Xbox Cloud Streaming will officially arrive❗ Cameras are bigger in the iPhone 13❗ Emergency landing of a plane because of the burning of the Samsung phone in it❗

02.09.21 at 08.00 am

Hi guys, 😇 Xbox Cloud Streaming will officially arrive to the latest Xbox devices. The naming of the Xbox devices is confusing. This feature has been available in some countries now, whether on iPhones or Android devices. The games will be played online, there won’t be no need to download these games on your device.

All you need is an Ultimate subscription. Then you can go to the Xbox Game Pass, where you’ll find lots of games, some with a cloud icon on them. You can play these games without downloading them.

🤡 What’s the difference between playing a game on the cloud or playing a game stored on the device?

First of all, you’ll be saving time downloading the game and updates. And the game is ready to play no matter where you are. And your storage won’t be affected. What’s great is that this service will expand to other devices, too.

The last Xbox generation supports it. It supports Windows devices, iPhones, Android devices and soon Smart TVs. Microsoft has done so much in so little time. Congrats to them.

There will be $100 million worth of prizes for PUBG content creators. PUBG Mobile has announced a program called PUBG Mobile Next Star, and it’s available in the Middle East too. It’s also available in South Asia and South East Asia. With this program, you’ll get training courses, invitations to attend exclusive events and tournaments.

A Google senior management executive published a photo of the Pixel 6 Pro by mistake that shows the device will come with an in-display fingerprint sensor. He tweeted a photo of the device where the screen shows the placement of the fingerprint sensor. Some might not see it important, but this is the first time Google cooperates this technology.

Do you notice that companies that make operating systems are late to adopt certain technologies?

Why didn’t Google announce it long time ago?

Samsung and Huawei and other manufacturers have used this technology for a long time now. Despite the fact that the OS is designed by Google. Microsoft is more balanced with their devices more than other manufacturers who use their technologies.

🤡 Are there hidden things from us as users?

It feels like Google and Apple want other manufacturers to enjoy the new technologies and then will use it later.

Comment: What’s the benefit of the NFC if it doesn’t support payment methods?

Payment methods and lack of NFC is different. Payment methods must be available first. You can use STC Pay through Mada Pay if you have an Apple Watch. Having NFC without a service are connected, but the service must be first available.

Comment: Apple Watch has been treated unjustly in this comparison, despite that it comes with a bigger screen and support more apps. It is also more stable and supports lots of accessories. And you can pay from it.

I don’t agree with you about the payment methods. It is not available in all countries, but it is available in other countries. There are lots of comments about the same thing. There was certain points that were compared in the comparison. If you bring any watch from the market and compare it with the Apple Watch, I’ll find ways to make the Apple Watch win. But in this review, I brought certain shared features between both watches to make the comparison fair.

Comment: I use the computer to study, write researches and use MS apps. Is this device good for me?

There will be a review coming soon to let you know which device is good for you depending on education level. And also for teachers and businessmen. This device is very powerful, and your usage is simple, so it is not a good option for you.

Comment: Smartphone prices are increasing with each generation, do you think there will be a limit?

Never, but some companies are doing it, like Samsung with their new Flip and Fold devices. Companies can minimize their profitability, but manufacturers are suffering from lack of essential parts. Hopefully this problem will be solved soon.

A smartphone exploded in a plane in USA. There were 129 US passengers on it. And a crew that consists fo 6 people. The phone exploded inside the plane and caused a fire, resulting in the plane not being able to fly.

To control the fire, the device was put in protection bag that withstands high temperature. The explosion of the smartphone resulted in a smokey plane. This forced passengers out of the plane to protect themselves. 2 passengers were rushed to the hospital. The device was impossible to recognize after the explosion. But this is a very rare incident. This doesn’t mean that all the devices have a problem.

The device is the Galaxy A2, But it is a very rate incident. Lots of other devices exploded on planes, but they didn’t receive media momentum. There is a list of devices that exploded on planes. Before you enter a plane, you’ll be asked whether there is electronics in your bags. If there is, you’ll be asked to take it with you to the cabin, since it’d be safer there.

Let me shortly review the Huawei Watch 3 Pro. The watch is compatible with all operating system. All you have to do is to install the Health app on Androids or iPhones. This way, you can use it with an iPhone for example, The battery lasts for a long time. The battery lasts from 5 to 21 days depending on the mode.

New iPhone leaks have surfaced, The event will be soon, and this time, what was leaked is the protection glass, and the name of the device is expected to be iPhone 13, The picture shows that the notch will be significantly smaller.

The picture shows that the notch will be significantly smaller. It is even smaller than what was shown in previous leaks. This screen protector is meant for iPhone 13 and 13 Pro.

🤡 hhh hhhh Could it be named iPhone 13❓

Both devices will come with the same screen size. Let’s discuss the under-the-display fingerprint sensor. We mentioned before that this is unlikely to happen based on leaks and Bloomberg reports. The latest leaks suggest that Apple indeed experimented with the technology on iPhone 13 series.

Other leaks suggest that it’ll come to the Pro versions only. Or we might see it on all versions next year. Lots of users prefer Touch ID, me included, since it is easier than Face ID. It looks like Apple doesn’t want to add it this year to their devices. Using a fingerprint sensor with the power button, similar to the iPad Air, seems a bit closer than under-the-display fingerprint sensor Apple might implement it in future devices when other manufactures adopt newer technologies.

iPhone 13 leaks continue. The protection cover has been leaked, and it shows the size of the rear cameras. We’re expecting better photography experience with the iPhone 13 series. We could see Portrait video mode, but will it be optical or will use software like other manufacturers?

Let me now discuss the Apple Watch series 7 leaks:

Some leaks suggests that the size of the watch will be slightly bigger. The size will be 41mm and 45mm from 40mm and 44mm.

The size increase is 1mm, but it’ll be significant, because the design will be different. The screen size increase is because of the smaller bezels. The watch will come with sharp edges like the iPhone 12 series, which makes the screen bigger. The watch will look bigger. Unofficial pictures of the iPad mini have also surfaced.

I wanted to share these photos with you, since many are excited about this device. There’s a huge possibility that we might see it in September. Leaks suggest that the event will be in 7th of September. While the device will be released in 17th of September. AirPods 3 will be released in 30 September. This is all I have with dates. Hopefully, these dates will be confirmed next week.

See you soon.👋

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine.