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Amazon announces new devices, one of them is really strange; it is a flying security camera that can fly around the house.

I’ll also discuss Google‘s upcoming Pixel,

And Apple‘s upcoming iPhones, where they could also announce an iPhone Mini.

Hello guys 👋 , Let’s start:

Amazon have released a number of devices, one of them is a security camera drone developed in cooperation with Ring.

They also announced their cloud gaming platform Luna.

Luna will be the new cloud gaming platform from Amazon. It’ll include a number of games and titles.

The platform also supports channels and Amazon’s Fire Stick, which can also be connected to a smart TV.

You can also access it with a browser on iOS and iPadOS devices from Apple.

You can also access it by downloading an app on Macs and Windows devices.

Amazon is developing a new app for Android devices for their platform.

Luna is expected to compete with Google’s Stadia and Microsoft’s xCloud.

Let’s see if cloud gaming will be popular or not.

The really strange product from Amazon is their Ring drone.

Ring and Amazon have been cooperating with each other to produce a number of products.

Ring somewhat is owned by Amazon now, Ring is specialized in security cameras and doorbell cameras.

Amazon and Ring have announced their new Video Drone camera

The drone comes with a base, that when the drone is docked will block the camera for more privacy.

If you’re not at home and the Ring camera detects a movement, it’ll fly and record the movement.

You can also control the camera remotely to check what’s happening in your home while you’re absent, You’ll receive notifications from the Ring system or you can just simply check your home anytime you’d like.

It a bit breaches privacy. Imagine a drone connected to the internet that can record and scan your home.

Do you expect that devices such as Alexa are safe and secure? and do you remember this laugh from an Alexa device?

Twitter will enable a new feature where they’ll limit retweets of articles that weren’t read before retweeted.

The purpose of the new feature is to remind users whether they read the article that they’ll retweet or not.

If you retweet a tweet that contains an article, you’ll receive a notification asking you whether you read the article or not.

You can then retweet or quote the tweet.

But you can just not read the article included and still be able to retweet it.

Twitter are trying to improve their platform and reduce fake news. They should also focus on unwanted ads.

Look at this ad on one of my tweets. It’s illogical. Twitter should focus on the misuse of trends and hashtags.

Let me now discuss the upcoming smartphones. Google is expected to announce Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G.

I am not sure if these devices will be popular in our market.

What I care the most about this device is the software and algorithms in photo processing.

It well be officially available in our region and I expect users in our region are not interested in it.

Only users who are interested in it are those who prefer a stock Android experience. That’s why I review this device.

New photos have leaked of the final design of the device.

It is supposed to come with 2 colors on the back, It is expected that pre-orders will start mid-October.

Availability is also expected to be in October.

Samsung have announced their new Galaxy S20 FE with 6 beautiful colors and great specs and features.

Do you think this device is a great competitor for other devices from its own category or not?

The price difference is sometime in favor of the FE and other times in favor of the S20+.

Should I compare both devices?

Let me know in the comments and I’ll gladly do it.

Huawei have patented a second patent with their Huawei Mate X 2.

The patent shows that the release of the device could be soon and that Huawei is focusing on the fold mechanism in the Mate X2.

The device is expected to come with an inward folding screen where the screen is protected when folded.

It’ll also come with a secondary external screen similar to Samsung’s Z Fold 2.

The Z Fold 2 pre-orders have started, The two topics are interlocked.

Huawei’s current devices don’t support Google services for those who need it.

But Huawei have invested in their App Gallery store as it has become the third biggest apps’ store in the world, There are basically 3 main apps’ stores.

But they are right, it is the third biggest in the world.

Huawei is also expected to announce new devices such as the Mate 40, which I am really excited for.

I know and expect that it won’t support Google services.

But I am excited for a device that is more developed than the Mate 30 Pro.

Mate 30 Pro is an excellent device, and I expect that the Mate 40 pro will be even better.

Huawei should develop the Mate 30 and use the same design with internal enhancements.

Hopefully, it’ll be announce soon, It is said that this device in the video is the Mate 40 Pro recorded in a metro in China.

The device was in a black box, but the screen and its details are shown in the video.

It is clear that this device is the Mate 40 Pro. Hopefully, it will be confirmed and that Huawei continue to compete in technology.

Speaking of Huawei, let me confirm something huge they’ve done

Huawei were not banned to buy semiconductors, but a new ban took place in 25th of September.

Before the ban, Huawei have bought enough semiconductors and stored it to be used in their upcoming devices.

One of Huawei’s executives officially stated that Huawei’s goal is not to bring new innovation and compete worldwide.

Rather, their goal is to survive.

Hopefully, Huawei will overcome this obstacle and return to compete fairly similar to before mid 2019.

Apple is expected to announce a new iPhone Mini. We’re not sure whether Apple will announce 4 or 5 new iPhones this year.

But it is confirmed that Apple will release a number of new iPhones in their upcoming event.

According to trusted leaks, the event will take place in 13th of October.

Pre-orders will start in 16th of October.

The new iPhones will officially be available at the end of October.

But what’s new in these new iPhones?

There are specs that haven’t been confirmed yet.

But we know that they’ll come with the new powerful CPU.

It is expected that one of these iPhones might come with the new fingerprint sensor found in the new iPad Air 4.

Imagine the new iPhone coming with Face ID and the new Touch ID found in the iPad Air 4 and embedded in the power button.

The devices are also expected to come with magnets to enable new wireless chargers.

These wireless chargers will perform better.

The new iPhones are expected to come with better screens.

Whether Apple will announce 4 or 5 devices, I hope this design is confirmed to be the new design.

I also hope that the iPhone Mini rumors are true.

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait until November to buy the new iPhone Pro versions.

Apple is also expected to announce their new Apple Studio headphones.

Photos and concepts of these headphones were leaked.

They’re also expected to announce AirTags to help you track your stuff.

These AirTags will support Apple’s U1 chip, I am really excited for the new event.

The two main events that I am excited for are Apple’s event and Huawei’s Mate 40 event.

The Mate 40 event is important for me as Huawei will confirm that they’re still competing in the tech world.

It’ll also show that Huawei continue to release their flagship devices such as the P and Mate series.

Hopefully, Huawei will continue releasing these two devices.

This is the end of this blog, you kan read a new test to TLC 10 Pro, i will be posting an article within hours guys.

See you later.👍

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