Wireless headphones and various power banks from Aukey! Worth buying or not?🤔

Blog 33: October 29, 2020 at 10:00 pm:

These wireless headphones cost less than 50 USD and their performance is great.

Hello guys, Let start by reviewing this headphones:😊

This is the Aukey T25, We’ve tried these headphones with Android and iPhone devices, and their performance was great.

It works with Huawei, Samsung and iPhone devices.

The performance was satisfactory, especially when watching video content. The pairing time is short and there’s no lag.

According to Aukey, the battery in these headphones can last up to 25 hours!😱

The size of the case is very small compared to other wireless headphones. This makes these headphones easy to carry.

You can easily charge the case using the USB-C port. The headphones are IPX5 water and dust resistant.

This means that it resists rain and splashes, but don’t sink them in water as there’s no wireless headphones that are fully water resistant.

Let me now review the 10,000mAh power bank with a PD port with output up to 18w.

This power bank provides enough output for the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

This power bank charges these iPhones with 18w, which is fast.

Some devices supports fast charging with 18w.

This power bank with its small size is a great option to fast charge these devices.

This is the size of the power bank next to a bank card.

If 10,000mAh isn’t enough for you, then you should get the 15,000mAh power bank with the USB-C port.

It also comes with a USB-A port that supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0

This power bank comes with standard output for each of these ports.

Each port supports output up to 18w.

Similar to the output, you can also charge the power bank with 18w.

You can charge it using either the Micro USB port or the USB-C port.

Both the USB-C and USB-A support output up to 18w.

But when using both ports at the same time, the output will be divided between them.

Let me now discuss Aukey’s elegant headphones that I previously talked about.

This is the Key Series True Wireless Earbuds. It is called Limitless.

The case comes in a circular design and you can open easy.

Once you wear the headphones, you’ll isolated from your surrounding as it comes with silicone ear tips.

It also won IF Design Award in 2019.

The design of these headphones is different than all headphones available in the market.

The box includes a USB-C charging cable, different sizes of ear tips.

I advise you to try these ear tips and ear hooks to get the best fit.

The headphones support touch gestures.

According to Aukey, the battery lasts up to 24 hours.

These are the 4 Aukey products, Two wireless headphones, which are considered great mobile solution, and 2 power banks, which are great mobile charging solutions.

You can charge these headphones with these power banks.

Check your needs before you decide to buy anything to get the best tech available.😎

This is the end of this quick review guys.

See you later.💪