What’s the most important updates of Fortnite season 7❓👽

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3 years ago, the seventh season of Fortnite was launched, and since then this famous game has received many updates that added new features and features that make the game better than before.

And one of the biggest changes in Season 7 of Fortnite that you immediately notice is that the previous theme has been completely eliminated. Now the topic is conquest using new weapons instead of primitive weapons and wild animals.

These updates focus on extraterrestrial technology, alien life forms and other updates released in its seventh season.

Now let’s take a look at the Fortnite Season 7 updates:

New maps and locations

The game got many changes regarding the map. The Spire was uprooted from the ground and a lilac landscape known as The Aftermath was left as Sweaty Sands transformed into a festive town full of Believer Beach freaks. Colossal Crops is now a Corny complex and is a much larger farming area reminiscent of Frenzy Farm. And if you have not heard of it, you can review everything related to it from sites specialized in games, such as Arabic Gamer.

As well as the emergence of many new landmarks of a space nature and the most obvious of these areas are the monitoring stations, which include a large satellite dish pointing to the sky. They include Dinky Dish southeast of Craggy Cliffs, Discovery Dish west of Believer Beach, Dampy Dish southwest of Slurpy Swamp, Destined Dish southeast of Misty Meadows, and Dockside Dish west of Dirty Docks.

New weapons in fortnite

Several new additions have been made to the new Fortnite weapons to help deal with the alien threat. These include the Pulse Rifle, which fires high-energy beams instead of bullets. and a rail gun that can be charged before firing to unleash a powerful blast. Plus the Kymera Ray pistol associated with the new character that can vaporize your opponents. There are also some other weapons that help you in the battle such as the Recon Scanner that can be used to detect nearby threats and weapons.

New characters and clothes

As Epic Games brings us back every season, there are tons of new characters that you can play by unlocking their skins as Superman and Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty are included. But to unlock these characters you need to reach level 90 of the Battle Pass or spend a lot of Battle Stars to reach the exact point where you can unlock it.

Cosmic chests in fortnite

Reward changes in the game include the addition of Cosmic Chests, a new type of chest that is only available in team modes. These open chests offer Alien Artifacts and other items such as weapons. New guns this season include the Pulse Rifle, Rechargeable Railroad Pistol, Kymera Ray Gun, and the latest one linked to the Kymera character. Moreover, Recon Scanner can shoot enemies and nearby chests in addition to that these chests give players some weird artifacts.

strange artifacts

Another new item added in Season 7 of Fortnite. It is a strange artifact that looks like glowing purple orbs. You can find them all over the island and mainly in exotic areas. However it is collected from Cosmic Chests. Once you have it, it can be spent on cosmetic changes to your Kymera outfit through the Battle Pass menu. Giving players the chance to make the skin look completely unique. This means that you can customize everything about your character from head to toe. Including eye color, skin color and pattern, shield color and glow, and the emblem that appears on their shield.

Battle Stars are back again

The most important update of Fortnite Season 7 is the return of the Battle Stars system as the entire Battle Pass reward system has been swapped out. So instead of receiving the rewards set for each level you reach from the Battle Pass you now get five Battle Stars for each level. These stars can be spent on any rewards you want.

And there is still a progress item to access higher level unlocks. But in order to access each rewards page you have to access a specific Battle Pass tier. Or you may have spent a certain amount of Battle Stars over the previous pages.

You can also now earn gold bars in the game through NPC missions and missions received from payphones. Ingots can be spent on character development and weapon upgrades. It can also be used in vending machines that have been renamed to repair machines.

Thus, we have shown you the most important updates of the seventh season of the game Fortnite. You can now update the game and enjoy the changes Epic Games made to the game. Note that the seventh season of Fortnite is scheduled to end on September 12.

See you soon guys.👋