The Seventh Apple Watch and its comparison with previous generations…😈 The watch is worth it or Not😩❓

Review 233: 03.11.2021 at 08:00 pm

After experimenting with the Apple Watch series 7, In this review, I’ll give you the pros and cons of it, and I’ll also discuss whether the watch is worth it or not, I’ll discuss everything about the Apple Watch Series 7 in both sizes, i’ll tell you whether this watch is good for you or you should go with a previous version. Don’t forget to your Coffee.

The watch comes with three different finishes: aluminum, stainless steel and titanium. The price of the watch starts from 490 USD, The price increase depending on the size and material, and it could reach up to 864 USD. Special Editions have a higher price, though. There’s a more expensive version, but I won’t focus on it in this review.

The new watch comes with a very similar design to the Series 6, Which also looks similar to the Series 5, Series 4 and SE. But there’s two main differences.

The first being the new watch is 1mm bigger. This means that the screen size of the new watch is now 45mm instead of 44mm. This size increase is mostly unnoticed. None here in the office noticed the size difference between both watches. Even Apple Watch owners haven’t noticed the size difference. I’ll further discuss this in this review.

The angle of the band slot is a bit shaper now, The smaller version comes with 41mm size instead of 40mm. These are the options with the new Series 7: 41mm and 45mm. If you look thoroughly, you’ll notice the size difference.

The screen of the Series 7 is 20% bigger than the screen of the Series 6. The size difference, however, isn’t 100% noticeable. But when you place the new watch next to an older watch, the size difference will be shown. Here’s an example. The new watch has a screen that extends to the frame. But this doesn’t mean that you should upgrade from the Series 4, 5 or 6 to the new Series 7.

The screen comes with 326ppi density, The screen resolution is 484×396. The original, second and third generation have the same design and the fourth, fifth and sixth generation also have the same design. If you place the Series 3 next to the series 6 and 7, you’ll notice the screen difference.

The Series 3 offers less performance and battery life than the new generations. It also doesn’t come with the new sensors and doesn’t support eSIM. The size difference between the 6th and 7th generations is unnoticed. With the new WatchOS 8, the 6 series and 7 series support new hand gestures. You can benefit from these gestures using the different sensors that that these watches come with. These gestures will help you use the watch with one hand.

Let me showcase some of these gestures to you, The screen of the watch must be turned on, and a blue frame must also appear on the screen. The blue frame will appear when enabled from the settings. And the watch face must also support this feature. If the watch face doesn’t have things to navigate to, this feature won’t work.

You can move to the next part of the screen by tapping your fingers. Two taps will take you to the previous menu. Make a hand fist to choose something on the screen. Two fists will open a new menu to make navigation easier. To enable this feature, go to settings, then accessibility.

Then from there, enable the assistive touch option. You’ll be shown then how to use this feature. Follow the instructions. You can also adjust the settings to your preference. You can change the settings to use Apple Pay for example or any other order. I’ll discuss whether it is worth it to upgrade to the new watch, but first, I’ll discuss the improvement on the new watch.

First, the watch material is now better and more durable. It withstands scratches and resist dust. It now supports up to 50m under water. Having a bigger screen means that the new watch supports a full QWERTY keyboard. In the previous generations, there was no full keyboard support.

But with the bigger screen, Apple decided to add it to the watch. Third, the watch now charges faster. It is 33% faster than the Series 6. It fully charges in 45 minutes using the USB-C cable and a supported wall adapter. If you use a 5W charger, you won’t benefit from fast charging. The wall adapter must be 20W.

These are the most important new features. The sensors are the same as the Series 6. The sensors are Heart rate sensor, Spo2, sleep tracking, fall detection, breathe reminder and others. Rumors suggest that the upcoming 8 series will come with a blood pressure, sugar in blood sensor and thermometer sensors. Fitness + support is amazing on this new watch. The more committed you are to fitness the better this watch will be for you.

The watch support the same exercises and the same payment method. But the Fitness app offers more harmonious performance with the watch. The device runs WatchOS 8.0, and it offers lots of features including the keyboard support. It supports Find My app to locate the watch in case you lose it. WatchOS 8.0 runs on all watches, even the Series 3. But some of the features require newer hardware. For example, the keyboard isn’t available on the other series, because they have a smaller screen size. The watch comes with the S7 CPU, and it offers great performance.

In general, the performance of Apple Watches is steady. Those who have the Series 3 or below can upgrade to the newer watch since it comes with better screen, performance. I remember using the Power Reserve mode on the first, second and third gens, since the battery runs out quickly.

But with the Series 4 and above, the battery situation is better. Is it worth it to upgrade to the newer Series 7 mainly because of the new screen size? Honestly, I think you shouldn’t upgrade, but there are 3 cases in which you should upgrade:

First one is the battery. If you have a Series 4 and above and your battery doesn’t last for a full day, then you can upgrade.

The second one is if your watch is broken or damaged. You can upgrade, but you also should think about protecting your watch using a case.

The third reason is if you need a watch with eSIM support.

Let me now discuss the pros and cons of this watch:


The watch comes with a bigger screen and support a full keyboard. The watch now withstands scratches since it comes with a better building material. And it supports faster charging.


The battery only lasts for one day, And if you use it for fitness purposes, the battery won’t last for a full day. If your day starts from early morning until 10 am, and you use the watch for fitness, the battery won’t last for a full day.

Other watches now support batteries that last for a full week. The watch has the same design and style since the original Apple Watch. With iPhones, the differences between each generation are noticed. But it …

But it is hard to tell which series is the Apple Watch. This could be boring for some users, and might not encourage others to upgrade because all come with the same design.

We hope Apple will introduce a new Apple Watch with a different design. As for now, the Series 7 comes with the same design as the older generations. Leaks suggested that the Series 7 will come with a different design with flat edges. That’s why were disappointed to learn that the new watch comes with the same design with minimal changes.

Hopefully, this review will help you choose which Apple Watch is better for you. Here are a few things that you should be reminded with. If you don’t have an iPhone, you won’t be able to set up the watch, even if you have an iPad. You can add more than a watch using your Family account. If you have an iPhone, you can add multiple watches to your account for your kids, wife and so on. You can do this using the Set Up For Another Person section.

Don’t forget to choose the correct orientation of the watch when you set it up for the first time. Use a different code on the watch. The watch only works with iPhone devices. It doesn’t work with any other devices.

See you later.

Written by:

Otto M Yassine

CEO of OTTO Magazine