What if I hold on and use a phone for 6 years?🤔Will this device do its job? Will everything work? 🙄

Blog 26: October 13, 2020 at 07:00 pm by @otto.magazin.eng

Can you use a phone for 6 years? I expect lots of phone companies will hate this Aarticle.

Hello guys, And yes, I expect lots of phone companies will hate this article guys.

Phone companies want us as users to upgrade our devices, They want us to buy a phone every year or two.

I personally tell people to skip a generation of phones, And before you buy a new phone, check your needs and then decide.

But what if I hold on and use a phone for 6 years?

Will this device do its job? Will everything work?

Let me give you an example guys:

Let me talk about the iPhone 6. This device was released in 2014, This device brought a new device and lots of new features.

The design is still modern. The curves on this device are similar to the iPhone X, XR, 8 and 7, good.

The design to some extent is the same, The materials used in building it changed, and newer iPhones have lots of specs and features.

But let’s discuss things slowly, The screen on the iPhone 6 is Retina.

This screen has been for a long time. It is still used until now, Back in 2014, it wasn’t even the best screen in the market.

And this device isn’t the best device I have now, My iPhone 6 screen has been slightly damaged.

The resolution isn’t high. At the same time, Galaxy S5 came with a Super AMOLED screen.

It was a revolutionary screen technology back then, It also came with high specs.

The iPhone screen is very modest, but it does its job, You can watch content on the 4.7\ » screen whether the content was vertical or horizontal.

Before discussing the battery and CPU, let me honestly discuss the camera.

The camera found on the iPhone 6 with the latest update can shoot 1080p@60fps, This is the main camera on the iPhone 6.

It doesn’t support night mode and other features, This is my main camera. It came with dual LED flash to use with photos.

But videos taken on this iPhone is very good. I am also using lights and everything seems fine.

The quality of the video isn’t that high.There’s a huge difference between 4K and FHD videos.

But the video was perfect on a 6 years old phone, you know?

Before we start, I want to discuss 2 things. Why didn’t I choose a Samsung or another Android device?

I’ll discuss it later. I tried to experiment with a device that that was very popular in that era.

Bring your coffee, I’ll make such content more…

Let me discuss the CPU now.

The CPU found in the iPhone 6 is the A8 CPU. It was a very powerful CPU back then.

But with the current standard, this CPU doesn’t provide high performance for such games or software.

But how many of us use such heavy duty apps? Not much.

Maybe third of half of the users. The other half don’t use these apps or computing power.

The A8 CPU in the iPhone 6 is still good now for moderate usage.

Apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, other social media apps will work fine.

Let’s discuss the card phone companies use to force us users to upgrade to newer devices.

OS updates:

The OS supported on this iPhone is iOS 12+, But it doesn’t run the latest software.

It does receive some security updates, iOS 13 only works on iPhone 6s and above.

Maybe the iPhone 6s won’t run the latest software in 2021, As I said in the beginning, let’s discuss Samsung devices.

OS updates from Samsung, Huawei and other companies might come very late for their older devices.

Note 5 and Note 6 didn’t receive lots of updates, Many phone manufactures stop sending updates to their devices after 2 or 3 years.

With this method, they force us to upgrade our devices.

The front facing camera won’t provide an excellent performance; selfies vary between bad to good. This device doesn’t support night mode.

These techs found in newer devices are very useful for us, Photos taken with the rear camera needs lots of other external factors like a good weather for example. But the photos are good, though.

Live Photos and Portrait photos are not supported on this device, unlike newer iPhones.

The cameras on these devices are very developed now. FHD videos are good, 4K videos are great, but the 8K is way better.

Let’s go back to FHD now, Shooting 1080p@60fps is a good feature, and it is supported on the iPhone 6.

Does this camera not do its job? Sorry, I doubt it.

But these photos, you’ll realize that this camera does its job well.

The battery is the main thing. My kids have an iPhone 6s and iPhone 7, and I keep changing their batteries for better performance.

If the battery on your device downgrades, I advise you to replace it.

I tried it, and it works really well, Changing the battery means your investment continues.

If you don’t like the design of your phone, then change the cover every year or every month.

Buy a new cover isn’t an investment like buying a new device. I’ll give you some advices that might help you to renew your old device.

If the battery in your phone is old, then get it replaced by an official source. Make sure your device runs the latest OS.

Rearrange your desktop, Clean the cashe on some apps that use cashe.

Delete unwanted WhatsApp messages such as photos and videos,
They take a huge space from your storage.

Especially WhatsApp uses most of your onboard storage.

Stop Auto Sync as it might help making your device faster.

Do a factory reset, putting in mind that all of your data will be deleted if you don’t have a backup.

Enlarge your storage by using a fast SD card, Move big data to your laptop as it’ll make your phone lighter.

What did we find out thus far from this blog? 😒

Smartphones bring us great features and techs, but we don’t use them all the time.

These features make phones better, but not all users will use them. This might be hard for some of you, but please understand it: we’re supposed to be users not customers.

It is okay to buy a device and use it for 3 or even 10 years.

As long as you’re comfortable with your device, don’t worry about what people think.

Being bullied from your acquaintances because you have a 2 year old phone isn’t a good thing.

You should be okay to use the device that you bought from your money.

Change the screen when it is broken and change the battery when it degrades.

But there are cases where we’re forced to upgrade, Other than that, what are the companies doing to us?

That’s why I said phone companies will hate this article!

I advise you not to buy the latest devices unless you really need it.

Share this article guys with others, Let’s start saving money.

See you soon.🙋‍♂️