What are the differences between the S21 Ultra and the S20 Ultra🤔? Worth buying S21? 🔥😈

Review 73: 21.01.2021 at 02:00 pm

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Samsung has just released their S21 Ultra device along S21 series. The S21 Ultra got most of the improvements unlike the other devices. You might have noticed it during the quick review article we released on OTTO Magazin few days ago. But there are good features with this device that might make it a great choice for some users. Also, Note lovers might also like this device.

Bring your Coffee and Let me first starting by discussing the design:🙊

The new design is way more characterized than the previous version. It comes with a stainless steel frame that merges with the camera bump. I like the new design. It is a personal preference, and I respect all opinions.

I’ve received lots of opinions about the design of the device on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms. That’s why I want to reaffirm that the design is a personal preference. Let’s continue.😈

The new black color is remarkable. Even in the event, Samsung talked about it for 5 minutes. What’s the difference between the CPU and the RAM on both devices?

The new CPUs will offer better performance, whether they are the Exynos or the Snapdragon CPUs. According to Samsung, the new CPU will offer 20% better performance. And 35% better GPU performance. The NPU is 2x better. I should compare both CPUs, though.

The Snapdragon version is coming. I’ll test it. Other websites have done the comparison already. Like this review, The device is coming.

God Help help me with the expenses 😅😅😅 . 128GB and 256GB versions come with 12GB of RAM. 512GB version comes with 16GB of RAM.

These options are the same as the 2020 version. In this case, there are no difference between it and the S21 Ultra. There’s something else. Samsung removed Micro SD card support. This feature was one of the reasons for users to stick to with Samsung devices. But unfortunately, they stopped support it.

This happened before with one of Samsung devices, and now they’ve done it again. Do Samsung have data that this card isn’t being used?

Still, this can’t be rationalized. Why have they stopped supporting a feature that users liked?

Let’s continue: The S21 Ultra comes with a 6.8 screen. It is slightly smaller than the 6.9 screen that comes with the S20 Ultra. But it provides higher brightness. The new version supports 1500NITS. The previous version only supports 1200NITS.

This means that the S21 Ultra will be better in direct sunlight. There’s also an important point here. In the previous version, users could turn on/off the 120Hz refresh rate. But this version changes from 10Hz up to 120Hz automatically. It depends on what’s shown on the screen.

This will make AI provide better performance for the battery, There are not much games that support 120Hz anyway. But having this feature is an excellent thing.

The screen resolution and density is very similar between both devices. Now, let’s discuss the biggest change.

It is the camera! The previous version had lots of problems with the zoom feature even this the Space Zoom feature was released first with it. This feature continues with the new version but with lots of enhancements.

The zoom and autofocus problems have been fixed. This year, the device supports Laser Autofocus.

A new zoom lens has also been added. It supports 3x optical zoom and 10x optical zoom. The previous version only supported 4x optical zoom. With the previous generation, once zoom is used, there would be lots of shakiness. But the steadiness has been significantly improved with the new version.

Also, night mode has been improved. The 108MP lens now works better with colors.

Also, a new mode has been added, where users can use all the cameras and choose what they prefer. It also supports RAW photos if you prefer to edit your photos.

There’s something in this review. I’ve talked about the RAW support. I’ve also talked about no SD card support. I’ll also discuss the charger or the lack thereof later in this review. There are things that repeat itself, but not from the same company.

Do you understand what I mean? Let’s continue. Samsung have added something different this year, which is a Stylus support, which is the main feature of the Note series. The S21 Ultra now supports a Stylus to write and draw on the screen.

This is the Note 20 Ultra’s S Pen. The Pen works on this device. But using it for this device isn’t practical, since it needs recharging and you can’t recharge it using this device.

Samsung have released two types of Styluses. One that comes with a cover, and it costs 70 USD. We’ll have to wait to find out how much does it cost in our region. You can store the Stylus in the cover. It has a dedicated place.

There’s also another type of Stylus, similar to one from another company, and it supports all the Note’s S Pen features. This Stylus supports different features. I’ll review it once I get it. keep visit our magazin guys to reading it.😈

Both devices come with a 5000mAh battery. Last year’s version supports charging with 45W. This year’s version only supports 25W. But this device’s CPU is built on 5nm architecture, which means it’ll consume less power.

Last year’s version come with an older CPU. Will the battery, charging speed and the new CPU offer better battery performance?

We’ll have to test it, but if it does, then that’ll be great, We’ll have to test them to find out.

And now let me discuss the main point. I love Samsung’s, Apple’s and Huawei’s devices. These companies should be the standard to other companies. Apple shrunk the size of the box and started to include the cable only. Samsung has followed their method.

Will Huawei follow the same method? I don’t know. But somehow the equation has become like this: Pay more to get less. Apple has started this approach.

Why did that happen?😒

Let me know what devices should I compare it with this S21 Ultra and I’ll gladly do it. Voice your opinion in the comment section. Don’t forget your coffee.

See you in the next strong reviews…😈