Wireless Headphones! 🤔 Your questions and inquiries!😎

Blog 26 October 17, 2020 at 09:00 pm, by @otto.magazin.eng

There are lots of wireless headphones. These are some of your questions, which I will answer in this article to help you choose.

Hello guys, today with an exceptional article regarding your questions about wireless headphones:

These headphones have become very popular, and for sure you need to know what suits you the best.

Let me start with these questions:

1- This question is from the FreeBuds 3 headphones, and if the noise cancellation works on iPhones.

Noise cancellation with the Free Buds 3 works on all devices as they connect with Bluetooth.

The feature is called Intelligent Noise Cancellation.

The idea behind it is that it checks the best noise cancellation settings and turn it on.

It is similar to adaptive noise cancellation, where the mics read your surroundings then cancel their sound.

If there is a sound of air near you, it will be cancelled once noise cancellation is turned on and the audio quality will be excellent.

Free Buds 3 will work with any device even with the iPhone.

Let us know how comfortable these headphones are. Are they same comfortable as the previous AirPods generation or did the silicone affect it?

2- This question is also about the Free Buds. These headphones don’t come with Silicone ear tips.

Not having a silicone tip makes it more comfortable when you wear it.

You can move the headphone however you want and you won’t be bothered by the silicone.

The silicone is sometimes irritating as you have to push it inside the ear to get the best noise cancellation.

AirPods Pro come with silicone tips, but it is for people who want noise cancellation. But with the Free Buds, when you wear them, you won’t be isolated from your surroundings.

But when the Noise cancellation is turned on, my voice will be higher and I won’t hear my surroundings.

The Free Buds don’t come with silicone tips, but they also support noise cancellation.

This is the best of the two worlds. It could be great for some of you.

You won’t need silicone tips and you’ll still enjoy noise cancellation. Which is really great, But if you want noise cancellation with silicone tips, then the AirPods Pro is a great choice.

3- Do the Samsung Watch and Samsung headphones work with the same phone?

This question was asked in the Galaxy Buds article:

Yes, the headphones and the Samsung watch work together with the same phone.

With Bluetooth 4 and 5, you can connect two devices. With Bluetooth 5, the connection is open.

But with Bluetooth 4, there were tweaks by manufacturers to enable two accessories at the same time.

The answer is yes.

4 – Is there a sound lag in PUBG?

This question is very important:

There is no sound lag. But you might notice it with other Bluetooth headphones.

With no latency, you will be able to hear the sound as it happens. All players want this feature with their headphones.

That’s why most gamers use wired headphones. But if you don’t want less latency, up to our experiment, there was no latency with the Free Buds.

The best experience is to use the headphones with Huawei devices. Latency will be way reduced when connected to a Huawei device, That’s what manufactures do with their accessories.

5- Does this headphone support surround sound?

This Sony headphone has caused a stir up in the wireless headphone market with all the features it is packed with.

Any wireless headphones with two sets is supposed to support surround sound.

The AirPods first gen also supported surround sound, but it was not powerful.

But most of Sony headphones support surround sound. You can also edit the sound with their app to get the best personal experience.

You can also choose between, games, movies, music or audible books modes.

6- Do AirPods Pro support wireless charging?

And this question was asked in the AirPods Pro Article:

Yes, the Pro version supports wireless charging.

You can charge it with a wireless charger or a phone that supports reverse wireless charging.

Why no one thoroughly talks about the mic? We’ll talk about it. Don’t worry.

In all article about the headphones, no one talked about the mics. Most of the reviewers skip talking about it.

We make sure to review the mic performance in the articls, especially with wireless headphones, We can’t give you a great example of testing the mics while we’re in a studio.

Some of you use their headphones while out and about with lots of noise, while others use them in quiet places.

The experiments are different. We’ll make sure to test the mics in the studio here to give you an example of the audio quality of the mic.

7- Does my phone have to be Huawei to use the Free Buds 3?

Supposedly, your phone has to be Huawei OR any other device, but the ecosystem is better.

If you use the AirPods on Android devices, you will be shocked.

While the AirPods with iPhone gives a very great performance.

Manufacturers make accessories better with their devices. But they do their best so that their accessories work on other devices, but the pairing won’t be the same.

8- Tell us about how comfortable wearing the headphones is. Is it the same as the previous AirPods or does the silicone affect it?

This question was from the review of the AirPods Pro.

When I wear the AirPods Pro, I become isolated from my surroundings, which is something I like sometimes.

But I don’t like to isolated all the time as I also want to interact with my surroundings.

At work, it is not suitable, while it is great for traveling.

Ambient sound doesn’t feel the same as natural sound, though.

It is not only a problem with AirPods Pro, it is a problem with all other headphones.

But it is up to the quality of the manufacturer.

With the Bose and Sennheiser, the ambient sound is nearly natural, But the AirPods Pro, the ambient sound is a little bit digital.

Despite the fact that the AirPods Pro are very great, But the ambient sound with them isn’t natural.

9- Are headphones’ prices different from a store to another and from a country to another?


10- The last question is also about the Free Buds 3, When making a phone call, will the other side hear me clearly? And will they also hear the background?

In my opinion, all headphones with noise cancellation cancel the noises in the background.

It depends on the volume of the noises, though.

Free Buds 3 does support noise cancellation.

If you are wearing it correctly, the other side of the phone call will hear you very clearly.

We’ve always received a good feedback when we tried them.

The experiment was great with phone calls, and there was no noises in the background for the receiver.

But if the weather is windy, it might be heard, but the intelligent noise cancelation is supposed to deal with it.

We’ve answered most of your questions. Hopefully next articles, we’ll discuss other topics.

We might make another articls about wireless headphones.

Hopefully, this special blog helps you decide what’s best for you.

Always check the prices and services of any product before you invest in it.

If you want to buy one, don’t raise the volume to the max. Don’t hurt your ears, and Don’t use them for a long time.

Protect your ears guys, You can’t replace them, but you can replace headphones.

See you in the next article.