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Yes, This is one of the most powerful LG screens in 2021. It has a high price tag, but it comes with amazing specs. It is the LG C1 screen. Its size starts from 45″ up to 83″, which is what we have in this review. It is perfect for watching content and gaming. It also comes with HDMI 2.1 ports. It supports 120Hz refresh rate. It supports features like G-Sync and Free-Sync among many others.

Let’s start the review, but first, testing TVs is very complicated, so bring your best Coffee first ☕ because You’ll benefit from the information in this review if you’re one of the lucky owners of this screen.

The screen is very thin with a wide bezel to fixate in on a table. There’s nearly no difference between it and last year’s CX. This screen come with an OLED panel. This means that the colors are natural with deep blacks. The reason is because OLED screens come with self-lit pixels. This means that each pixel has its own light.

In this case, there won’t be light leakage. Other LED screens come with a full light panel. Having a self lit pixel means higher technology. And that’s why the price of this screen is too high. after experimenting with it, the screen offers vidid and saturated colors. It also supports high contrast ratio. The same thing applies to dark scenes. There won’t be light leakage. But the brightness of the screen won’t be high. You’ll notice it when watching dark scenes in day time.

We’ve tested Dolby Vision on Amazon Prime and HDR on Netflix. The screen comes with the A9 Gen 4 CPU. It supports 4K and AI. AI and algorithms are used to analyze scenes. The CPU tries to remove the distortion in some content that is not 4K. The CPU also helps in processing colors and contrast.

The screen supports a feature called OLED Motion Pro. This feature removes fogginess in fast moving content like sport matches. This is a 720p video test to show how the screen upscales lower resolution content.

After experimenting with it, the quality was acceptable. But in some cases, it was very normal. But it is still viewable, and it depends on the content itself. This is not a criticism to the screen. If the content has lower resolution, it’d be very hard for any machine to enhance its resolution.

There’s a limit to the enhancement. After upscaling, the content was still viewable. Those who don’t have 1080p or 4K content won’t fully benefit from this feature. It is similar to TV channels. If the channel doesn’t broadcast 4K, the receiver won’t show 4K.

We’ve also tested 1080p content, and it was way better. In some higher resolution content, you won’t notice the difference.

In general, the 1080p test was very good. The screen supports the HDR10 Pro technology. This technology adjust the colors to look more vivid.

The screen also supports Dolby Vision IQ technology. This technology adjusts the settings depending on the content and the environment. For example, if you watch content in day time, the contrast, colors and saturation will automatically increase. While at night time, the settings will lower the contrast, saturation to give you the best viewing experience. This screen supports a feature called HGIG for games. It helps in showcasing better colors in HDR.

But games should also support this feature for it to work. The screen supports 4K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. The response time of the screen is 1mm, which is excellent. It’ll be great for competitive games that require high responsiveness.

The screen supports Nvidia’s G-Sync to help get rid of lag while gaming. We’ve tested this technology with an Nvidia GPU using a PC.

This screen could be one of the best and most expensive monitors you could get. This screen provided excellent performance with PCs. The screen supports other features like Free-Sync and VRR. These features are similar to G-Sync but from other companies. The screen supports a feature called ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) This feature makes the screen recognizes the gaming console or PC so that games won’t be affected.

Sometimes, while viewing content or playing games, the response time is lowered. This ALLM technology will remove all the latency. We’ve tried the CoD Black Ops on a PS5 device. The game started with 120Hz with excellent smoothness. This screen offered performance similar to dedicated gaming monitors. We’ve also tried Ghost of Tushima Director’s Cut, and it offered excellent performance, too.

The same thing applies to the Demon’s Souls game. We’ve also tried Gears 5 on an Xbox Series X device, and it started with 120Hz refresh rate with high smoothness. The same thing applies to the Forza Horizon 5 game. It offered vivid colors, high smoothness with 120Hz refresh rate.

We’ve tested the Fortnite game on a PC with the highest settings, and the results were excellent. The colors were saturated, and the game worked with high refresh rate. We’ve also tested the Resident Evil 2, and the colors were saturated, vivid with deep blacks and high contrast.

The screen supports a mode called Game Enhancer, which shows the settings of a certain game. It shows the frame count and whether VRR is enabled or not and whether the law latency mode is enabled or not.

You can adjust the white and black colors, too, to make it easier for gamers to play games. There are other pre-installed modes depending on the games you’re playing. This screen won’t disappoint you at all in games, whether with colors or responsiveness. The screen is very developed and supports high refresh rate and games work perfectly on it. Games that support high refresh rate will work perfectly on it. The screen playing content using a USB port. It supports files such as MP4 MKV and subtitle. The screen runs the new updated WebOS.

The first row of the menu shows you what’s new. The second row shows apps like Youtube, Netflix, Apple TV and so on. The third row shows the settings and connectivity.

You can control the screen using the Magic Remote Control, which acts as mouse. The remote control now comes with more developments. It now supports NFC. One you touch your phone with the remote, you can play the sound from the TV on the phone directly. You can also broadcast photos and videos on the screen using NFC. You can also play sounds from your phone on the screen.

Other companies, like Samsung, support the same feature. But with this TV, there’s an app that enables these features on all smartphones. The screen supports ThinQ, which will enable controlling your home appliances. Other devices supported by Apple’s HomeKit are also supported, and work with the same method as the ThinQ AI.

I made a review about ThinQ supported devices. I’ll remind you of it at the end of this article. The screen supports Apple’s AirPlay and Google’s Broadcast using Android devices. These features will enable you to share the content of your smartphones on the screen.

You can use Apple’s MacBooks, iPads and iPhones using this screen. The screen supports low power mode, where the contrast will be decreased to save energy. The screen supports AI Sound technology. This technology enhances the audio using AI. The screen supports Dolby Atmos with 2.2 channel and 40W. The screen also supports Dolby Vision, and after experimenting with it, the audio is pure, balanced and clear.

The audio experience depends on the size of the room and audio distribution. The screen supports WiFi and bluetooth 5. The screen comes with 4x HDMI 2.1 ports. There’s also 3x USB ports, LAN port, Optical Output port for audio and a Satellite port to connect receivers on it.

The LG C1 screen comes with 83″ among other sizes, and it is available in the US and europe market. The price of these screens stats from 6931 USD or 5995 Euro, But the prices change. They could reach up to $13K.

To summarize our experience with this screen, it offers amazing colors, contrast with no light leakage. Watching content on it is very satisfactory. It is highly responsive with 120Hz refresh rate support. It competes with dedicated gaming monitors, yet it is a high investment. It supports technologies like G-Sync, FreeSync and VRR, and it is great for gaming.

Even though it comes with a huge price tag, yet there are things that I wished were better with this screen.

I wished that the brightness was higher. In day time, low light scenes will be hard to see. OLED screens suffer from burn-in issues, The screen comes with pre-installed modes that help prevent burn-in.

This helps in minimizing burn-ins. But still, there’s a possibility that if you keep watching TV channels for hours, the place of the logo might have a burn-in. If you don’t use the screen, then turn it off.

You can choose the Art mode to show art pieces instead of keeping it turned off. This will turn the screen into an art gallery.

Should I continue reviewing screens? 🤡🤡🤡

Don’t forget to watch the ThinQ review, see you soon, Send this review to people who you think will buy it for you, and let me how how they react when they know the price❗😜😜

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