Who Win? 😲 The Galaxy S21 ULTRA 🆚 iPhone 12 PRO MAX? 🔥🔥🔥😈

Review 77: 31.01.2021 at 05:00 pm

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These are the best of what Samsung and Apple offer. The Galazxy S21 Ultra from Samsung vs the iPone 12 Pro Max from Apple.

Bring your Hot cup coffee and Let’s start this big comparison by OTTO Magazin.😈

This is the comparison everyone has been waiting for: The S21 Ultra vs the iPhone 12 Pro Max. These are the best of what Samsung and Apple offer.

There are 4 or 5 months difference between these devices. Both companies offer the best they have whether it was with the Max version or the Ultra version. The Ultra series is new; it was only released last year. And this is the S21 Ultra that comes with lots of enhancements from the previous version.

In the previous comparison, the S20 Ultra won the comparison against the iPhone 11 Pro Max. But did Samsung fix the problems in the cameras?

Let me start the comparisons, but before I need to tell you two things: This comparison is based on numbers, You can adjust the points however you prefer. Your result could be different than mine. These would make us happy.

Let me start with the design: 😈

The Galaxy comes with a renewed design to some extent. The front is the same, but the frame is made from stainless steel that extends to side of the device. It also extends to the camera module to give it a very distinguishable look from other smartphones.

The device comes in two colors: black and silver. And as you see, the black color is very beautiful, especially with the Ultra version. The iPhone comes with a design similar to the previous 3 generations.

But this year, it comes with a sharp edges to give it a very elegant look. The front is the same, and the frame is made from stainless steel.

The frame is shape and it comes with matte glass back. Who wins the point?

Honestly, both devices have a beautiful design. Each device gets a point. And since the design is a personal preference, I’ll leave it up to you to decide which one you prefer.

Samsung added more enhancements to the screen, which this device inherited from the Note 20 Ultra’s screen. One of which is the 1500NITS brightness.

Let me start with the screen comparison:😈

I’ll start with the Galaxy’s Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with 6.8 size. The screen to body ratio is 89%. It come with 3200×1440 resolution. It also comes with 515ppi density. It is protected by a CCG7 Victus layer. It supports 120Hz adaptive refresh rate. It also supports 240Hz touch sensitivity. And HDR10+. It supports 1500NITS of brightness.

The iPhone comes with a Super Retina XDR OLED screen. It comes with 6.7 size, which is a bit smaller than the Ultra’s. The screen to body ratio is 87%. » It comes with 2788×1284 resolution. It also comes with 458ppi density. It is protected by a Ceramic Shield to protect it from scratches. It supports 120Hz touch sensitivity. It also supports HDR10.

And Dolby Vision with brightness up to 1200NITS. The winner is very clear. The Samsung screen has more resolution and ppi density. It also supports 1500NITS brightness. The point goes to the Samsung.

Let me now discuss he CPU. The result is shocking:😈

In our region, the Galaxy comes with the Exynos 2100CPU with 8 cores and 5nm architecture build. The GPU is the Mali-G87 MP14. The iPhone comes with the A14 Bionic CPU, with 6 cores and 5nm architecture build.

In Geekbench 5, the Galaxy scored 1063 points for the single core and 3176 points for multicores. In Geekbench 5, the iPhone scored 1594 points for the single core and 4195 points for multicores. The winner is clear, here.

The iPhone’s CPU is more powerful. The reason is because both hardware and software is designed by the same company. But the same thing applies to the Samsung device.

This means that the CPU works better on iOS. Android devices, on the other hand, don’t have an OS designed by the parent company. Both devices, however, are very powerful.

These points scored in GeekBecnh 5 can only be scored with a very powerful device. But I am curious as whether the SD888 CPU will score more points than the iPhone!

The point goes to the iPhone, with all due respect to the Ultra’s CPU. The Ultra device runs Android 11. It also comes with OneUI 3.1 from Samsung.

The UI is very clear and easy to use. It’s one of the UIs in the Android market. But this year, it offers more features such as the Stylus. I’ll discuss it when I reach the Additional features section.

Samsung have been doing very well with software updates, lately. In the past, updates used to take a long time before they are released, but now it has become faster than before. The iPhone runs iOS 14.

This update in particular has added features that were supported on Android devices long time ago. These features include Widgets, App Library and many others.

Apple is known for their software updates. All iPhone receive updates at the same time, including 5 years old iPhones.

For me, I’ll give a point to each one of them. Both operating systems are very mature now. Both offer high capabilities, too. But you should evaluate your needs before you decide to give the point to any of them.

For me, I’ll give a point to each one of them. To pay using your fingerprint sensor is better than paying using Face ID and having to remove the mask every time.

Isn’t that right? Keep that in your mind.

Let me now discuss Secure Unlocking on both devices: 😈

Secure Unlocking, The Galaxy supports a number of secure unlocking methods.

First, it supports face recognition, which I don’t advise using since it doesn’t come with dedicated sensors. There would be a possibility of hacking into the device using it.

There’s also an in-display fingerprint sensor, which have become more accurate and quicker than before. It also supports passcode, pattern and smart lock.

The smart lock method doesn’t lock the device unless you’re away from it. It also has its down settings. It also supports Secure Folder (KNOX).on.

You can secure your files and apps away from anyone. The iPhone supports two methods: Face ID, which is the most secure unlocking method. The reason is because its very advanced sensors. But if you have twin, they’d be able to unlock your device. But there’s a point in security that Samsung have done better in my opinion.

If your device is stolen, no one can activate the Flight Mode. While anyone can activate the Flight Mode on the iPhone.

With the Galaxy, you’ll need to authenticate with your fingerprint to activate it. It’s a point I thought of recently. If someone steals your device they won’t be able to activate Flight Mode. If it gets stolen, it won’t go to offline mode, and I’ll be able to find it. This deserve a point and a like.

The point deservedly goes to the Samsung because of the multiple secure unlocking methods.

Also, because of the Flight Mode feature, which I hope Apple will fix. You’ll need to authenticate with a fingerprint before activating Flight Mode.

Let’s now discuss the cameras: 😈

The Ultra comes with a number of cameras: 108MP Wide that is more developed from last year’s version.The second is the 10MP Telephoto camera with 3x zoom.

The third is the 10MP Telephoto camera with 10x zoom. The fourth is the 12MP Ultra Wide camera. The front facing camera is 40MP.

The iPhone comes with the following cameras: Three rear cameras: Wide, Ultra Wide and Telephoto. All of the them are 12MP. The front facing camera is 12MP, too. According to Apple, 12MP sensors offer high performance.

Let me discuss the photography experience with still and wide photos:

Both are excellent, but the results vary from time to time. One time, a device offer low brightness, other times a device offer more steadiness and so on.

I think in this category, it won’t make a huge difference. What you should focus on, though, is the coloring process.

Samsung tend to show more saturated photos, while the iPhone show more life-like photos. The iPhone offers 5x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom. While the Galaxy offer 10x optical zoom. And 100x digital zoom.

Digital zoom has been way more developed than last year’s. In low light photos, both are very similar.

Sometimes one of them is better and vise versa. But with the Ultra Wide photos, the Galaxy is way better.

Sometimes, the Galaxy is better in HDR and the iPhone is better in sharpness. It is also better in isolating the background in portrait photos.

The iPhone offer a larger angle in Ultra Wide selfies. But, unlike the Galaxy, it won’t let you take Ultra Wide portrait selfies. In night selfies, both produce normal photos, and both need to more enhancements.

In video, both offer excellent performance in details and sharpness, but the iPhone is slightly better. The iPhone is better in the Wide lens. But the Ultra offers more steadiness in the Ultra Wide lens.

The Ultra also supports recording 8K videos. But this technology needs more time to mature. Also, needs to fix the shakiness in the videos. In night videos, both are similar.

Sometimes, one of them is better, other times it’s vice versa. The iPhone supports slo-mo videos with all the cameras, while the Ultra only supports it using the main camera.

The Ultra supports 960fps@720p slo-mo videos. The iPhone supports 240fps@1080p slo-mo videos. It is up to you choose which one you prefer.

In selfie videos, both are similar, but the iPhone is better since it supports Dolby Vision with better colors, But in general, both are excellent. Both devices support RAW format.

This allows you to take high-resolution photos. And it also lets you to edit them later. Both support Director mode. But the iPhone supports it using a 3rd party app.

During the Ultra’s event, Samsung said they cooperated with Instagram and Snapchat for better camera performance. Both of these apps are supposed to offer excellent experience. Both devices offer excellent performance.

It’s impossible to get one of these days without getting a great camera experience. For me, I’ll give each one a point. With all due respect to the Pro Video Mode on the Galaxy.

Especially with recording audio using the Buds Pro or Live headphones.

This means that the Galaxy cameras will offer me capabilities for recording content.

A point goes to each device, despite the slight advantage to the Galaxy cameras.

Let me discuss the batteries now:😈

The Ultra’s battery is 5000mAh. It’s the same as the previous generation. It is a massive battery. But this year, we expect a better battery performance because of the 5nm CPU, which is an enhancement from the previous 7nm CPU. But the charging speed dropped from 45W to 25w. It still supports wireless charging and reverse wireless charging, with the same 15W and 4.5W speeds.

The iPhone comes with a 3687 battery. It supports 20W fast charging but it doesn’t support reverse wireless charging. It supports 7.5W wireless charging speeds, and we’re waiting for it to support 10W speed.

The point deservedly goes to the Galaxy. The CPU offers better optimization, and the battery performance is better.

I’ll comparer the Exynos version with the SD888 version in a separate review article. Like this especial review, since I’ll compare the battery performance between these two versions.

Let me now discuss the storage and connectivity:😈

Both devices support 5G in an excellent way. Both devices support eSIM, VoLTE and WiFi Calling, but it depends on your carrier. Both devices come with 128GB, 256GB and 512GB versions.

None of them support an SD card. Both support WiFi 6, but only the Ultra supports WiFi 6e. WiFi 6e is more developed than the WiFi 6. But you’ll need to have a router that supports to enjoy the benefits. If you’re connected to a WiFi 6 router, the device will let you know. WiFi 6e connection capabilities is better.

Let me continue with the comparison:😈

The Ultra supports Wireless DEX to give you a computer-like experience. It is an easier way to do your business. It also supports a feature called Link To Windows, to connect to Windows devices, check files and notifications and make calls. The iPhone offers amazing compatibility with other MacBook and iPad devices. But all devices should be from Apple.

You can connect it to Windows devices using iTunes app to surf the content and update the software of your device. But there isn’t big compatibility between iPhones and Windows machines.

Honestly, both of them are good. But the connectivity features supported on the Ultra makes it win the point.

For me, the connectivity features offered by the Ultra device makes it better, but it depends on your needs. Both devices support IP68 water and dust resistant.

The Ultra supports a Stylus that is sold separately, and it costs $40 alone or $70 with the cover. The Stylus offers lots of great features. It allows you to type on the screen.

You can also use it for translation, similar to the Note’s S Pen. But this Stylus doesn’t support all the features that comes with Note’s S Pen.

I’ll make a separate article to discuss the features of this Stylus. The iPhone, on the other hand, supports MagSafe accessories. This feature allows accessories to attach to the device. More accessories have surfaced now, and I ordered some of them to review them.

One supports a Stylus and the other supports MagSafe. Which one wins the point?

This depends on your needs. 🤷‍♂️

For me, I think both devices offer an excellent ecosystem with lots of added capabilities.

Samsung’s accessories now are better after the release of SmartTags. This means that it’ll be supported better with other devices. The same thing applies to the iPhone. Both are supported well with smartwatches.

A point goes to each device.😍

I am carrying more than 2.000 USD in my hands. The prices of smartphones have increased a lot. I respect both devices for the technologies and features they offer. But the prices are extremely high. Each device costs more than 1.000 USD, This wasn’t the camera 4 or 5 years ago. Premium devices now are very expensive.

Let me compare their prices:😈

The Ultra’s price 128GB versions costs 1.380,00 USD. The iPhone’s 128GB price costs € 1.249,00. But highest Ultra version costs more both.

Both come with a warranty when you buy it. Samsung device comes with a 6 month warranty.

You can also added AppleCare to the iPhone’s warranty. Both devices are extremely expensive.But a year from now, the iPhone will hold its price while the Ultra’s price will drop.🙊

The Ultra’s price will drop significantly. The idea is that both devices are very expensive. Both support accessories,, and we’ve seen Samsung’s new accessories. Both offer excellent performance. But who wins the point?

No one gets it 🤨….

💥💥💥The final result shows that the Ultra won the comparison. My God! 😈

Samsung S21 Ultra Won the comparaison 💪

Both devices compete with each others. No matter what happens in the smartphone market. But if the Mate from Huawei supports Google services it the results would be different. The challenges would be better, But my god it is not the case. Hopefully, the competition will come back to see more devices to beat the Ultra and iPhone and vise versa.

I hope competition will come back, This is the end of this comparison, where the numbers were the judge. Hopefully, you enjoyed it.

See you soon guys.🦧