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Hi guys, Some players involuntarily continue to play their old favorites even with newer versions. Gamers may still rely on these games even if their devices are capable of running modern games.

These games are known to offer replayable content, unlike games that are based on the Internet, or games that come with a limited gaming experience in terms of duration or content.

Besides, this habit is more prevalent among PC platform players. This is because the games of this platform accept the addition of modifications, which are known as Mods, which increase the quality of the gaming experience and the activities that can be performed within the same game.

Therefore, in this article, we learn about the best versions that the player can continue to play continuously until he gets tired of them, and which allow the addition of constant modifications and improvements.

Replayable games:

1- Minecraft

Minecraft comes at the forefront of the versions that the player can continue to play forever without getting bored. This is because it allows him to build different worlds as well as explore on the one hand, and try to survive within the gameplay on the other.

It also allows different types of multiplayer. Besides having a story of poignant proportions. Therefore, Minecraft is still alive and is still playable continuously.

2- Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Civilization VI, as well as the rest of the series, is known to be continuously playable. This is because it offers a renewed and continuous strategic gaming experience. The experience relies on the exploration and reconstruction of different civilizations, as well as their strategic aspects.

3- The Sims

The Sims series, especially its fourth edition, is known to be replayable and continuously explored. It also offers different aspects of the gaming experience that tend to be more social and interactive than anything else.

4- CS: GO

No player can deny the importance of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which is based on online play, and to this day this game is still achieving great success and popularity, as well as attracting thousands of new players every month.

The game is developed by Valve, the owner of Steam, and is the final version of the various Counter Strike games that were derived from the Half-Life games.

5- GTA games

The GTA series of games provided an excellent combination of story and gameplay experience, and speaking of the fifth version of the game, GTA V, it is still one of the most popular versions despite its more than eight years of age. The player can rely on this series to spend his free time in its open world, replay the story and missions, or even play online in GTA Online.

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine