technology hasn’t matured yet as it uses a lot of battery of the concept iPhones, and iPhone 12 devices might come without a 120Hz refresh rate screen.

This means that Apple will be 2 years late with this technology as there 1.5 year old devices that support this feature.

Huawei might not release the Huawei Mate X2 this year, The reason is the problem they have with Google.

The Mate X and Mate XS devices came with great specs and features, But because these devices don’t support Google services users refrained from buying it.

Huawei thinks it’s better to delay their flagship devices than to be released with weak demand as they don’t support Google services.

Samsung announced their new 108MP camera sensors that are capable of shooting 4K@120fps videos.

These new sensors are supposed to be used with upcoming Samsung devices, They’re expected to provide other companies with these sensors, as Samsung is also a manufacturer.

One UI 2 is one of the most beautiful Android UIs, There’s a new upcoming One UI 3.0 update and it’ll roll out soon.

It’ll come with lots of new enhancements to the shortcuts, widgets, AOD, battery, calls and many others.

The app icons and bubbles will also be updated, The features of the new UI have all been leaked, and we’ll let you know when the update is available in the Middle East.

I am very excited for this new update, One of the best tech-science experiments by Microsoft has ended its third phase.

The first experiment dates back to 2015, where Microsoft submerged a server on one of California’s beaches.

The experiment showed that submerging the servers in water will make them function better.

The second experiment was longer and dates back to 2018.

Microsoft submerged a servers’ room with full capacity, In the third experiment, Microsoft submerged a 12m container that contains 12 server racks that contains more tan 364 servers.

The experiment was unique, The container doesn’t contain oxygen, rather it contains dry nitrogen.

All the factors that affect these servers capabilities above the ground were absent when submerged.

The container was 36m deep in the water, and it was totally isolated from the outside world.

The cooling of the servers were done by sea water pipes, The experiment was really unique and showed the efficiency of this method.

The failure ratio was 1/8 compared to servers above the ground, The servers that failed out of the 364 submerged were analyzed to study the reasons behind the failure.

The reason might not be from the surrounding environment, rather, it could be from other factors, The failure could be from a manufacturing defect for example.

With this research, Microsoft has developed something great for the humanity.

These servers will use less resources to cool them down, These servers contain data, which is the basis of the future and the new gold.

Costal countries might then rent their beaches to house submerged servers.

Submerged servers could become a new feature, This is the end of this NEWSLETTERS.

See you later.👋

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