Vanderhall Carmel GTS Modified,😵 is the most eye-catching car 🤩

Review 174: 06.06.2021 at 07:00 am


Hello guys! Welcome to a new Special Car review, Today we have a car that you haven’t seen before, The car maker is Vanderhall and the car model is Carmel GTS, The most powerful version .

Let’s start review with OTTO, Before we start talking about the car..bring your coffee first. okay?

Now.. A brief introduction of this masterpiece! The design is futuristic it looks like a 2050 car! Check the LED headlights! If you look closer you can see the intercooler and the radiator behind the grille. The car is front-engined but it’s a miss to open the hood!

So, Unfortunately we will not show you the engine, The car rides on 19 wheels with semi-slick tires to provide more traction, They have Brembo 4-Piston Front Brake Kit, The car is very light So, the brakes are very good for its weight, Manual side view mirrors, If you want to adjust the right-side mirror you’ll need help! because its out of your hand’s reach, Suicide doors!

I liked the car’s style! Its futuristic and classic at the same time! Very strange! The car has a capshade that you can use, if you want to drive in the rain. You can do it easily! No problem! It’s very easy to install, But I believe the car looks better this way!

There his hoops are for safety. May God protect us all! God forbid, in case of a rollover accident these pipes protect the passengers, Gas tank is in the back.

The rear wheels are 19 with semi-slick tires, It has only one wheel! I’m sorry, my mistake! It has only one rear wheel!

There is also a single coilover suspension in the back, It was manufactured by the same company, Vanderhall made this suspension.

What is the purpose of these covers on the front and rear wheels?

When you drive in rain, they keep water from splashing you, Especially the front wheels, so they keep the water down. There are exhaust pipes on both sides.

The exhaust sounds great considering the size of the motor, A wonderful car!

To open the doors there is this leather door pull, Inside, there is excellent leather stitching, If the door is open the car does not start.

Safety was not neglected, The car has a number of good systems, Let’s close the door!

There is a wooden steering wheel, It feels nice to touch, It has power-steering, the car is very easy to drive, Paddle shifters behind the steering wheel, A 6-speed automatic gearbox.

To shift, just press the knob down and you can shift gears, The car is turned off now, A quick briefing so that we don’t lose track !

Let’s start with the gauges! Fuel Gauge, Speedometer in miles, Tachometer and here we have water temperature.

Here we have this gauge showing first, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th gears, Shift Gauge, It also shows when the car is on Parking, Reverse, or Neutral.

When you’re on Drive it shows on the main display, Don’t worry!

Boost Gauge it shows the turbocharger pressure, Start/Stop button! I liked it!

Stereo switch because it has Bluetooth system, You turn it on here and control tracks and volume here . This turns up volume and play tracks, right or left, There are also front speakers on both sides. These two switches are for Cruise Control, This one is for Traction Control and this one is for Hazard Lights.

Below, there are AC vents but the car does not have air-conditioning, It has some kind of fan to cool you down!

There are no windows to begin with! The wind is all around you! If the weather is nice you will have fun but of it’s hot you will start sweating! and you must wear sunglasses when driving because the wind might harm your eyes, This way is safer!

Can you see the footrests there! Nice touch! You can move the seat manually, there we have a switch for heating front seats.

A nice feature! In cold days, heated seats are a blessing! Cup holders on both sides and a locked glove box. Everything is just fine! Let’s start the engine!

No Driving Modes! One of the most important features this car has…is the car horn!

The car’s height is very low! It feels like driving a Formula 1 car on the streets, You must alert people that you’re on the street! Enjoy driving the car, but let them know you’re here! I believe you will find it useful! Because there are some crazy drivers!

This is the turn signal switch! There are no headlight switch! They have sensors and they work automatically, This was everything about the car! It’s a simple car!

The windshield feels light and it’s nicely designed, Let’s take the car for a ride so that I tell you more about the car’s mechanics.

Now we start our test-drive of Vanderhall Carmel GTS, The most powerful version.

Mechanically, the car is equipped with a turbocharged 4-cylinder 1,500 cc engine, That generates 194 hp and 275 Nm, Can you imagine! Is it a car or a motorcycle?

It’s classified as a car because it has a steering wheel! it’s a RWD 3-wheeler, The car’s weight is 650kg, From 0 to 100 km/h in 4.6s and top speed is 225 km/h.

Can you imagine what this small car can do! Great numbers for its size! The car has a 6-speed automatic gearbox, It has two modes; you can choose Drive mode or Manual mode to use paddle shifters.

And as I said 6 speeds, The sound of the exhaust is amazing.

There is an exhaust pipe on each side, You have fun when you step on it!

One of the most amusing things is the sound of the turbocharger, When you step on it, you hear the sound of the turbocharger and the blow-off valve.

It feels great to drive this car on the streets enjoying its sound, The car’s powertrain is developed by General Motors, Boeing Company is one of the main investors in Vanderhall Motor Works.

A giant aerospace company, The car turn heads when you drive it on the streets, it attracts a great deal of attention, way more than Ferrari, Lamborghini or Bugatti cars.

People would want to take selfies with you and take pictures of this amazing car, They would ask, What kind of car is this?

it has stereo speakers tuned by Harman Kardon, Charging is very fast and it supports wired and wireless turbo-charging, The car is very responsive there is no lag at all, The turbocharger is activated so soon.

The gearbox is amazing,There are dealerships in UAE and Saudi Arabia and the showrooms will be opened soon.

Maybe next July! So everything is OK! The car has a 2-Year International Warranty.

Price of Vanderhall Venice; 32.540 euros, 38.252 usd.

And Price of Vanderhall Venice Blackjack: 35.898 euros and 42.206 USD.

Price of Vanderhall Venice GTS: 48.469 usd and 41.225 euros.

And Price of Vanderhall Venice GT: 45.746 usd and 38.909 euros.

Price of Vanderhall Carmel: 51.465 usd and 43.772 euros.

Price of Vanderhall Carmel Blackjack: 45.746 usd and 38.909 euros.

Price of Vanderhall Edison 2: 47.652 usd and 40.350 euros.

We reached the end of the review guys, I hope you enjoyed it!

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