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14.05.2021 at 06.00 pm


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Discord, in conjunction with its sixth birthday, announced some new features, including a feature coming in June to help people discover its new Clubhouse-like social voice rooms called Stage Channels.

And the new Stage Discovery feature lets you see a feed of public Stage Channels that you might be interested in, curated with machine learning.

You can listen to Stage Channels audio directly from the feed, and if you want you can even go to the room so that you can be part of the audience.

While in a public room, you may also see a link to join the Discord server where the Stage Channel is hosted if you want to join the community hosting the conversation.

Once released, Stage Discovery, which Discord said takes place on June 1, you can access the feed via the new Stage Channels icon located in the main toolbar in the mobile app and in the main menu under the desktop app.

Discord says: Use of profane language is prohibited in Stage Channels’ titles or descriptions, explicit, graphic or sexual content is prohibited, and users can report Stage Channels that violate the rules.

Amazon has updated a few products in its Echo line, Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 5, along with adding the Kids Edition of Echo Show 5.

The camera is the big new feature on both models, but the most significant upgrade is the larger Echo Show 8 that now has a 13-megapixel sensor, which you find the same on the Echo Show 10.

Rather than panning the screen to point at you like you do on Echo Show 10, the Echo Show 8 provides a 110-degree wider field of view to follow you as you move around the room.

The device uses virtual pan and tilt technology, like Facebook’s Portal, which is useful if you want to move around a little while making video calls.

Amazon says there is a new octa-core processor inside the Echo Show 8 to power this feature and dual stereo speakers, along with an adaptive color screen that parallels the ambient lighting in the room.

Features also include using the camera to detect entering or leaving a room, such as turning lights on or off.

Alexa can also activate routines when he hears certain sounds, such as a dog barking or someone coughing.

Amazon stresses that this is an optional feature only, and it requires users to manually enter a code during setup to make sure they want to run it, and the device detects the human form locally.

Amazon also allows all Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 5 devices to turn on Alexa Security Mode, so you can view the cameras remotely from your phone.

Echo Show 8 gets new augmented reality effects for Amazon’s video chat service, including reactions, such as full screen with hearts or setting custom default backgrounds.

As for the smaller and more popular Echo Show 5, the upgrades bring double camera resolutions, from one megapixel to two.

Amazon designed a version of the Echo Show 5 for children, and the device contains child-friendly home screen features, a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids Plus, and a two-year warranty against any damage.

All three versions of the Echo Show should be available to order immediately, but it may take a few weeks to ship until June.

Amazon reduced the price of the new Echo Show 5 by $ 5 to $ 85, while the price of the Echo Show 8 remained at $ 130, while the Echo Show Kids 5 sold for $ 95.

Ok? What about Facebook Man? 🇺🇸?😈

🕷 Ok, Facebook-backed Diem’s digital currency project said it had withdrawn its application for a Swiss payment license and was moving its operations instead to the United States.

The Diem association, which oversees the development of the Diem cryptocurrency, was seeking a payment system license with the Swiss watchdog, FINMA.

Diem has now dropped its plans to secure Swiss regulatory approval, while its US subsidiary has partnered with Silvergate, a California chartered bank, to issue the token.

Stuart Levy, CEO of Diem, said in a statement: While our plans take the project entirely within the regulatory periphery of the United States and no longer require a license from FINMA, the project has benefited greatly from the extensive licensing process in Switzerland, constructive comments from FINMA and more. Twenty other regulatory bodies from around the world.

Diem said it plans to move its headquarters from Geneva to Washington, DC, where its US unit is based.

After the announcement, FINMA said: Diem’s ​​request for a Swiss license was in the advanced stage, but the group is now planning to launch its payment system from the United States.

Facebook’s vision of the digital currency was formerly known as Libra, and it met with a backlash from regulators when it was first announced in June 2019.

Central bankers and politicians were concerned that Facebook’s digital currency could undermine sovereign currencies like the dollar, enable money laundering and violate users’ privacy.

The Facebook-backed organization has since lost several major supporters, including Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

Diem initially proposed a global currency linked to a basket of major currencies, and after much regulatory opposition, the group shifted its focus to several stablecoins backed by different currencies, in addition to one multi-currency coin.

Diem is currently planning to issue a stable currency backed only by the US dollar, called Diem USD.

And unlike Bitcoin, which uses blockchain technology and is not controlled by any single authority, Diem technology will only be available to a small number of participants, such as Facebook and other members of the Diem Association.

And the stablecoins are also designed to avoid the noticeable price volatility in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Silvergate is the exclusive issuer of Diem USD and manages the Diem USD reserve in dollars, as it has become an ideal destination for cryptocurrency companies that traditional lenders shun.

Diem is preparing to launch a pilot program using its stable currency pegged to the dollar later this year. The pilot program will be small and focus largely on transactions between individual consumers.

Facebook also is once again facing questions about its treatment of content moderators after a moderator told an Irish parliamentary committee that the social media giant was not doing enough to protect moderators browsing violent and disturbing content on the platform.

Isabella Plunkett, who currently works for Covalen, an Irish outsourcing company that hires content moderators to work as contract employees, told the committee that non-employee supervisors are not given adequate access to mental health resources.

Covalen allows an hour and a half of health time each week because the health coaches the company provides are not mental health professionals, nor are they equipped to help supervisors address the traumatic content they often deal with.

Plunkett told the committee that these health coaches sometimes suggest activities, such as painting or karaoke.

“Outrageous content affects anyone,” Plunkett said at a press conference after the session. “Nobody can be okay after witnessing the violence filmed for seven to eight hours a day.”

She explained that supervisors should be given the benefits and protections that actual Facebook employees enjoy, including paid sick time and the ability to work from home.

🤡 Forget the Facebook topic! Tell me about Tiktok? I lover him? what’s new?

🕷 TikTok is now testing a new Discover page in the app. This page organizes videos into categories, instead of just showing current trends, as before.

These categories represent many areas of interest across TikTok, such as games, beauty, dance, television, movies, sports, family, learning, and much more.

When you click on any particular category, you will be taken to a feed containing the most popular content in the community.

Feeds are influenced by factors such as relevance, timeliness, and interest, and can help users find new content and content makers outside of what the For You custom page offers.

TikTok confirmed that the test had been rolled out in the United States over the past few weeks.

The platform is currently testing e-commerce shopping features, and some brands, such as: Hype and Walmart, have been granted a new Shopping tab within their TikTok account.

Users can shop, add products to their cart, and then pay for the products without leaving the app.

Walmart enabled its tab during its live broadcast event in December, and it has been around ever since.

The integration is less professional than Instagram stores, as there is no original or global shopping cart or integrated payment mechanism, and instead, users visit the retailer’s website directly.

And, As competition with the tech giants heats up, TikTok has rolled out a series of new features to help its short video app maintain its lead.

The company announced the launch of the new Green Screen Duet feature, which combines two of the most popular editing tools for TikTok to allow content makers to use another Tik Tok video as a background in the new video.

The platform also confirmed testing a new method for discovering videos called “Topics,” which are personalized interest-based feeds that showcase the best trending videos in a particular category.

Green Screen Duet joins an existing suite of Duet tools, which allows content makers to place two videos side by side.

Currently, it includes Duet layouts Left & Right, React, and Top & Bottom.

Currently, content creators use Duets to sing, dance, or act with another user’s video, to respond to video content, or just to watch a video from another content maker, so the video is sometimes smaller and used to raise awareness or draw attention to its content.

Editing tools like Duet and Stitch are a major reason why TikTok is more than just a video platform, turning it into a new kind of social media network for video first.

These tools have also proven to be very popular, and have been endorsed by the Tik Tok version of Instagram Reels, known as Remix, and the Snapchat platform is developing its own Remix feature as well.

The new Green Screen Duet feature from TikTok is now showing up as another option besides the current formats, providing users a way to more easily use another video in the background while they record their videos.

What is the feature provided by Green Screen Duet?

The built-in Green Screen Duet provides a good way to record new videos that include pre-existing videos.

The platform believes that the launch of this feature may inspire new formats of creativity and expression, and TikTok has been busy upgrading its interface to improve recording and discover new video content in its application in recent weeks.

Given that Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat have tried to reproduce TikTok, the platform launched interactive music features last month in an effort to move forward.

But, 😒 TikTok is facing legal problems due to the text-to-speech feature in the North American version of the app.

Tik Tok is being sued by a voice actress who claims to be behind the text-to-speech feature, but says she did not allow the platform – or anyone – to use her voice in this way.

The lawsuit, which was filed last week, says that Bev Standing’s voice has been used to repeat offensive and offensive language and that using Tik Tok is causing irreparable damage to her reputation.

It is unclear how the voice of the voice actress could be used by Tik Tok without her consent and collaboration with the platform.

Standing says that in 2018 it recorded about 10,000 audio sentences for translation purposes for the state-backed Chinese Institute of Phonics Research Authority, and that those recordings were supposed to be used to translate Chinese texts as part of a contract with an unnamed Chinese company, and that it did not authorize the institute’s research body. Acoustics will transfer its audio data to other parties for later use.

Standing discovered at the end of 2020 that its voice caused a sensation online, as a new feature gave content makers the ability to write texts via video clips and read these texts in a digital aloud.

And if you’ve been using Tik Tok for a few minutes since the feature was launched, chances are you’ve come across a video with a mysterious and quiet robot voice narrating some text.

Standing says it discovered that its voice was in use in November 2020, although TikTok does not appear to have publicly announced the feature until December 2020.

And while the feature made Standing’s voice more well-known, that could also be a drawback for her as an actress who works in commercials, radio, and other client videos.

And…..GTA V? 🙄😍

Yes, Intel has a new machine learning project called Enhancing Photorealism Enhancement that may push Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas toward realism.

One of the most impressive aspects of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is just how close Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is to real life in Los Angeles and Southern California.

Intel researchers have developed technology that adds an extraordinary level of realism to the game using machine learning.

Not only does the method rely on more natural colors, but it also improves reflections and modifies the smoothness of the road structure, along with adding some other subtle properties to GTA V’s usually very vivid look.

And the visual upgrade demands a new approach to improving AI.

While the concept of using real-world snapshots to guide algorithms is not new, researchers have found that current methods either produced elements that were often unstable or were too slow to be used.

And there was often a wide gap between the footage used for AI training and the in-game scenes.

The new method captures similar-shaped corrections to provide better reference points for improvement, such as cars and likened people, while maintaining relatively high frame rates.

And while scientists from Intel have found their approach to be the most robust and consistent of any AI-based system they have seen, the realism of the images is still dictated by the availability of samples.

And you need lots and lots of shots to improve the interior scenes and watch the upgrades in every aspect of GTA V.

And unoptimized code takes half a second of heuristics while using this high-end GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card.

Intel researchers believe you can integrate their machine learning system into game engines to speed this up, so that may represent the future of game graphics.

And you can see games routinely rely on artificial intelligence to add a realistic look that would otherwise be difficult to achieve, just as technology like NVIDIA’s DLSS makes 4K games more viable.

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