The strongest Galaxy Note against the strongest iPhone 13❗ Galaxy S22 Ultra VS iPhone 13 Pro Max! Who wil win❓

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In 2017, the result was 7-3. In 2018, the result was 9-4. In 2019, it was 10-4. In 2020, it was 9-5. These has been the results between the iPhone and Note devices. And now, we’re back again in 2022. Samsung has improved their devices, so has Apple. What is the result between the best Samsung device and the best Apple device? This is a comparison between the S22 Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro Max.

There’s a huge history between both of these companies. There was a lot of bullying and challenges and competition with these devices. This comparison is based on numbers and the things that require testing are done multiple times. This is to make things more accurate. iPhone 14 hasn’t been released yet, and that’s why we’re comparing it to the iPhone 13. We decided to go with the Max and the Ultra versions because they are the best devices in their series. Pay attention to the details I’ll discuss in this review.

Will the results be as the previous years or not?

Let’s find out. The S22 Ultra comes with a similar design as the Note 20 Ultra, which was released a year and half ago. The only difference is the rear camera module design. The dimensions are the same as the Note, but the S22 Ultra is a little shorter. The iPhone 13 Pro Max comes with the same Apple design DNA, similar to the iPhone 12 series.

The difference is that the notch here is smaller while the rear camera module is bigger. Other than that, there’s little developments from the 12 Pro Max. In this case, I’ll give each device a point, because design is a personal preference. Both devices have reached great maturity when it comes to build quality and hardware. Once you carry each one of them, you’ll know how elegant they are.

The Ultra comes with a 6.8″ Super AMOLED Dynamic 2X screen. The screen to body ratio is 90%. The resolution is 3088×1440. It also comes with 500ppi density. The screen is protected with a CCG Victus+ layer. It supports 1750NITS brightness. This is the highest NITS in the phone world. It supprots 120Hz refresh rate and HDR10+. The iPhone comes with the XDR Retina OLED screen with 6.7″ size. The screen to body ratio is 87%.

The resolution is 2778×1284. It comes with 458ppi density. It is protected by a ceramic layer. It supports 120Hz with 1200NITS brightness, which is high, but still less than the Ultra device. It supprots HDR10 and Dolby Vision. One of them comes with a punch hole, and the other comes with a notch. But numerically speaking, the Note device gets the point. It supports higher brightness and density. With all due respect to Apple’s screen. The Ultra comes with the SD 8 Gen 1 or the Exynos 2200.

In our region, the device comes with the Qualcomm SD 8 Gen 1 with 4nm build and 8 cores. The iPhone comes with the A15 Bionic with 5nm build. This is the results of the Geekbench 5 test. This test shows the shocking difference in performance. Even though the Ultra comes with 4nm while the iPhone comes with 5nm.

Why does the iPhone offer better CPU performance than the Samsung?

The reason is because the hardware and software are from the same company. The point goes to the iPhone. I am excited for the iPhone 14 to see how it compares to the Galaxy with a new CPU. The Galaxy runs Android 12 with One UI 4.1 from Samsung. This UI is easy, simple and user-friendly. It also supports an S Pen with lots of features and commands.

I previously discussed this UI in separate videos. The iPhone runs iOS 15, which has become very secure that it affected Facebook’s stock prices. Google has adopted the same feature to minimize data sharing with advertisers. iOS now supports widgets. The OS that you enjoy using is the OS that wins the point. Both devices have a great OS. In this case, a point goes to each one of them.

Cameras are very technical, and that’s why I made a dedicated video for it. This video will be available on the channel soon. Both devices offer high camera performance. If I discuss the camera performance, this video will be very long. But after all the tests we’ve done, the iPhone wins the point. It also offers better cinematic video performance.

Zoom and portraits among others won’t disappoint you on both device. But in this case, the point goes to the Galaxy because of how much features it supports. The Galaxy comes with a 5000mAh battery with 45W charging speed support. The new charger and cable are different than the previous one. It charges from 0% to 60% in 30 minutes. It supports wireless charging with 15W and reverse wireless charging with 4.5W.

The iPhone comes with a 4350mAh battery. It supports fast charging with 20W and charges from 0% to 50% in 30 minutes. It supports Qi wireless charging with 7.5W and MagSafe with 15W. The Galaxy supports bigger battery, faster charging and multiple charging methods. With the Galaxy, you won’t have to enable the battery saving mode, which iPhone users suffer from. Even with the battery saving mode, the Galaxy offers longer battery life. Both devices don’t support an external SD card.

Both devices start with a storage of 128GB up until 512GB, but the iPhone reaches to 1TB. Both devices support cloud storage options. Both support eSIM, VoLTE and WiFi calling. But it depends on your carrier. Both support broadcasting features whether by using Chromecast or AirPlay. Both support Android Auto and CarPlay. But both depend on you carrier or your car. Both support payment methods, but it depends on your region. Both devices support sharing files to their ecosystem.

The Galaxy supports 2 physical SIM cards, while the iPhone only supports 1 physical SIM card. Unless you get a Chinese version. Who wins the point? Both devices nearly support the same features. Both devices get a point with appreciation to the Galaxy’s 2 physical SIM card support. Both devices offer the same safe unlocking methods we’re used to in the past few years. The Galaxy offers an in-display fingerprint sensor, face recognition, and passcode.

The iPhone offers Face ID and passcode. The Galaxy offers more secure unlocking options, making it win this point. Let’s now discuss the additional features by showing you last year’s version of the comparison. Both support IP68 water and dust resistant. The Galaxy supports the new advanced and better integrated S Pen with lots of features and capabilities. The S Pen charges when docked, and it has different buttons to use it as pointing device. The difference now is that the S Pen is now 2ms instead of 9ms. The iPhone supports MagSafe accessories, which needs time to mature.

The MagSafe allows you to use supported covers, chargers and even wallets. Last year, there wasn’t much MagSafe accessories in the market. But other than the charger and wallet, there are lots more of accessories. There are now more accessories like cooling fans and so on. I used to look different back then.

Who wins the point? It is up your needs.

Both devices offer lots of options. Each device will get a point. Users will benefit from these additional features.

Let’s now discuss prices, which are different from a region to another and whether there’s offers or not. The Galaxy costs 1412 USD for the 256GB version. Samsung offers excellent warranty, different accessories and gifts. You can get more details about them from Samsung’s online stores and other stores of course.

The iPhone with the same storage costs 1519 USD. There’s 106 USD price difference. But with the Apple devices, you can trade your old device with a new one if it is still in the warranty period. To get the warranty, you will have to pay extra money. For more details, check Apple’s website. Both devices are very expensive, and the 53 or 79 USD price difference isn’t too much. But the iPhone gets the point because it can hold on to it price better. Apple controls the prices of their current and old devices. If you decide to sell your Galaxy, it’ll lose a lot of its value, which isn’t the case with the iPhone.

Even older iPhones still hold their prices well. For example, the iPhone 11 sells for more than 700 USD, even though it was released 3 years ago. The reason is that Apple’s pricing policies are different. Both devices support years of software update. Both devices are great.

The Ultra wins 8 points, while the iPhone wins 6.

Apple still holds to few things and so does Samsung. Both devices are competing with each others. The Galaxy has been matured for years now. And the iPhone is now playing catch up. Or is that Apple carefully studies what needs to be added to the iPhone to help improve the device’s popularity. There are lots of cooperations between both companies despite the competition. Users are the ones fighting over who is better. Both devices will be great for all users. If we keep the device with us for 4 or 5 years, it is us who win not these companies. If we use even 60% of the features on these devices, then it is us who win.

But both devices don’t offer extraordinary features. But this could be the case with the Flip and Fold devices. iPhones haven’t provided extraordinary features. The development of it depends on the profit of the company. Samsung has been focusing on foldable devices. We haven’t seen anything new from Apple.

There’s a lot of talks about a new mixed reality headset, but we haven’t seen it until now. Both companies along with HUAWEI are offering their best when it comes to new technologies. How would the competition be if HUAWEI devices support Google services, especially with the Mate series.

How about HUAWEI foldable devices with no gap in the middle when folded?

How about all the charging technologies and the charger in the box with HAUWEI devices?

Samsung and Apple now control the market. Both companies offer their best technologies, but they are slow in providing them to the users.

I’ll be working on new comparison reviews between the S22 Ultra and the previous Note device. There’s another reviews between the S22 Ultra and the P50 Pro. They’ll be available later.

See you later.

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