Wireless headphones from Beats❗ & Huawei Smart band 6❗ Pros and Cons😈

Review 184: 20.06.2021 at 08:00 am


Welcome guys to this new reviews, Let me discuss another product from Beats, that is the Beats Flex headphones. It is around-the-neck wireless headphones from Beats. The design of the headphones is simple and beautiful. The size of it is also good.

The headphones comes with controls buttons on both sides. On the right side, there’s a pairing button. On the left, there’s a volume rocker. There’s also a power button,, answer phone calls, mic and a USB-C charging port.

The website doesn’t mention whether it supports water resistance. We can say that it doesn’t officially support water and sweat resistance. It might be different for you.

You can pair the headphones to iPhones and iPads the same way as the AirPods. Once the headphones are close to these device, a pairing screen will pop up. For Android devices, you can install the Beats app for easy pairing.

The headphones offers a good audio experience with high and loud details. The bass is good. But it is better on AirPods. But make sure to use the right size of the silicon ear tips. Your ears might have different sizes.

Once the headphones are attached to each other magnetically, the audio playback will stop. There won’t be a need to manually stop it.

The battery lasts for 12 hours, but it depends on your usage. It charges using the USB-C port. Charging it for 10 minutes will offer 1.5 hours of listening time.

The box contains the headphones, charging cable and 3 different ear tips. It costs 49 usd, and comes with black, yellow, blue and silver colors.


The audio is good with high purity. Pairing it is easy, especially if you have multiple Apple devices. The price is great.


The bass on AirPods is better. The headphones might not be suitable in all circumstances. The reason is because of its design and reasons to use it.

Let me now discuss the second product in this review, which is the Huawei Band 6:🥳

It comes with a bigger screen than the previous version. Lots of new watch faces have been added to it. The reason is because it comes with a bigger screen.

The screen size is 1.47 , and it is AMOLED. The resolution is 368×194. It comes with one side button. The band supports Spo2. And it keeps track of it all day long. It also supports heart rate tracking all day long. And support sleep tracking.

The band supports Huawei TruSport technology, which is supposed to offer you easy readings to your exercises. The band calculates calories, steps and other things. The band supports 96 different sport modes, and you can choose between them.

Notifications are supported in English and others like Arabic. The OS supports many languages. But sometimes, there are a few glitches, which might be solved with a future update. But these glitches are rare.

You can play a sound on your phone to find it if it is in bluetooth range. It supports audio control and other features that we’re used to. The band supports bluetooth 5 and is compatible with Android devices that run Android 6 and above. Also iPhones that support iOS 9.1 and above. The band supports 5ATM. And it is compatible with Huawei Health app, which lets you keep track of your health, heart rate and sleep tracking.

You can add notifications through the app and customizes what notifications to be displayed on the band. The app is available on App Gallery, App Store and Play Store. The battery lasts for 14 days with normal use. This period might change depending on how you use it.

The charging is done through the magnetic charger. The box contains the band, charging cable and doesn’t come with a wall adapter.

The band is available in black, dark green, orang and purple colors. it costs 61 usd.


The screen is beautiful and big. The price is great compared to other bands.


The Arabic UI needs fixing!

See you on the next reviews.👋