The Smart plug from D-Link🔌❗ Pros 😎 and Cons 😱

Review 291: 29.01.2022 at 11:00 am by OTTO:

Let me now discuss this smart plug from D-Link, which comes with a high price. Let me know how useful this could be. It has a rectangular design and comes with 4 plugs that are appropriate to your market. Each plug has a switch button to turn it on or off. It also comes with an external fuse that turns it off whenever the load is too high to protect connected devices.

This is also available with all high end plugs. By the way, it has a WPS button to help pair it with a WiFi network, it also comes with a reset button. The cable comes with a good thickness and it measures nearly 1.5m. It is a bit short, but it can withstand load. You can connect it to WiFi using the My D-Link app.

The app will let you manage a lot of things. Using the app, you can turn on or off one of the plugs. It also allow you to know the electric consumption of each plug. You can also automate the plugs. It also supports IFTTT ecosystem, which makes it great for smart homes. It also supports Google Assistant and Alexa.

This allows you to control it using audio commands, it costs $ 65. Other cables with 2 or 3m costs from 39 to $ 52. I advise you to evaluate your needs before you make a decision.

Pros: 💯👌

It is a smart cable that you can control now matter where you are in the world as long as it is connected to WiFi. It is safe to use since it comes with a fuse to protect from overload. It supports Google Assistant and Alexa, making it easier to control with voice commands.

Cons: 🤕🙆‍♂️

However, pairing it with an iPhone and and Android device wasn’t smooth and it took time to pair. But it could be better with future software updates. But so far, it hasn’t received any updates yet. In most conditions, the app was slow and wasn’t very responsive.

Sometimes, it would heat, and it doesn’t support HomeKit and Siri. It is also a bit heavier than other cables. But I am sure there are people who would benefit from it! ✌😍

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

Content Editor, OTTO Magazine Manager.

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