Xbox Series X & S! Which one is the best, more powerful and better for you? 🙊

Blog 37: November 09-2020, at 11:00 pm

These are the new Xbox devices, Which one is the best, more powerful and better for you?

Good Morning Guys, Bring your breakfast with your best Coffee and welcome In this article, I’ll introduce you to two devices: Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Or the main version and the digital version, This is the full review. Let’s start:

Microsoft recently released these devices. If you’re an Xbox lover and enjoy playing Xbox titles, then these devices are for you.This is something basic that you have to keep in your mind before you buy one of these.

No matter what device you go with, if your favorite titles are supported here, then these devices are the best for you, Don’t let people’s choices distract you. You have to choose based on the titles you love.

If so, then one of these devices is for you, When it is time to choose which version you go, whether it is the digital or the main version, you’ll know which one to go with.

I’ll start with the Xbox Series X, which comes in a square design. The first time you see it will give you an impression that this is a modern mini desktop.

Some mocked the design as it is squared, but I keep defending the design as it was done by engineers. These engineers were able to execute things that I’ll introduce you to in this article.

In the front, the device comes with a power button and the blu-ray reader slot. There’s also a pair button along with a USB port. In the back, there are vents and a number of ports.

These ports include 2x USB ports and the LAN port. There’s a a power cord and a dedicated port to expand the onboard storage. There’s also another HDMI 2.1 port.

You can place this device vertically or horizontally. It is up to you to place how you want. The device comes with ventilation holes on the top and back and most of the side. Microsoft engineers considered the cooling system while designing this device.

The device comes with a Vapor Chamber cooling system. This system uses water spray to help with cooling the device. This kind of cooling system helps cool off the device significantly without any noises.

If you remember, I discussed this technology with smartphones before. The device comes with a huge fan that vents air through the top vents. The fan is very silent. This is the sound of Xbox while it is turned on.

To clarify: We don’t hear any sound, Let me choose minimum. There’s no audio! There’s no audio. Something important, there might be audio with overload or heavy gaming. But for now, this device has just turned on and there’s no heavy tasks in the background.

Let’s continue with the device. It comes with a Zen 2 CPU from AMD. The CPU has 8 cores and 3.8GHz frequency.

The GPU supports RDNA 2 from AMD, The GPU provides 12 teraflops, This teraflop capabilities will increase graphics processing.This means better resolution, higher refresh rate and bigger size.

The RAM is 16GB GDDR6, The onboard storage is 1TB NVME SSD, The device supports 4K@120fps, We’ve tested games such as Gears of War 5.

This game supports 4K@120fps but only with Multi-player mode. We’ve also tested Doom Eternal, Forza and Horizon 4. All of these games started with high performance.

In the future, more games will be released to take advantages of this device. We’ll also see more support for the Ray Tracing technology. This technology helps with light reflection and shadows in a realistic way.

This device is compatible with the Original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. There are lots of games that have been enhanced with higher performance and better resolution. The device supports 8K and HDR, It also supports Auto HDR feature, which will enable HDR feature for games that don’t support it using Machine Learning.

This technology will be great for Xbox Original, and Xbox 360 games. We’ve also tested the Anonwake game. And it worked well and provided saturated colors with deeper blacks. It was better tan the original colors.

One of the great features about this device is that it supports Game Pass, This feature is also available on computers, One subscription is enough to play on Xbox and on your Windows machine. Series X device supports playing blu-ray moves with 4K resolution.

It also supports Netflix and Plex considering the resolution of the content itself. And it is up your TV and whether it supports 4K and technologies such as Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

This device also supports Auto Low Latency Mode. This feature will cancel photo processing automatically to enhance response rate while gaming.

Xbox Series X

It also supports AMD’s FreeSync technology. This feature will sync the game’s frames with the screen’s frames. This will limit lag and high response rate while gaming.

It also supports Variable Refresh Rate technology. It works the same as the FreeSync technology. This technology will compare between the refresh rate of the content and refresh rate of the screen to provide a better experience.

And here, I must remind you of something very important. These technologies require an HDMI 2.1 port, This port is available with this device, But your screen has to support it, too.

The cable must also support HDMI 2.1, HDMI 2.0 cable is different than HDMI 2.1 cable in the amount of it data it transfers.

This means higher resolution and better refresh rate, This UI is easy and simple, and it also supports Arabic language.The first layer of the UI is where you’ll find the apps and games you’ve used recently.

In the public library, there will all the games and apps. Under Game Pass, you will be able to access all of the games including new titles. Below is where you’ll find the system’s suggested apps.

Below also, you’ll find the Microsoft sStore. This store has received a lot of developments and updates. Don’t forget that you can customize the UI up your preference. You can edit it as you prefer.

Series X supports a feature called Quick Resume. This feature enables you to change between games in a very quick manner.

Press on this button to activate it. It is a great feature, where with it you can navigate between games and open them quickly. Accessing these games will be quick, because these games are already working in the background.

While playing, you can press on this Xbox logo button and the menu will appear. You can navigate menu to the left and right. In short, it is for quick access.

You can reach your group chats, achievements and capture photos and videos. It also shows your profile. If you go back, you will find the main menu, and the second is your friends.

It is very easy to access this menu anywhere you are or even while playing. You can access it from the main menu, too. The controller has received enhancements, too.

One of the main enhancements is the buttons, which have become more practical while gaming. A new ‘Share’ button has been added too, and it enables you to record the screen or take a screenshot while gaming.

You can then share these clips and photos to your social media accounts. The controller comes with a USB-C port.

This port is in case you want to connect it directly using the cable. Or you can charge the batteries if you get the Play \u0026 Charge Kit from Microsoft.

The box content varies from a region to another, but in this case, you’ll get the device itself, controller, HDMI 2.1 cable and the power cord.It is great that the box includes an HDMI 2.1 cable.

Series X, the device is now available for pre-orders, The device could be available in the market now, too, so check the current price.


it comes with powerful hardware capable of running 4K content with 120Hz support, It also supports HDMI 2.1, It supports technologies such as FreeSync and Variable Refresh Rate.

These technologies help with videos and content in general, Most of older Xbox taels are supported on this device.


the devices size is big, and you’ll probably have to change your TV set for it. But believe me, you’ll enjoy with it. Here’s a tip for you: no matter where you place this device, make sure there’s enough space for the top fan to create airflow to cool the device better. Follow this method with this device or any other gaming device.


upgrading the onboard storage is very costly, 1TB costs around $200, and I am not sure of the prices in our region yet, But you can still use a USB 3 external disk that is compatible with Microsoft, With it, you can play older games, too. Or you can use it to store games on it to save space on the onboard storage.

To clarify: Series X games should be stored on the onboard storage. Or store them on an external NVME SSD, Series X games require high reading and writing speeds to work properly.

To clarify again: connect an external hard disk that is compatible with Microsoft, copy games on it, then copy these games to the onboard storage, and then you can play them. The controller still uses AA batteries.

In 2020, this is disappointing.But you can also buy the rechargeable Play \u0026 Charge Kit from Microsoft.

Let me now move to the Series S device:

Xbox Series S

This device is the lite version of the Series X, This device is smaller and slimmer than the main version. This version is digital, which means you can’t use blu-ray disks with it.

You’ll be able to purchase games using the Microsoft Store. This device comes with the same CPU as in the main version, but with less frequency.

It is similar to a 12 cylinder engine becoming 6 cylinder. The GPU it comes with RDNA 2 architecture from AMD. It provides 4 teraflops, which is 3 times less than the GPU of the main version.

This device supports less resolution: 2K@120Hz, And it supports technologies such as FreeSync, VRR and Auto Low Latency Mode. The UI is the same as in the main version.

Even the controller is the same. The only difference is the color. It supports older Xbox devices, but some games will have less performance.

The content of the box varies from a region to another: in ours, it includes the device itself, controller, power cord and HDMI 2.1 cable. Thanks to Microsoft for including an HDMI 2.1 in th box.

Why did I mention this twice? Imagine buying this device and having to buy a 2.1 HDMI cable!


its price is great, It is a great option if you don’t care about high performance and supports newer games and Game Pass service.

2K resolution is okay, and it reaches 4K with upscaling.Let’s not forget that it also supports 120Hz, and Gears of War 5 is a great example.The size of the device is suitable if you’re always on the move. It is also excellent that it supports HDMI 2.1.


this version only comes with 512GB of onboard storage. And since this version is digital, the onboard storage won’t be enough. But you can use a USB 3 hard disk that is compatible with Microsoft.

You can use it to play older games. And you can use it to save the device’s files on it. And if you want to play a game, you can then copy it to the onboard storage of the device itself.

You can also up the onboard storage to store more games on it.

Which device is better for you?

If the screen in your home supports 4K and 120Hz, then you’ll be fine. Get the main version as an extended investment as it is more powerful. This will also help you with multimedia such as Netflix and other apps. Consider it a future-proof investment.

But if the screen at your home is 1080, 2K or even 4K without 120Hz, then the smaller version will be better for you.

By the way, this device supports upscaled 4K resolution.This works using a technology to raise the resolution of pixels.

If you prefer a digital version without needing blu-ray disks, then the digital version is better for you if your internet speed supports it. You’ll be okay.

Save your money and buy the Series S version.🙊

For gamers, the Series X is better for them. But those causal gamers or those who play in their free time, then the Series S is better for them.

Because these users will probably have another entraining gaming device other than the Series S.

This is the end of this review article. I’ve analyzed both of these devices.

Let me say this again: game titles are basis in choosing which gaming console is for you, regardless of the tech specifications I’ve mentioned in this article.

See you in the next review guys.😎