Your Smartphones Inquiries!🤔🕵️‍♂️

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Your Smartphones Inquiries!

Hello guys, welcome to OTTO Magazin, with a new article of Your Inquires!🤔🕵️‍♂️

I always receive your inquiries about many technical issues? This is something that makes me happy, and that is why I dedicate special articles to answer your questions.

So bring your cup of coffee and welcome you, because knowing something is better than ignorance it, whether you are a technology enthusiast or an uninterested follower.

Our magazine aims to help you about important points before purchasing your electronics devices.🥇

Let’s start with the first question:🙏

1- Please make a article about how to save your phone battery, what are the common mistaken, and when is the best time to change the battery?

Every company have their own settings for the battery. But there are lots of common things. But let me make it easier for you:

The iPhone battery lasts for 3 years. After it, the efficiency will drop.

If you want to update the battery, go to official stores to change it, and it will restore the performance of your device.

And if you have a Galaxy, Huawei or Honor device, do the same thing. Usually the battery’s efficiency drops after 500 cycle.

Plugging the device every now and then makes AI, which is added to batteries in the last few years, confused.

There are steps to follow to make the battery batter.

Usually, charge your device after you wake up. Don’t keep it plugged in at night.

Charge it when you wake up. If the battery doesn’t last a full day, then recharge it again.

If the battery is 80 or 90% in the morning, then don’t charge it. If it is less than that, then recharge it.

With this method, you will only charge it when you need a recharge.

Don’t leave it plugged in all the time.

You won’t to replace your battery every now and then with this method.

Make sure to get a good quality power bank and charging cable.

It applies to Lighting and USB-C cables. This is how you keep your battery in great condition.

2- What do you prefer: Huawei Mate 20 Pro or P30 Pro?

For my needs, I honestly think the Mate is better for me as it is great for business.

The performance and hardware is great for business men. I always prefer the Mate.

The P series is for elegance and camera performance. I prefer the Mate than the P30 Pro 😎

3- When will you make a blog about the Mate 30 Pro? And When will you compare it with other competitors?

I wish I could make a comparison between it and other competitors, But it is not really fair.

You know what? This question is really great. Maybe we should make comparison articls.🤔😍

Let’s see if the device will win without Google services included!

The previous version won lots of comparisons, but let’s see if it will win without Google services.

I bought a 87w charger from Apple to charge my 11 Pro, will it affect my device?

It is supposed NOT to affect the device. Your device will charge with the maximum capacity it could, which is the 18w.

Phones lately come with a power management chipset and it determines whether the device will charge quickly or with normal speed.

It calculates the incoming voltage and how much charge there is in the battery.

Even if you give it 1 million watt, it will only charge with 18w if it supports it, and if it doesn’t, then it will charge with 5w.

4- Give us the best security cameras!

Security cameras are really good. There’s a sea of choices. Some cameras are different from each others.

I have wireless and wired security cameras at home.

Here in our magazin office, and at home I have security cameras that control the whole place.

You can access these cameras online. These cameras detect movement and record it. What’s depressing about it is that the internet connection is not very fast.

But what’s great about it is that it always records and stores the outcome on hard disks.

You can store the last month, week or even two days.

You can check all the records during this time without alarms turned on.

I use both types, and I don’t have a preferable one. Some institutions prefer wireless cameras, especially if they monitor cars.

These cameras will detect movement of cars and start recording.

But if you have a store and are afraid about your goods, having cameras that always record isn’t a good option for you.

We want facts about Volks Wagen! We’ll gladly make it.

5- Can I transfer all my files from iPhone to Huawei?

There are some apps that can do this if you have unified account for games. These games are called cross-platforms.

You can transfer Google apps, but you can’t transfer all other apps, but if your Huawei device doesn’t support Google services, then you can’t do it.

With the unified Google service account, you can transfer all the data. You can also transfer your photos if you use Google Photos.

But if you use iCloud, it will be very hard.

Every company have their own method in transferring data from an OS to another.

Some games depend on Game Center, which is now called Apple Arcade.

This app isn’t available on Android, so you can’t transfer the data from it to Android devices.

6- What makes photos better, MP count or the CPU?

There are many things that help with photography.

For example, the hardware is the lens, sensor, Pixels.

But the software is for algorithms, the app used. All of these things affect photography.

There’s not only one thing that makes great photos.

Hardware and software are included.

Every company tries to show the things they focused on in their events.

8 years ago, companies talked about pixels count.

Then they talked about the quality of the pixel.

It didn’t work with some companies, though. Other companies then talked about the size, number of pixels and how much light is involved.

They tried to explain RGB and lightening. Companies discuss the things that are in their favor.

Every company focus on a certain thing.

For example, what matters for a DSLR is the type of lens, size of sensor and the focus involved.

But for mobiles, what matters is the pixel count and algorithms used. The simplest answer is the iPhones.

7- Can you name one person who don’t like photo of natural scenes captured on iPhone 5 until iPhone 11 Pro?

It is not only about sensors. The algorithms are what matters with iPhones as they have they best ones.

This makes the iPhone the best device to take photos. It is a whole ecosystem.

Google’s Pixel is different. In the last three years, Google showed us that the number of cameras is irrelevant.

They only use 1 camera, and in the new one there are 2 cameras, but it takes great photos while only using algorithms.

You only press the shutter, wait for few seconds, and you will have a great photo. The photos taken on it beat photos on iPhones and Galaxy devices in 2018 and 2019.

Algorithms have a great role, but every company excel in their field.

See you in the next review guys! 🤝