We looking for headphones with great specs that can work with Android and iPhone devices ❗😤 Belkin Soundform Freedom Headphones ❗Really ❗🤔

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🤡 Lots of us are looking for wireless headphones that offer balanced audio quality and price. We’re looking for headphones with great specs that can work with Android and iPhone devices. In this review, I’ll review a new headphones from Belkin. I’ll discuss the pros and cons of these headphones at the end of this review. Keep reading to find out more about these headphones.

These are the Belkin Soundform Freedom headphones. While using these headphones, I noticed 3 different things about them, They are the battery life, bass and audio quality, especially in phone calls. Competition in the wireless headphones market is massive, There’s a believe that to get a good quality headphones, then you will to sacrifice comfort, But this has changed, as things have been developing, and this product proves it.

🤡 Let me start with the design of these Soundform Freedom headphones:

The headphones come with either glossy white or black colors, The top is glossy while the side and bottom are matte. There’s an indicating light at the front of the headphones to let you know whether it is charging/working or not. At the back there’s a pairing button and the USB-C charging port.

The case is a little bit big compared to other competitors. But along with this big size, comes a bigger battery performance and there are other headphones that come with bigger cases. Once you open the case you’ll find the headphones with an indication light at the bottom to let you know it’s connected. There’s another logo to show you that the headphones support Find My ecosystem from Apple. This Find My will help you locate your missing devices, if you lose your device, you can locate it using the Find My app on iPhones.

The headphones fully support the Find My app similar to any other Apple product. The ear pieces have a medium size, but they’re still a bit big. For better comfort, you can choose the right silicon tip. The box comes with 3 different sizes. In some cases, the ear shapes and sizes are different. The headphones have a dedicated touch area to control your content, similar to other headphones. 1 touch to play/pause, 2 touches to play the next content, 3 touches to play the previous content and touch and hold to activate the personal assistant.

The headphones comes with a 7mm drivers, This driver delivers clear audio and very good bass. Our listening experience with these headphones were very good. The headphones comes with a mic that supports ENC, it also packs technologies to fix the latency.

The audio quality with phone calls using these headphones are good, The headphones support bluetooth 5.2 Pairing these headphones with other devices like iPhones, Androids or even Smart TVs will be easy. Having bluetooth 5.2 support means that these headphones can be connected to two devices at the same time, if you receive a phone call on one of your devices, you can answer it using the headphones even if they were connected to the other device. To pair the headphones to a device, open the case, press the pairing button and look for it on your device.

The headphones support IPX5, which means it withstands water splashes and sweat. The battery lasts for 8 hours, and the case provides additional 28 hours. You can charge it using the USB-C port or through wireless charging, if you have an Android device with reverse wireless charing support, then you can charge the headphones with it. Or you can charge it with other wireless chargers like the MagSafe or any other wireless charger.

Pros: 😍

The price of the headphones is $100, This price is suitable for most users, especially with the very good bass on these headphones, it’s also great that these headphones support the Find My ecosystem on Apple devices. Having a USB-C port and wireless charing support means more flexibility for charging them.


However, the headphones doesn’t have a dedicated app to control the Noise Cancelation or the equalizer. This could mean, in some cases, the audio experience won’t be ideal, but it depends on the users.

These SoundForm Freedom headphones are not the only headphones from Belkin. There are headphones like the SoundForm True Wireless Earbuds and the Soundform Rise True Wireless Earbuds, There’s also the Soundform Move True Wireless Earbuds and finally the Soundform Move Plus True Wireless Earbuds. These headphones have different prices and specs to suit the needs of most users. These headphones are one of the options for most users.

For more details, check the link guys. This is the end of this review. Let me know what headphones are the ideal for you.

See you later.

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