They say it strengthens the device for games now! 🙄💥💥 Let’s review it together before you buy it! i’m here😈for Pros and Cons…😈

Review n° 53: December 02-2020 at 08:00 pm


Due to how powerful this device is, it breathes! It comes with a 5000mAh battery and has 2 charging ports !
Do you see the placement of the rear cameras in picture! ? And there is the front facing camera.

Fans of Games, today this review is for you, so let me introduce you to the Telo Legion, bring your coffee and let start our review:

The screen of this device supports 144Hz, There are lots of more details about this Telo Legion device, that’s coming to our region under Lenovo umbrella of expertise.

The Telo Legion comes with the highest capabilities when it comes to onboard storage, screen, memory and battery, I hadn’t seen a device before that has two charging ports but this device does come with 2 charging ports.

Let me starting reviewing the device starting from the design:

The design of the back of this device is different. It feels like it’s from the future. It gives an impression that it’s directed to gamers, There’s a Legion logo in the middle. And it comes with customizable RGB colors. You can change the colors of light.

Anyway, the rear cameras are located above the logo, The front comes with full view screen and protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 6. The front facing camera is hidden in the frame and it’s embedded in the power button.

There are reasons for this, Specially with Live broadcast. I told you this is a gaming device, The device also comes with shoulder buttons. But they are virtual button.

They support haptic feedback and can be customizable, If you press and hold on the shoulder buttons, you can access Legion’s Gaming UI, From the UI, you’ll know the status of the device and games installed on it.

The device’s name is Telo from Legion, but with Lenovo expertise. They’re known for years in the phone manufacturing arena.

In our region, the name of the device is Telo Legion, The thickness of the device is 9.9mm. It is a bit heavy and needs getting used to it. But the hardware this device comes with is powerful.

That’s why the device is a bit heavy, Considering its specs, it is a future investment.

The screen is AMOLED 6.59  » with 2340z1080 resolution, The screen aspect ratio is 19.5:9, The screen brightness is 600nits. Nits in screens is similar to Luminous in projectors. It is how bright the screen becomes.

The brighter the screen, the more viewable it becomes in direct sunlight, 600nits is excellent. The screen’s frequency is 144Hz, The response time of the screen is 1ms.

Isn’t there Android games with 144Hz support?

No, there are a lot. There are also 120Hz games, These games will perform really well on this screen. The touch sensitivity is 240Hz.

The touch Latency is 33ms, The device comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ CPU, It comes with 8 cores and 7nm architecture build with 5G support.

The GPU is the Adreno 650, The device supports 5G, and during gaming, you can switch between 5G and WiFi.

The device comes with a wide screen to enable gamers to play well on the device. You’ll notice this while I am reviewing the specs.

The device comes with a cooling system that uses, Dual Liquid mid-thermal technology. To simplify it, it is a dual liquid that helps dissipate the heat and offer better cooling during gaming.

In GeekBench 5, the CPU scored 966 points in single core and 3390 points in multicores. Here’s where the CPU performance is ranked among other competitors.

Before I discuss the gaming performance, let me tell you that the device comes with Telo Gamez Assistant menu, It offers lots of options such as knowing the status of the connection and battery.

You can also know the number of frames during gaming and the refresh rate of the screen, It also supports a feature called Rampage.

I am not talking about the Rampage game. This feature is way more developed. Rampage mode give the CPU and GPU maximum performance among many other options.

You’ll get a great gaming experience, Having a side mounted front facing camera helps in recording content while gaming. You’ll appear in small square on the screen.

You’ll be enjoying gaming while recording yourself.

Let’s move to gaming performance;

PUBG game gave excellent performance and started with Smooth settings, The frames were 89 or 90fps. Call of Duty started with high settings and the frames were around 60fps.

Fortnite game provided very good performance, But the highest fps was 30. The frame rates is different from a game to another and it depends on the game developer not just the phone m manufacturer.

Minecraft Beta version started with good performance, but the fps wasn’t stable. Sometimes, it was 65, other times it was 126. And other times it was 144fps.

In Alto’s Adventure, which is a 3D skiing game, It started with excellent performance, and the fps was most fixed on 144fps, I should say that you can also connect a mouse and keyboard to the device.

You can also mirror the screen on an external screen that supports it. With this, it’ll feel like it is a computer. But it doesn’t run computer games. This device runs Android.

The device comes with a 5000mAh battery, and the box contains 2 cables and a 65w charger. You can charge the device from both ports, You’ll then get the full 65w power. Each port provides 30w, which is great, But the limit is 90w.

And each port will support up to 45w, If you charge it with a 90w charger, you can charge the battery from 0% to 50% in 10 minutes. And up to 100% in 30 minutes. Imaging 5000mAh battery fully charged in 30 minutes.

Levono’s design is very clever. They used 2 batteries inside and each battery has its own charging port. Smart!👏👏👏

The device comes with dual rear cameras. The main camera is 64MP. The second is the 16MP Ultra Wide camera. the front facing camera is 20MP.

The main camera provides good quality. The colors are saturated and a bit cold.

In general, the results are satisfactory.

In the Ultra Wide, the details and quality are similar to that of the main camera, But the colors here are warm. The camera supports 120 degrees of view.

The device supports 2x optical zoom, and 8x digital zoom, but here the quality is normal, because the zoom in this case uses software. Portrait photos vary.

Sometimes, the isolation is good, other times it is acceptable, It depends on different circumstances.

The front facing camera is located on the side, and I advise you to use a source of light behind the device directed towards you, while the camera is directed towards you.

This will result in better isolation, The rear cameras support 4K@30fps videos. The quality and stabilization are acceptable, but sometimes there are a few problems in some circumstances, Color processing suddenly shift and become bright and cold.

Hopefully, this will change with an upcoming software update. The front facing camera offers good results with cold colors, And there’s a bit of face beautification.

The quality of portrait photos are good but the isolation varies, But in general, the results are satisfactory. The front facing camera shoots 1080p videos, and it will help with content creating.

Especially with the pop-up camera, This is a video sample of the front facing camera. Notice the light reflected on my glasses.

Let me move away from the light source:

There’s not much light here, yet, the camera is performing well, This place isn’t lit well, yet the camera still performs well.

A ring light source would help a lot while recording using the front facing camera.

The camera also natively supports Google Lens.

The UI looks to be Stock Android except for the Telo gaming software.

Once you open the camera, you can choose Google Lens instantly. There are two versions of this device:

One with 256GB of onboard storage and 12GB of RAM and the other is 512GB of onboard storage and 16GB of RAM. They’ve decided to make this device very powerful.

The device supports 2 SIM cards, and unfortunately it doesn’t support expandable storage. The device runs Android 10 with ZUI 12 on top of it, And like I said before, it looks very close to Stock Android., It is smooth and easy to use.

The UI is build horizontally and it makes it easier to use, especially with gamers.

The UI also supports Google Play and Google services, The device comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor, And it also supports passcode and pattern.

It supports NFC and is compatible with Mada Pay, It also supports bluetooth 5, And supports dual band WiFi.

The device comes with stereo speakers located on the front, And after experimenting with them, they provide very good audio. The subwoofer performance is acceptable, though. The box contains the clear cover, fast charger, and 2 charging cable, The device comes with blue and red colors, The 256GB, And the 512GB, The content of the box may vary from a region to another.


the design is beautiful and it comes with lots of techs that are suitable for gamers, The screen frequency is 144Hz. And it is considered advanced in the smartphone world.

The performance of the device during gaming won’t disappoint you at all, The battery is 5000mAh. It is excellent.

You’ll also benefit from the 65w charger that comes in the box, Or you could use a 90w charger.


the device is a bit heavy, But gaming laptops are also heavy. Probably gamers won’t notice its weight and they’ll get used to it.

The camera performance is good, but hopefully, it’ll receive an update to make it better.

Games with 144Hz support are limited and need more time. And that’s why I said this device is a future investment as it’ll live longer with you.

I also think that the device will be available in the Middle East under Telo Legion name. There are lots of other features and specs that I couldn’t include in this review guys.

If you’re a gamer, you’ll enjoy these features.

Gamers require a powerful device, And if they invest in their content, then this device will be an excellent choice for them.

Check your needs before you decide, This has been my review of the Telo Legion.

The device that comes with powerful specs, Imagine that it comes with 2 charging ports, It is a mini laptop in a shape of a smartphone.

See you in the next review.😈