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News Review: 08.02.2022 at 06:00 pm by OTTO:

The value of the investment in LEAP event exceed 6 billion dollars. This enhances the status of KSA as the biggest technological economy in the MENA region. The value of the technological investment in KSA reaches up to 40 billion dollars. This drives the economy of KSA to rely on innovation and technology. KSA is one of the fastest growing economy in this field.

Welcome to this special review, where I’ll discuss the latest events that happened in LEAP conference. LEAP is the biggest technological event in the Middle East, and it is taking place in Riyadh. This event has gathered companies from all over the world.

On Instagram, I discussed some of the startup projects that are available here in LEAP event. I apologize for not covering all the projects as they were lots of them and from all over the Arab World. There was an Omani group who created a 3D printer, and another Egyptian group who invented something related to data analysis. There were also other groups from all over the Arab World. I welcome and congratulate them.

An international event such as LEAP is where Microsoft attend. Microsoft is here to participate in a number of fields. One of which is their new devices.

Microsoft showcased their Surface Studio laptop. This is device offers powerful performance and resiliency. This device is built to offer high performance. It comes with the Intel 11th gen H series CPU and the Nvidia RTX A2000 GPU. And it also has a cool new design. It comes with a 14.4″ touch screen with 120Hz refresh rate. It has amazing speakers. I am excited to test it. It has a great design and it is meant for multitasking.

The laptop comes with the Surface Slim Pen 2nd Gen. Microsoft have been offering amazing products that are officially available in KSA. And since this device is from the Studio series, it is packed with special features.

Microsoft also showcased their Surface Pro 8, which is the most powerful Surface Pro device. It weighs 900hg, which is very light. It also comes with a powerful CPU. It comes with advanced technologies, such as WiFi 6, LTE Advanced and 11th gen Intel CPU. This device is powerful and meant for multitasking and mobilizing, since it comes with a powerful CPU and battery. I am very excited to review this device.

Microsoft’s participation in the LEAP event is of great importance. Its importance is derived from the high security systems from Microsoft. Microsoft offers powerful and secure OS and hardware.

This means high compatibility. Microsoft’s participation in the LEAP event isn’t just about showcasing new devices. They have a great role in the sustainability process. These new devices will be available in Mars/April for businesses, and then later for individuals.

These devices will be launched from KSA to the rest of the Arab World. This shows the importance of KSA and the whole region. Microsoft offers powerful security in their Windows 11 OS. It is the most secure OS ever from Microsoft I’ve previously reviewed Windows 11 on the magazine OTTO. Don’t miss reading it.

Microsoft is a pioneer company in offering services to businesses and institutions. They also have a special tools for people with special needs. People with special needs will have a great options with Microsoft. Microsoft has offered a lot in the LEAP event held in KSA. Ericsson is also available here in LEAP.

Have you heard of the saying: « each problem has a solution »? This is also the case in 5G networks. 5G isn’t just networks for mobiles. 5G exceeds being networks for mobiles. Here in LEAP, there are solutions that all people will be impressed by. Let me tell you of them.

Using the high internet speed offered by 5G, you can make a simulation for different games. Using 5G, you can, for example, play Baseball using Internet Of Sense and special goggles from Ericsson. With this technology, you’ll feel like you’re actually playing baseball. Using Ericsson’s 5G technologies, there are limitless opportunity to try out. Imagine having your own personal 5G network that you can manage by yourself.

For example, using 5G, you can run the baggage center in an airport. It can also be used in remote places, which will be a huge assist in the development of the said place.

CITC also announced something huge, KSA has launched the latest WiFi 6e technologies. You might not know this, but KSA is the world’s number 1 in WiFi frequencies. KSA has also made a successful test using LEO satellites. KSA has huge goals in this regard, and we’re still taking the first steps towards achieving them. But the results are encouraging.

Hopefully, the future is better. STC is also available, and they’re a strategic partner with LEAP. They have the biggest suite in the event, which is bigger than 1500m. STC decided to showcase all of their technologies in LEAP. They’re showcasing STC Pay, STC Solutions among many others.

STC isn’t just a telecommunication company. It is way bigger than that. STC is showcasing lots of technologies. These technologies include 5G, payment mentors, IoT, data processing and cyber security. They also announced MENA Hub, which is an independent company to support the infrastructure of submarine cables It also supports data centers and the digital and cloud sectors.

STC also announced a partnership with HUAWEI technologies to establish manufacturing facilities for data center equipment This will have great benefits for lots of sectors. The Ministry of Labor and Human Development announced a new application that will benefit lots of people. Using the app, you can schedule appointments and report poor people to the authorities so that they can help them in secrecy. Everything is being digitalized in KSA. Also, using the app, you can extract various documents.

ARAMCO announced Prosperity 7, which is a 1 billion dollar Fund. NEOM also invested 1 billion dollar in the Metaverse’s XVRS technology. This technology changes what’s real to digital and what’s digital to real using technologies like AR and Mixed Realities. I’ll make a video to discuss these technologies. In this event, there are solutions for the most complicated issues in the technological sphere. The fund will also support health care and Blockchain.

King Abdullah City announced their The Garage project. This project will support startup companies and technologies by investing in them. They’ll also offer trainings and advanced equipment. This project will help create pioneer technological companies in the future. There are way more to discuss in this event.

The Digital Cooperation Organization announced Pioneering Passport project. This will make traveling more entertaining for investors, who invest in startups and entrepreneurs. This field is very important, since it occupies nearly 90% of the business worldwide. This project will employ from 7 to 9 people to help facilitate for investors. We might see other countries follow the same steps as KSA.

There will be diplomatic passports and investors passports among many others. There are enormous announcements that took place in this event. It’d require way more reviews to discuss all the announcements.

LEAP is being held in Saudi Arabia for the first time.This is the end of this review guys. I am excited for the next LEAP event.

See you soon.

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